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pH and sodium bicarbonate

4. Healings with sodium bicarbonate: cancer, diabetes, kidneys etc.

Healing acid bodies with sodium bicarbonate etc. - The different intakes of sodium bicarbonate - Sodium bicarbonate and healings: big list -- cancer healing with sodium bicarbonate -- basic alkaline shocking wave -- diabetes, kidneys etc. -- muscles and skins -- feet -- gastritis -- teeth and illnesses -- allergies -- stomach problems with babies -- sodium bicarbonate intravenously etc. etc. etc.

by Michael Palomino (2016 / with more healing experience March 2018)

from: Mr. Mark Sircus: Sodium bicarbonate. Nature's unique first aid remedy; Square One Publishers 2014; ISBN 978-0-7570-0394-3

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Healings with sodium bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate healing illnesses - big list -- The healing of direct symptoms of illnesses - of intermediate symptoms of illnesses - of advanced symptoms of illnesses -- Sodium bicarbonate in Rothschild's toxic "medicine" -- Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome healing cancer with bicarbonate -- The basic alkaline shock wave - provoked by sodium bicarbonate -- Baby stomach problems solved with sodium bicarbonate

Cancer healing with sodium bicarbonate: Cancer cells -- Kinds of cancer -- Side effects of cancer: fungi, syndromes, kidney damages etc. -- Healing the environment - cancer cells transformed into normal cells -- Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer away: with pH7.4 sleeping cancer - and with pH8 cancer is killed -- The standard 90%-10%: 90% are healing with sodium bicarbonate - 10% are healing with herbal medicine -- Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer away: acid waste going away - tumors are reducing - cancer is going away -- Healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate combined with sugar (sugar molasses etc.) -- The benefits of sugar molasses -- Passing from pH6 to pH7.4 fast - the trick with more sugar -- pH higher than pH8 is not so good -- Treatment of cancer tumors with sodium bicarbonate injections, infusions etc. -- Cancer with children -- Cancer never coming back with change of life style - throw Rothschild's McDonalds' garbage food away etc. -- Research says: Cancer is a faulty energy metabolism -- Research says: Cancer is a fungi disease -- Cancer or fungus - fungus or cancer - similar properties and behavior -- Parallels between cancer and fungi cells -- First it was Rothschild's industrial garbage food - then fungus came - and then cancer came -- Changes of metabolism and damaged pancreas by fungi -- Conclusion: cancer=fungi -- The mycotoxins of the fungi -- Where are the fungi? In toxic satanic reptile's Rothschild's industrial food! -- Dangerous diseases by fungi -- Fungi diseases as side effects -- Treatments of fungus diseases: toxic Rothschild pills are for nothing -- Treatments of fungus diseases: sodium bicarbonate is eliminating anything -- General food prevention against vulnerability to fungi -- Dangerous diseases by fungi's uric acid -- Rothschild's toxic medicine without chance against fungi and cancer -- Cancer healings with sodium bicarbonate - examples

Healing more illnesses, diabetes, kidneys etc.: Healing diabetes with sodium bicarbonate -- Diabetes: Sodium bicarbonate healing diabetes -- Muscles: sodium bicarbonate for muscles and skin -- Feet: sodium bicarbonate for tired feet -- Kidneys: Sodium bicarbonate healing kidneys -- Stomach: gastritis, stomach ulcers etc.: sodium bicarbonate killing heliobacter pylori bacteria -- Skin: Sodium bicarbonate healing aging and skins -- Wounds healing easily with sodium bicarbonate lotions -- Teeth and gum prevention - and illnesses provoked without mouth care -- Teeth: amalgam and diabetes provoking denture and gingivitis illnesses -- Truth about criminal amalgam: it's fragile and mercury is contaminating the whole body -- Allergies by a sour bodies -- Baby stomach problems solved with sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate healing illnesses - big list

Most chronic diseases can be healed with alkaline sodium bicarbonate (p.52).

The healing of direct symptoms of illnesses - of intermediate symptoms of illnesses - of advanced symptoms of illnesses
Sodium bicarbonate is converting the ill and acid body into an alkaline body (p.12) so all acid body illnesses are healed (p.26-27) because life conditions in the body are changed to the good (p.35).

1. Direct effects of acidity are:

Acne, agitation, bloating, chemical sensitivities to odor, gas heat, cold hands and feet, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, excess head mucous (stuffiness) [?], food allergies, hard to get up in the morning, heartburn, hot urine, hyperactivity, irregular heartbeat, joint pains that travel, lack of sex drive, low energy, metallic taste in the mouth, mild headaches, muscular pain, panic attacks, pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping [pre-menstrual and menstrual pains, syndrome], pre-menstrual anxiety and depression, rapid heartbeat, rapid panting breath, strong smelling urine, white coated tongue (p.26).

Heartburn is a stress indicator [the body is coming to it's limits] - and is an indicator that "Western" Rothschild garbage food is overloading the stomach with trash food and too much meat, dairy, and quick rising bread and sourdough bread (p.53).

2. Intermediate symptoms of acidity are healed:

Asthma, bacterial infections (staph, strep), bronchitis, cold sores (Herpes I and II), colitis, cystitis, depression (p.26), disturbance in smell, taste, vision, hearing, ear aches, endometriosis, excessive falling hair, fungal infections (Candida albicans, athlete's foot, vaginal), gastritis, hay fever, hives (rash, exanthema), impotence, insomnia, loss of concentration, loss of memory, migraine headaches, numbness (ear not working) and tingling (feeling of ants), psoriasis, sinusitis, stuttering, swelling, urethritis (urinarian tube inflammation), urinary infection, viral infections (colds, flu) (p.27).

3. Also the advanced symptoms of acidity are healed:

All kind of cancer, Crohn's disease, Hodgkin's Disease, learning disabled, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis (weak muscles), rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis (knots), schizophrenia, scleroderma (hard skin and hard organs), systemic lupus erythematosis (exanthema), tuberculosis (p.27).

And also the following illnesses are healed:
-- colic, stomach pain, hiccups, gas (p.51)
-- urticaria
-- thin hair becomes thick (p.11) [pesticide damage and missing minerals]
-- tiredness is going away (p.11)
-- asthma (p.12) [vaccination damage]
-- infertility (rising fertility resp. agility of sperms) (p.13)
-- has an anti microbial effect (p.13)
-- nerves (p.14)
-- allergies (p.12,14) [vaccination damage]

[Illnesses by pesticides, missing minerals and McDonalds trash food]:
-- kidneys (p.15), chronic kidney diseases (p.40)
-- renal stones (p.15), uric acid renal stones (p.53)
-- indigestion (stomach troubles, heartburn) (p.14)
-- osteoporosis, osteoarthritis are stopped (p.35)
-- cancer is stopped, even bone cancer (p.35)
-- diabetes (p.40)
-- ulcers, colitis, other gastric disorders healed by drinking bicarbonate-rich water (p.135)

Gargling sodium bicarbonate against colds (S.31).

Sodium bicarbonate is healing poisonings, overdoses, cancer, and nerve damage (p.45).

Sodium bicarbonate:
-- has an anti-fungal effect, is a disinfectant against viruses with a 5% concentration (p.2).
-- can neutralize radiations: "One of the most potent uses of sodium bicarbonate is as an antidote for radiation exposure." (p.2)
-- can balance radiation poisoning by rising pH levels (p.3).
-- can heal Candida infections (p.3) (Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, Torulosis glabrata - S.118)
-- can heal any grade of cancer (p.9)
-- is an anti-fungal agent (p.9)
-- has an effect against bacteria (p.9)
-- has an effect against viruses (p.9)
-- is healing flu (p.48) in just one day (p.49) [or is at least alleviating flu symptoms which is different from type to type]
-- is healing kidneys (p.10)

Everybody can medicate oneself with sodium bicarbonate (p.10).

Sodium bicarbonate in Rothschild's toxic "medicine"
In Rothschild's toxic "medicine" sodium bicarbonate is used as a buffer during chemotherapy saving kidneys from toxics, during radiation screens saving kidneys from radiation contamination (p.9).

In emergency cases the bicarbonates are given intravenously by an injection, e.g. when there is a standstill of the heart bringing down acidity of the body fast in combination with a pacemaker with electro shocks (p.34).

Cancer healing with sodium bicarbonate

Toxic Satanist Rothschild civilization pretends to heal cancer but all is only getting worse

Criminal Satanist Rothschild pharma industry tries to heal cancer with more radiation, but in this way no cancer is healed but the damage is even bigger and more cancer is provoked (p.56). Quotation:

"Increasing levels of radiation exposure leads to increases in cancer rates. Oncologists though insist on using something that causes cancer (radiation) to treat it." (S.56)

[At the same time also toxic cancer pills are sold which are damaging even more].

Cancer in a sour Rothschild body - failing Rothschild pill medicine
Tumor's life is in an acid body (p.35). Cancer cells don't need oxygen, but they need blood sugar (glucose). Then cancer grows by fermenting process when there is no oxygen (p.101).

Rothschild's pharma is pretending to heal cancer but is only worsening because

1st one cannot heal any illness with only one agent
2nd toxic pills are so toxic so also healthy cells are killed
3d when toxic pills are combined the effects can be absolutely harmful because the combinations are not tested (p.70).

So, chemotherapy with Rothschild's pharma pills is provoking MORE cancer and not less (p.72).

Rothschild's toxic medicine with expensive treatments

Rothschild's technical medicine is developing against cancer
-- new toxic chemotherapy drugs
-- radiotherapy which is harming even more
-- bone marrow transplant which are fucking expensive and there is a giant risk with it
with some success (p.118) [because cancer is healed one time, but is coming back, and in the relation to the costs of research and of operation it's nothing]
-- and with many side effects and damaging many organic functions (p.119).

[Toxic Rothschild "medicine" system does not want to heal any cancer because there is no change with pH values - and in this way they make billions of profits without healings].

[Pharma is poison - pharma is NO "medicine"
So, the industrial pharma medicine of the Rothschild cartel on the world cannot be used, is garbage, that's it. The word "medicine" is wrong in this case, it's a calculated deception because pharma medicine is no medicine but these are intoxication methods and nothing else - only garbage. But the profits are 1,000 to 10,000% for every pill (!!!). And the main part is sold to elder people who have no idea about the truth because they believe yet in the propaganda movies in the TV which is also financed by the same pharma companies...]

Conditions provoking cancer

Conditions for cancer are very complex so the causes are different from person to person (p.75). [Criminal satanic] "USA" are a cancer country (p.62). Cancer is caused because of heavy metal toxicity in combination with free radical damage, pathogen infection etc. (p.69). Causes for cancer are - quotation:

"-- heavy metal toxicity (e.g. mercury is the base for cancer so cancer always comes back when amalgam fillings are not taken out - p.117),
-- free radical damage,
-- pathogen infection,
-- inflammation,
-- mitochondria dysfunction,
-- immune system depression,
-- mineral and vitamin deficiencies,
-- genetic mutation,
-- cell wall damage,
-- and oxidative stress" (p.69).

Alcohol for example is provoking 50 different kinds of cancer. Alcohol is a fungi poison, a mycotoxin, as also penicillin is a fungi poison, a mycotoxin (p.116).

Normally cancer patients have a low pH value with a deficit in bicarbonates in the blood (p.66).

Cancer tissue is acid in general (p.67) and very different to normal skin tissue and has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other toxic materials (p.45,67).

Cancer cells create a sour environment to live (p.63). "Respiration of cancer cells creates acid conditions" (p.66). Cancer cells are aggressive and invasive destroying normal healthy cells (p.63). In some cases cancer tumors are also pH neutral tumors [with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0] (p.65). Cancer is like a fungus [which also has an invasive behavior] (p.64). Cancer cells are metabolizing much glucose, and this is provoking much acid (p.64). Low pH values are promoting the invasion and thus are provoking tumors (p.63).

Toxic Rothschild pharma "medicine" with toxic pills has no success against cancer but the body is even developing resistances against cancer pills (p.65).

[This means: toxic Rothschild pharma has a success perhaps with one cancer healing, but after 2 years this cancer is coming again and then the pill has no effect any more and all the costs for the first cancer treatment were for NOTHING].

Some food especially provokes cancer
-- meat + dairy products rise cancer risk for prostate cancer (p.102-103)
[-- every blood group has it's own stomach and it's own focus of food so one can keep the body in a balance - see blood group medicine by Dr. D'Adamo].

Cancer cells
Cancer tissues contain
-- toxic chemicals in high concentrations (p.105)
-- pesticides in high concentrations such as DDT and PCB (p.105)
-- mercury (p.117)

Cancer cells also love radiation metals such as potassium, rubidium, cesium (p.105).

More uptake of these damaging substances is provoked by
-- vitamin A
-- vitamin C
-- zinc salts
-- selenium salts (p.106)

When cancer has developed a tumor not all tumor cells are malignant in the same way (p.124). Only a little percentage are cancer invasion cells and are tumor inducing cells - working like stem cells. These cancer inducing cells
-- are copying themselves (self-renewal), and
-- are making all other tumor cells similar to stem cells (p.125).

Kinds of cancer
-- leukemia is provoked by mercury (p.117)
-- liver cancer is often provoked by chronic hepatitis B+C (p.114)
-- cervical, throat and oral cancer are often provoked by HPV (Human papillomavirus) (p.114)
-- gastric cancer is often provoked by Heliobacter pylori and MALT lymphoma (p.114)
-- bladder cancer is often provoked by Schistosome parasites (p.114).

Side effects of cancer: fungi, syndromes, kidney damages etc.
-- fungi diseases (p.113,117,118)
-- spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome with renal insufficiency or intestinal obstruction
-- tumor compression with renal insufficiency or intestinal obstruction (p.119).

Healing the environment - cancer cells transformed into normal cells

When the environment and the body are absolutely healthy then the cancer tissue converts into healthy cells again. It's like a children's education: when the environment is good without criminality, the child is trained well without criminality (p.71).

Cancer: Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer

Cancer healing with elements of nutritional medicines like sodium bicarbonate is no problem (p.173).

Cancer cells can only live in a sour body. Without sour environment the cells cannot turn into cancer cells. Cancer cells are like a kid in a bad neighborhood. The kid turns bad when the neighborhood is bad. Cells turn only into cancer cells when the body is very sour (p.71).

Cancer cells are rogue cells, and they are creating a sour environment (the sour "microenvironment", p.71) always developing more cancer cells and occupying more territory in the body (p.70). Immune system cannot attack the cancer cells because the cancer cells are protected by the sour environment. Early grades of cancer are not spreading in the body yet because the healthy environment stops the cancer cells (p.70).

Dr. Simoncini believes that sodium bicarbonate only heals cancer of grade 1 to 3. Dr. Sircus indicates clearly that sodium bicarbonate is healing ALL cancers. Chemotherapy with toxic Rothschild pills is NOT needed (p.143).

Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome healing cancer with bicarbonate
Oncologist Tullio Simoncini in Rome is healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate (p.4).

The basic alkaline shock wave - provoked by sodium bicarbonate

With sodium bicarbonate a shock wave of alkalinity is provoked: the body turns alkaline and all cancer is killed (p.4).

Dr. Sircus:

"Sodium bicarbonate is safe, extremely inexpensive and effective when it comes to cancer tissues. It is irresistible cyanide to cancer cells. It hits the cancer cells with a shock wave of alkalinity, which allows much more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen. Sodium bicarbonate is a killer of tumors, safer and more effective than anything else." (p.4)

Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer away: with pH7.4 sleeping cancer - and with pH8 cancer is killed

Sodium bicarbonate is like an emergency care healing cancer away (p.118). At pH7.4 cancer cells sleep. At pH8 cancer cells die and the body is living (p.101). Healing cancer affords reaching pH8 [in the urine with an empty stomach in the morning] (p.149). Dr. Sircus is indicating that pH8 should be hold during two weeks (p.149). [But Vernon Johnston healed his cancer of grade 4 within only 4 days of pH8.5. The decisive fact are new photos controlling if the cancer is present yet. This will hardly be the case with pH8. Vernon Johnston's security was to pass pH8 up to pH8.5].

One can reach this pH8 also with basic non acid provoking food, but it will be very slowly going on - or just with sodium bicarbonate very fast (p.101). Quotation:

"At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant, and at pH8.0 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live. This has given rise to a variety of treatments based on increasing the alkalinity of the tissues such as vegetarian diet, raw foods, the drinking of fresh fruit, and vegetable juices, and dietary supplementation with alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, cesium, and rubidium. But nothing can compare to the relatively instant alkalinizing power of sodium bicarbonate for safe and effective treatment of cancer." (p.101)

Survival rates also of cancer with children are rising with sodium bicarbonate (p.118).

[The standard 90%-10%: 90% are healing with sodium bicarbonate - 10% are healing with herbal medicine
Healing experience (estate September 2016) shows: the fast healing method with sodium bicarbonate is working with 90% of the cases. 10% have bad reactions to sodium bicarbonate and have to heal with herbal healing methods which last 3 to 6 months: blood group nutrition, raw food, fruit extracts. This counts also for other illnesses: 90% are healing with sodium bicarbonate, 10% have negative reactions to sodium bicarbonate and have to heal with herbal healing methods: blood group nutrition, raw food, and fruit extracts].

[NO CHEMOTHERAPY: The healing experience (as of March 2018) shows: for healing cancer NO chemotherapy is necessary because chemotherapy destroys the entire body. A cure with soda AFTER a chemotherapy takes months. Once a month will be a soda treatment with pH8 for 3 days. And some organs are so broken after a chemo that they need a special treatment with natural medicine].

Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer away: acid waste going away - tumors are reducing - cancer is going away

Dr. Simoncini recommends a steady regular intake of the sodium bicarbonate solution without interruption for at least 7 to 8 days. Tumors will reduce from the third to the fourth day on, and will collapse from the fourth to the fifth day on (p.144). Quotation by Dr. Simoncini:

"Sodium bicarbonate therapy is harmless, fast, and effective because it is extremely diffusible. A therapy with bicarbonate for cancer should be set up with strong dosage, continuously, and with pauseless cycles in a destruction work which should proceed from the beginning to the end without interruption for at least 7 to 8 days. In general a mass of [a tumor of] 2 to 3 to 4 centimeters will begin to consistently regress from the third to the fourth day and collapses from the fourth to the fifth." (p.144)

[As I told before: this works with 90% of the cases. 10% have bad reactions to sodium bicarbonate and have to heal with herbal medecine].

Sodium bicarbonate is increasing pH values (p.63) so oxygen is rising in the cells eliminating all acid waste (p.67). pH values are rising around tumors and the oxygen stops the development of metastases (p.63). Cancer goes away with rising pH values. Quotation:

"By simply changing the pH with baking soda they turned invasive cancers into retreating cancers." (p.64)

Healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate combined with sugar (sugar molasses etc.)

Sugar and sodium bicarbonate mix, but never tightly bind together. So the effects of both are not changed in a mixed solution. A heating of the solution provokes a better mixed beverage, but not a binding (p.140).

Sugar makes grow cancer cells, but oxygen will come with it and then the alkaline pH will kill all in a short time what is cancer (p.140). Quotation:

"We combine the sugar with the bicarbonate and present it to the cancer cells, which at first are going to love the present. But not for long!" (p.140)

Sugar provokes opened cancer cells because cancer cells like sugar (p.136). Healer Jim Kelmun in North Carolina in the 1950s combined sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup (p.140). The proportion is 1 part of baking soda with 3 parts of maple syrup. Cancer cells take the sugar but also baking soda is coming with the sugar and kills the cancer cells with a high pH value (p.140).

Some more data:

Cancer cells consume 15 times more blood sugar (glucose) than normal cells (p.140). And then oxygen comes which is provoked by sodium bicarbonate [cleaning acid waste away] and the cancer cells are killed and transformed [into healthy cells] by high oxygen levels. So, the sugar is a Trojan horse getting the cancer cells opened. (S.136)

The benefits of sugar molasses

Sugar molasses has more minerals than maple syrup (p.136). Additionally sugar molasses is the best sweetener because it contains minerals which promote the health of the affected cancer patient (p.141). Quotation:

"Blackstrap molasses [this is one of the "US" companies selling sugar molasses in the criminal "USA"] is a healthful sweetener that contains significant amounts of a variety of minerals that promote your health." (p.141)

Sugar molasses contains
-- much calcium (for muscles, blood, nerves, brain, cells, enzymes)
-- iron (for oxygen transport, enzymes, metabolism) (p.141).

Sugar molasses is healing many diseases alone, see the chapter "Good to know for health" in part 5.

Passing from pH6 to pH7.4 fast - the trick with more sugar

Cancer is growing fast between pH6 and pH7.4 until the cancer cells sleep from pH7.4 on. So it's necessary to pass this area between pH6 and pH7.4 as fast as possible (p.101). Quotation:

"Cancer seems to grow slowly in a high acid environment (the acids cause it to partially destroy itself) and may actually grow more quickly as your body becomes more alkaline prior to reaching the healthy pH; which means reaching slightly above 7.4 where the cancer becomes dormant. Therefore, it is important to get the pH above 7.4 quickly and then to get the urinary pH up to 8.0." (p.101)

pH higher than pH8 is not so good

pH values over pH8 provoking an alkaline body is not so good because also this state can provoke illnesses and imbalances in the body (p.149). [So one should have a pH of higher than 8 only for cancer healing purposes during a short time].

Treatment of cancer tumors with sodium bicarbonate injections, infusions etc.

Dr. Simoncini says: the best is to get sodium bicarbonate directly into contact with the fungus tissue with endoscope methods, catheters (p.114), clusters, drip infusions, irrigations, and infiltrations (p.115). These injection and infusion methods etc. are just expensive and must be executed by a medical doctor (p.143).

Cancer with children

Children of Rothschild's toxic "civilization" have the following cancer rates:
number 1: leukemia
number 2: brain tumor
number 3: lymphomas
number 4: sarcoma
number 5: ectodermal tumors (p.118).

Leukemia going away

Sodium bicarbonate is saving many leukemia children (p.118). Leukemia is healing within 8 days with sodium bicarbonate [in the best case] (p.143).

Leukemia with children is healed with sodium bicarbonate injections within some hours

Dr. Simoncini healed a leukemia child within hours within 6 hours giving sodium bicarbonate solution in an intravenous way (p.4-5) with an injection of sodium bicarbonate and glucose (p.5).

Combinations of cancer healing methods

Sodium bicarbonate also supports other anti cancer treatments (p.64,69) like O2 injections into tumors (p.64). Rising pH levels provoke even the healing persons with cancer of grade 4 (p.64).

Prevention: cancer never coming back with change of life style - throw Rothschild's McDonalds' garbage food away etc.

For a definite healing of cancer a change of life style is necessary. Otherwise cancer comes back also after the healing (p.75).

[One has to get rid off the McDonalds' food and the industrial food of Rothschild's "civilization" because this is no food but this is only death:
-- garbage food of McDonalds and fast food etc.
-- getting rid off tinned food which is without any nutrients,
-- getting rid off any frozen food which is dead etc.
-- install blood group nutrition
-- install a balance of food time table only two times meat per week and 3 days vegetarian].

Research says: Cancer is a faulty energy metabolism

"Dr. Seeger and Dr. Budwig, in Germany, have shown that cancer is mainly the result of a faulty energy metabolism in the powerhouses of the cells - the mitochondria. ATP [Adenosine triphosphate] and most of the enzymes involved in the production of energy require magnesium. A healthy cell has high magnesium and low calcium levels. The problem that comes with low magnesium (Mg) levels is the calcium builds up inside the cells while energy production decreases as the mitochondria gradually calcify." (p.164)

Research says: Cancer is a fungi disease

Fungi are the biggest killers of life on Earth (p.123). Fungi are the most powerful and most organized micro-organism (p.126). Fungi also can destroy rocks and are changing complete landscapes (p.127). 70% of all extinctions are provoked by fungi (p.123). Estimations mean that there are 1.5 to 5 million different fungi on Earth. 100.000 are identified (p.123). About 400 of these fungi produce damaging mycotoxins for humans. Fungi change forms depending of their environment. Since 1995 new types of fungi are detected. Fungi can adapt also their metabolism to survive (p.119).

What is it? cancer or fungus - fungus or cancer - similar properties and behavior

Rothschild's toxic "medicine" often claims cancer, and then fungi illnesses are prognosticated as "secondary" effect (p.118). Or: many illnesses are prognosticated as fungi illnesses, but are a cancer (p.113). Then come Rothschild's toxic pills against fungal infection and leukemia is healing with anti fungi pills (p.118).

But many illnesses are prognosticated as cancer, and go away easily with sodium bicarbonate which is also a perfect anti-fungal agent (p.113).

It seems strange that cancer is often accompanied by fungi infections which are also healed by sodium bicarbonate (p.113). What a coincidence!

The "cancer" definition and the "fungi" definition in Rothschild's "medicine" are describing just the same cell behavior (p.117). What a coincidence!

Parallels between cancer and fungi cells

Cancer cells and fungi cells
-- live both without oxygen (p.116)
-- die both when sugar supply is ending and oxygen comes (p.116)
-- will be killed both by antifungal medicines (p.116) respectively medicaments against fungal infection have also an anti cancer effect (p.124)
-- conditions of fungi illnesses are often exactly the same as it would be cancer: "many fungal conditions look exactly like cancer" (p.124).

What a coincidence!

First it was Rothschild's industrial garbage food - then fungus came - and then cancer came

First was bad garbage food (p.115) without minerals, above all without magnesium (p.120) [from Rothschild's "civilization"] but with much sugar, and all this garbage food of Rothschild's "civilization" provokes growth of yeast (p.127), there are antibiotics also provoking yeast (p.117,127), and there are hormone therapies and pills (p.117) and cortisone "medicaments" (p.127) and mercury intoxication by amalgams (p.120). All this [Rothschild shit] is poor in vitamins and minerals (p.127). More factors stressing immune system are chemical colorings, flavorings, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers (p.127). All this Rothschild shit of "modern life" is provoking weak immune systems with bad defense permitting fungi to dominate the body - and then fungi are producing their poison - the mycotoxins (p.115). Fungi are always present, but only with weak immune systems fungi can dominate the body provoking heavy illnesses (p.120). These infections provoke more heavy metals in the body provoking more illnesses and at the end cancer (p.117).

Changes of metabolism and damaged pancreas by fungi

Fungi change the body chemistries and change metabolism procedures of the body (p.120). They harm the immune system so no defense is possible any more. They often attack pancreas (p.121). In this way the fungi are "organizing" their blood sugar (glucose) as their food: fungi destroy the beta cells of pancreas so insulin production is halted so the blood sugar glucose is not proceeded any more. When insulin production is halted completely this is diabetes type 1, when insulin production is halted partly this is diabetes type 2. In this way the blood sugar levels remain too high which is the fungi's food (p.120).

In 20 to 40% cancer is an infection with a yeast invasion or fungi invasion (p.114). For example
-- hepatitis B+C are developing often a liver cancer (p.114)
-- HPV (Human papillomavirus) is often the beginning of cervical cancer, throat cancer and oral cancer (p.114)
-- bacteria Heliobacter pylori provokes often gastric cancer and MALT lymphoma
-- Schistosome parasites provoke bladder cancer (p.114).

Conclusion: cancer=fungi

So there is the clear conclusion that cancer is a chronic fungus disease (p.116).

Alternative medicine states clearly that leukemia is a fungal infection of white blood cells (leukocytes) (p.119)

Cancer cells + fungi cells + yeast cells = the same invasion properties (p.126). What a coincidence!

So the new research says clearly that cancer is a transformed fungi disease (p.126).

Cancer is a germ illness in many forms, virus-like and fungus-like and mycoplasma-like [a bacterium] (p.126).

Dr. Simoncini states clearly, cancer is Candida albicans and nothing else: "Candida albicans clearly emerges as the sole candidate for tumoral proliferation." (p.127)

The mycotoxins of the fungi

Fungi are secreting digestive enzymes, and they are absorbing the soluble nutrients which are provoked by the digestive enzymes. Fungi like minerals and metals. They can reach mercury and uranium etc. even through concrete (p.127).

Mycotoxins of fungi are an alcohol which is provoking cancer (p.116). Much of the crops are full of mycotoxins (p.119).

Fungal toxics

Aflatoxin is one of the strong toxic mycotoxins and is the most carcinogenic substance which exists - provoking breast cancer (p.119). With a healthy immune system no fungus has a chance (p.117). Aflatoxin is a by-product of Aspergillus molds. Aflatoxin is in peanuts, in soy grains, in cassava (p.120). Aflatoxin B1 stops the decomposition of glucose / simple blood sugar and of glycogen (p.121).

Ochratoxin: Ochratoxin is 10 times as strong as aflatoxin. But "US" health boards are not screening food for ochratoxin (p.119).

Zearalenone: this mycotoxin acts like an estrogen first and is applied in high concentrations in "USA" and Canada (p.120).

Aspergillus: this mycotoxin is in corn, wheat, peanuts, barley (p.121). Aspergillus infections are e.g. in lungs (p.123).

Penicillium mold and Aspergillus mold produce the mycotoxin ochratoxin which provokes cell death (apoptosis) (p.121) eliminating  gluthatione - a toxin-neutralizing substance (p.122).

Oxalic acids: in some cases also the mycotoxin oxalic acids are the cause (p.123). There is no production of oxalic acid in healthy bodies. Breast cancer is going with oxalic acid with calcium oxalate crystals of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is coming from fungi, so breast cancer has to be provoked by fungi (p.123).

Where are the fungi? In toxic satanic reptile's Rothschild's industrial food!

All these fungi are producing their toxics of fungi (mycotoxins). In "USA" there is only one routine test against one fungus, all other are not controlled routinely in [criminal] "USA" (p.119). Many "countries screen for up to 15 of the most common mycotoxins, including zearalenone, fumonisin, and [...] ochratoxin" (p.119). "US" industrial food [of Rothschild's toxic McDonalds "civilization"] is full of mycotoxins, in grains, meats, fruits, processed foods, and in toxic "medicine" pills or even in the air (p.120).

Dangerous diseases by fungi

-- fungal infections can be very dangerous, can provoke serious health problems and even can be fatal provoking death (p.115)
-- prostate cancer is provoked by contamination of food with mycotoxins (p.119)
-- breast cancer is provoked by the mycotoxin "aflatoxin" which was detected in France in mold-fermented cheese (p.119)
-- fungi are the first cause for diabetes (p.120), microbes and toxins are causing diabetes (p.120)
-- fungi are the first cause for many autoimmune disorders (p.120)
-- fungi provoke diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 and also gestation diabetes (p.120)
-- fungi infections go together with leukemia (p.124).

Fungi diseases as side effects

After a bone marrow transplant a fungi infection can appear thus life expectation sinks to 20% (p.124).

Treatments of fungus diseases: toxic Rothschild pills are for nothing

Rothschild's technical toxic "medicine" cannot explain many diseases (p.121). Chemotherapy of Rothschild pharma pills does NOT work but is attacking the wrong cells (p.124).

Cancer colonies become resistant against normal anti-fungal drugs (p.114). Toxic Rothschild pills against fungi have dangerous side effects (p.115).

Antibiotics are reducing excretion of heavy metals (p.127). Rothschild's antibiotics against fungi provoke even the risk of cancer, because most antibiotics are derived from fungi toxics, from mycotoxins (p.116). Rothschild's antibiotics are winning for example against Candida 1 time, but not 2 times (p.117).

Also penicillin and alcohol are fungi toxins. And Antibiotics provoke lymphoma risk (p.116).

Treatments of fungus diseases: sodium bicarbonate is eliminating anything

Fungi research can explain many diseases: the causes are fungi toxins (mycotoxins) in [Rothschild's McDonalds] garbage food [in McDonalds' muck of Rothschild, in tinned muck, in powder muck, in pesticide muck etc.] (p.121).

Dr. Simoncini says: fungi are sensitive to saline solutions and electrolytic solutions. Salts and bicarbonates eliminate any organic terrain where fungi could get their food and place (p.115).

Dr. Simoncini says: sodium bicarbonate is the best agent against fungi infections (p.114).

Fungal vaginitis (with symptoms such as vulval pruritus, vaginal pain, leukorrhagia, dyspareunia, urodynia) can be treated well by sodium bicarbonate (p.115).

Albicans (candidiasis, Candida) is provoked by antibiotics, garbage food, low immune system, heavy metals such as mercury in amalgams etc. (p.116). According to Dr. H. Takeuchi Candida albicans is most prevalent, but also Torulopsis glabrata and Candida tropicalis are prevalent (p.118). Candidiasis lives from mercury (pl.116). Antibiotics of Rothschild's chemical toxic industries are winning against Candida 1 time, but not 2 times. Sodium bicarbonate is eliminating it fast (p.117).

In a case study of Dr. H. Takeuchi with Candida diseases
-- one part were cured only by elimination of the predisposing factors [eliminating toxic pills, eliminating garbage food, stronger immune system, taking amalgams out etc.]
-- one part was cured with adaption and sodium bicarbonate, "5-fluorocytosine, and / or irrigation with amphotericin B"
-- one case with bilateral renal torulopsiosis [?] developed into renal failure
-- 4 cases could not be healed but "died of the primary disease" [which is not mentioned] (p.118).

General food prevention against vulnerability to fungi
Reduce or eliminate completely
-- alcoholic beverages [yeast product] (p.122)
-- wheat, sorghum, corn, barley, peanuts [products with molds] (p.122)
-- sugar (p.123) [toxic white refined sugar because all minerals are missing]
-- rye (p.123)
-- cottonseed (p.123).

Dangerous diseases by fungi's uric acid

Uric acids are a product of many fungi (p.122). Uric acid after oxidation becomes alloxan which provokes diabetes when immune system is low - with a healthy immune system gluthatione levels are normal defending the body well from uric acid and alloxan (p.122). After more oxidation alloxan becomes urea (p.122).

Uric acid by-product alloxan is damaging the islet cells of pancreas (p.122). So insulin production is damaged or even stopped and diabetes is provoked. At the same time cholesterol and triglyceride is rising (p.122).

Uric acid is provoking
-- diabetes
-- heart disease
-- probably strokes
-- renal disease
-- gout
-- kidney stones (p.122).

Rothschild's toxic medicine without chance against fungi and cancer

Rothschild's toxic medicine meant that uric acid would be a "marker" of renal disease, but new studies found out how uric acid is working in the kidney stating clearly that kidney disease is first causing uric acid then (p.122).

Rothschild's toxic medicine claims always that cancer disease would be a damaged cell with damaged DNA (p.125). Then they say: Some cells are repaired, some die, some become cancer cells with cancer like fungi cells and cells with yeast damage (p.126).

Rothschild's toxic "medicine" is even going forward with "personalized" cancer drugs which does NOT work because cancer cells do NOT adapt personal DNA and DNA damage is NOT the cause for cancer. Personalized DNA drugs have no success against cancer at all [and all is only one more waste of money] (p.126).

Cancer healings with sodium bicarbonate - examples

Farmer Ian Roadhouse was a cancer case and [Rothschild] "medicine" doctors said he had 6 months to live yet. But with a treatment with Dr. Jim Kelmun from North Carolina with the combination of sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup he healed his cancer away (p.140).

Vernon Johnston was a cancer case in 2007 with prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones being rated as a dead 6 months to live yet by the medical doctors of toxic technical "medicine" (p.142). Vernon Johnston found baking soda as an emergency cure because cesium chloride did not come by mail (p.145). Vernon Johnston was using baking soda therapy of "Arm & Hammer" baking soda making the protocol (p.146-148). Reaching urinary pH values of over pH8.5 during 5 days he cleared his body up and no cancer could be detected any more during the next medical control (p.142).

The cancer case "K W" had cancer grade 4 and healed with Vernon Johnston's method (p.143).

David Aponte, 58 years old, healed his leukemia with sodium bicarbonate within 8 days (p.143).

Healing diabetes with sodium bicarbonate

Failing pancreas in Rothschild's "civilization" - up to diabetes
1. is producing digestive juices for the stomach
2. is producing insulin controlling blood sugar
3. is producing bicarbonate neutralizing acids (p.38).

Overcharged pancreas is first reducing bicarbonate production. Then a chain reaction comes with inflammations in the body with the brain inclusive. Then pancreas is becoming always worse, and also liver is becoming worse. High damage of pancreas and liver are causing that they cannot regulate blood sugar any more provoking diabetes (p.39).

Diabetes in Rothschild's "Western" world
Diabetes is a metabolism disease. Diabetes is the proof, that toxics are in water, food and air. Diabetes is also provoked by antibiotics (p.40). Pancreas is failing not producing enough digestive juices, insulin and bicarbonates (p.38) thus there is too much glucose in the blood because there is not enough insulin to proceed glucose and transporting it to the body cells. And the liver absorbs more and more of the excess glucose and is blocked for the elimination of other toxics (p.41).

"Modern" pharma medicine [Rothschild's satanic pharma industry] is concealing these causes for diabetes stating that it would be incurable (p.40).

E.g. "cancer pills" like Streptozocin or oxidation agent alloxan are provoking diabetes in rats experiments (p.40) - rats have a DNA which is of 99% the same of humans [so the results of rat experiments are not very different from the human experiments] (p.3). Antibiotic penicillin e.g. "causes changes in the beta cells affecting both insulin and bicarbonate production." (p.40)

When diabetes is not healed
-- it can develop a complete kidney failure
-- it can come gangrene (dead and black fingers, dead and black toes etc.)
-- also blindness is possible with dead eyes (p.41)

Healing diabetes

Insulin potentation therapy (IPT) makes cell membranes more permeable so the doses of medicaments can be reduced (p.141).

Diabetes: Sodium bicarbonate healing diabetes
For healing diabetes sodium bicarbonate can be taken orally or in a transdermal way with a bath with sodium bicarbonate (p.41).

The sodium bicarbonate solution can be combined with insulin or with maple syrup (p.141).

[Also here we have the norm of 90% and 10%: 10% of the cases are reacting badly to sodium bicarbonate and have to heal in another way: with blood group nutrition, with natural medicine, and with fruit extracts].

Further illnesses healed by sodium bicarbonate

Muscles: sodium bicarbonate for muscles and skin

Sodium bicarbonate is harmonizing muscles pulling out the acids of the muscles (p.152), is also healing muscle aches (p.153). Much bicarbonate protects muscles and bones from loss (p.164). Sporty people reach greater performances with a pH7 than with an acid body (p.151-152). A direct way to get into muscles is a bath with sodium bicarbonate. Concentrations are different from type to type. Variations adding magnesium are possible. Just avoid complications with too much baking soda with your gastrointestinal system avoiding diarrhea by too much sodium bicarbonate (p.153).

Also the skin is getting a better look with sodium bicarbonate like after a peeling (exfoliation) with a fresh bright youthful skin (p.153).

Feet: sodium bicarbonate for tired feet

People working in professions with much running can be happy when their feet take a foot bath with sodium bicarbonate [balancing the energies and healing the little injuries of every day's running work] (p.153).

HEALING SUCCESS with soda water: cuts are healing without scarves (May 2018)
2 cuts (by knife and a glass window) have cured with soda water in 1 week WITHOUT SCARVES. First, the cut is disinfected (lemon, etc.), and then from the next day on, the cut wound was wet every 3 hours with a little bit of soda water (soda water for wounds: 1 flat tea spoon per glass of water, the concentration should not be too high). The first 4 days there was a medical strip which was put off for wetting the wound, then no strip was put any more. So, BOTH CUT WOUNDS HAVE CURED WITHOUT LEAVING ANY SCARVES WITHIN 1 WEEK. (these are the first cuts that heal without a scar with me).
Michael Palomino, May 21, 2018

Kidneys: Sodium bicarbonate healing kidneys

Sodium bicarbonate is eliminating renal insufficencies. Special doctors for kidneys (nephrologists) are working already with sodium bicarbonate, e.g. Dr. S.K. Hariachar from Tampa (Florida). Sodium bicarbonate can heal kidneys even when the patients depend on dialysis. So, the kidneys are healed and dialysis is not needed any more but kidneys are working well again - kidney failure is healed and dialysis can be evaded (p.46).

Rat experiments with sodium bicarbonate show that development of polycystic kidney disease is reduced, cystic enlargement is inhibited, and the development of interstitial inflammation, chronic fibrosis,. and uremia was evaded completely (p.46).

Radiation, kidneys and sodium bicarbonate

After radiation contamination sodium bicarbonate protects kidneys from radiation acting as a detox (p.55). Quotation:

"The oral administration of sodium bicarbonate diminishes the severity of the changes produced by uranium in the kidneys." (p.74)

Thus sodium bicarbonate would be a life care for Fukushima people (p.55).

When kidneys have failed completely and patients are in a dialysis time table sodium bicarbonate can be applied within the dialysis solution [sodium bicarbonate is added to the dialyse blood] so metabolism betters (p.44).

Dialysis solution contains then bicarbonate, calcium, and magnesium (p.46).

More illnesses being healed by sodium bicarbonate

Stomach: stomach ulcers etc.: sodium bicarbonate killing heliobacter pylori bacteria

Ulcers and gastritis are caused by high gastric acid levels (p.54). Sodium bicarbonate in an acid stomach is reducing acids (p.50) and is also killing heliobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach thus ulcers are healed [because they can only live in a sour environment] (p.54).

[According to healing experience gastritis is better healed with raw potato juice on an empty stomach].

Skin: Sodium bicarbonate healing aging and skins
-- aging is stopped (p.11,17,20)
-- food provoking acids in the body is "acidic" food. This acidic food burns out the cells causing aging (p.164) - bicarbonates provoke alkaline bodies neutralizing acidity and the skin becomes young again (p.164)
-- old skin becomes younger (p.11,17)
-- old age diseases are healed like "acid reflux, kidney stones, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart diseases, cancer, gout" (p.20)
-- added sodium bicarbonate in a cream or paste it's healing stings, stings of nettles, stings of poison ivy, and sunburn (p.30)
-- psoriasis is partly healed with baths with sodium bicarbonate in the water taking the agents by the skin (p.47)
-- morgellons are partly healed (p.48)
-- inflammations of oral mucosa (mucositis) are healed (p.62)

Sodium bicarbonate baths bring a betterment of psoriasis. When also magnesium is added to the bath this is a "clear resolution of psoriasis" (p.153).

Wounds healing easily with sodium bicarbonate lotions
-- operations are proceeded easily and wounds are healed easily with a 5% sodium bicarbonate solution in Warsaw in 1947 after Second World War, also dirty, open and contaminated wounds were healing well with it (p.13)
-- skin problems can be solved easily with a bicarbonate mask: rashes are going (p.14).

Sodium bicarbonate is a general prevention for winter times against flu etc. (p.48)

Teeth, gum and mouth care
Sodium bicarbonate is rising pH value also in oral cavities neutralizing harmful effects of bacterial metabolic acids (p.59). Bacteria and fungi go off (p.60). Sodium bicarbonate is less abrasive to enamel and dentine than other commercial toothpastes (p.60).

No holes: Sodium bicarbonate is eliminating acids thus there are no holes in the teeth any more (p.59).
More calcium: Sodium bicarbonate provokes an increased calcium uptake by dental enamel (p.59).
No tartar, no plaque: Sodium bicarbonate eliminated biofilms and is a prevention against tartar and dental plaque (p.59)
No gum diseases: Sodium bicarbonate heals little gum inflammations and wound of the gum (p.59).

Diseases provoked by neglected mouth care

Bad mouth hygiene provokes more inflammatory markers in the blood such as for example C-reactive protein (CRP) provoking more illnesses (p.60). Periodontal disease provokes more risks for heart disease, heart strokes, and coronary disease (p.61).

Perfect mouth hygiene is the precondition that also all illnesses which are provoked by a bad mouth hygiene are eliminated like
-- cancer by gum disease (p.60)
-- heart failures by periodontal increases (p.60,62)
-- arthereosclerosis by gum diseases (p.62)
-- tongue cancer by periodontitis (p.62)
-- systemic diseases such as diabetes by periodontal diseases (p.62)
-- pancreatic cancer is often provoked by gum diseases (p.60)

Teeth: amalgam provoking illnesses
By the way amalgam
-- is the first cause for changing gum tissues to the worse (p.61)
-- and most of the cancer patients have amalgam fillings (p.61).

[Truth about criminal amalgam: it's fragile and mercury is contaminating the whole body
Amalgam is a mixture of metals. Highly toxic mercury is the main part of it. Criminal Rothschild industry is selling it's superfluous mercury to the dentists who are selling it as dental filling. Thus toxic garbage is landing in the mouth. The dentists are claiming that all would be in order and lawful. But the amalgam fillings become fragile and then much more mercury is escaping than indicated by the dentists and the whole bodi becomes a toxic waste deposit. This can be read in the Amalgam Report (original in German: Amalgam-Gutachten) which was published but the wide distribution was blocked by the criminal German Rothschild government].

Allergies by a sour bodies
Allergies are provoked by failing pancreas by lack of enzymes and by undigested proteins provoking inflammations (p.38).

[Allergies and asthma are vaccination damages and are healing easily with sodium bicarbonate (90%). The rest of 10% with bad reactions to sodium bicarbonate will heal with blood group nutrition, raw food and with fruit extracts].

Baby stomach problems solved with sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate can be applied also for babies without problem healing colic, stomach pain, hiccups, gas, and teething problems (p.51).

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