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Healing with pH values and sodium bicarbonate - index

Sodium bicarbonate and healings: big list -- cancer healing with sodium bicarboante -- basic alkaline shocking wave -- diabetes, kidneys etc. -- muscles and skins -- feet -- gastritis -- teeth and illnesses -- allergies -- stomach problems with babies -- sodium bicarbonate intravenously etc. etc. etc.

from: Mr. Mark Sircus: Sodium-Bicarbonate. Nature's unique first aid remedy; SquareOne Publishers 2014; ISBN 978-0-7570-0394-3

by Michael Palomino (2016)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, pharma and pharmacy with toxic pills and with toxic pesticides are NOT NEEDED ANY MORE!

Toxic pharmacies and toxic pesticides are eliminated.

1. pH value - and Rothschild's reptile toxic acid "civilization" for his profits

General indications about pH value -- Measuring pH levels -- pH under pH6.5 -- pH of pH8.5 -- Determination of pH values -- pH="potential hydrogen" -- Sour body -- Basic alkaline body -- Alkalinity=buffering capacity -- High natural alkalinity by rocks and soils -- Low alkalinity by rocks and soils -- pH value is not alkalinity -- Effects of rising pH levels  -- Effects of rising pH levels: oxygen levels are rising 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times -- Healthy body with pH7 -- Healthy body with natural food

Acids in human bodies -- food and garbage food of Rothschild's reptilian "civilization" provoking acid bodies -- Rothschild's food of "civilization" provoking acids in the human body -- Garbage food provoking acids in the bodies of Rothschild's "civilization" -- Example: acid garbage food  -- Toxic satanic Rothschild's medicine murdering around every day -- Natural medicine - pharma pills with high profits -- Toxic "medicine" of Rothschild's "civilization" -- Toxic amalgam industry by satanic Rothschild's civilization -- Medical disaster in Rothschild's Zionist "Western" world -- Acid bodies of destructive Zionist's Rothschild "civilization" -- Acid bodies without oxygen supply - and acid waste remains in the body -- Red blood cells -- White blood cells -- Acid body and it's chemical procedures -- Tired acid bodies with lack of oxygen -- Acid body damages: functions of cells, organs, enzymes -- Failures in an acid sour body of Rothschild's "civilization" -- Failing pancreas in Rothschild's "civilization" - up to diabetes -- Diabetes in Rothschild's "Western" world -- Aging in Rothschild's "Western" world -- Rothschild against natural medicine -- Acid bodies and Rothschild's McDonald "civilization" illnesses after 45: natural bicarbonate levels in the bodies are going down -- Acid body illnesses of Rothschild's McDonald "civilization" -- Allergies by a sour bodies -- Cancer in a sour Rothschild body

2. Sodium bicarbonate - bicarbonate production in the body - contraindications

Sodium bicarbonate as an element of nutritional medicines: History of sodium bicarbonate -- Baking powder with sodium bicarbonate - or pure sodium bicarbonate -- Brands of sodium bicarbonate -- Sodium bicarbonate is balancing the acidity of the body -- Dosage of sodium bicarbonate and possible mixtures with other bicarbonates -- All bicarbonates -- Time table of sodium bicarbonate therapies -- Metabolism of the cells - provoking acid waste - bicarbonates come and remove the acid waste (!) -- Regulating effects with sodium bicarbonate -- The method how to take sodium bicarbonate -- General effects of sodium bicarbonate -- Sodium bicarbonate solution directly absorbed in stomach and intestine -- Sodium bicarbonate being proceeded in the stomach -- Sodium bicarbonate = the alkaline buffer -- Rat experiments - 99% of human DNA

Kidneys, pancreas, brain, red blood cells: sodium bicarbonate is produced in the body: in the kidneys, in the pancreas, in the brain, and in the red blood cells -- Brain -- Red blood cells -- When kidneys and pancreas are failing - bicarbonates are missing (!) -- Ocean water (sea water)=alkaline with bicarbonate ions - for blood serum

Side effects and contraindications for sodium bicarbonate (normal intake orally or by the skin with baths): Persons and conditions provoking that a treatment with sodium bicarbonate should be proceeded carefully -- High doses of sodium bicarbonate and side effects -- Overdose of sodium bicarbonate -- Long treatment with sodium bicarbonate -- Only take low dosage of sodium bicarbonate -- Evade any sodium bicarbonate treatment in the following cases: diets, alcohol, full stomach - stomach ruptures -- Children under 5 with sodium bicarbonate -- Cross-effects of sodium bicarbonate with toxic pills of Rothschild's toxic pharma "medicine"

Contraindications for sodium bicarbonate especially for injections, infusions etc. 

Alkalosis: symptoms, healing and evasion -- Effects of alkalosis

3. Solutions, mixtures and intakes of sodium bicarbonate

Healing acid bodies with sodium bicarbonate etc.  -- Sodium bicarbonate working -- The workhorse sodium bicarbonate - the janitor -- Solutions with sodium bicarbonate and water (sodium bicarbonate solutions) -- Mineral water and sodium bicarbonate - the dosage -- Sodium bicarbonate+sugar: sugar molasses  -- Sodium bicarbonate+sugar: e.g. maple syrup -- Sodium bicarbonate+lemon=NO effect -- Sodium bicarbonate+apple vinegar cider: pH rising EXPRESS

The different intakes of sodium bicarbonate -- Sodium bicarbonate by solution (oral use) healing at once stomach illnesses, intestine etc. -- Diseases especially healed fast by a solution of sodium bicarbonate  -- Dosage for sodium bicarbonate solution -- Healing of intestine with sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup -- Gargling sodium bicarbonate solution -- Sodium bicarbonate by spray (nebulizer) and inhalation healing airways -- Diseases especially healed fast by a nebulizer or inhaling sodium bicarbonate solution: asthma and more respiratory illnesses -- Sodium bicarbonate baths - intake by the skin (transdermal use) -- Sodium bicarbonate healing skin: psoriasis

4. Healings with sodium bicarbonate: cancer, diabetes, kidneys etc.

Cancer healing with sodium bicarbonate -- Sodium bicarbonate healing illnesses - big list -- The healing of direct symtoms of illnesses - of intermediate symptoms of illnesses - of advanced symptoms of illnesses -- Sodium bicarbonate in Rothschild's toxic "medicine" -- Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome healing cancer with bicarbonate -- Baby stomach problems solved with sodium bicarbonate -- Cancer cells -- Kinds of cancer -- Side effects of cancer: fungi, syndroms, kidney damages etc. -- Healing the environment - cancer cells transformed into normal cells -- Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer away: with pH7.4 sleeping cancer - and with pH8 cancer is killed -- Sodium bicarbonate healing cancer away in 8 days: acid waste going away - cancer going away -- Healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate combined with sugar (sugar molasses etc.) -- The benefits of sugar molasses -- Passing from pH6 to pH7.4 fast - the trick with more sugar -- pH higher than pH8 is not so good -- Treatment of cancer tumors with sodium bicarbonate injections, infusions etc. -- Cancer with children -- Cancer never coming back with change of life style - throw Rothschild's McDonalds' garbage food away etc. -- Research says: Cancer is a faulty energy metabolism -- Research says: Cancer is a fungi disease -- Cancer or fungus - fungus or cancer - similar properties and behavior -- Parallels between cancer and fungi cells -- First it was Rothschild's industrial garbage food - then fungus came - and then cancer came -- Changes of metabolism and damaged pancreas by fungi -- Conclusion: cancer=fungi -- The mycotoxins of the fungi -- Where are the fungi? In toxic satanic reptile's Rothschild's industrial food! -- Dangerous diseases by fungi -- Fungi diseases as side effects -- Treatments of fungus diseases: toxic Rothschild pills are for nothing -- Treatments of fungus diseases: sodium bicarbonate is eliminating anything -- General food prevention against vulnarability to fungi -- Dangerous diseases by fungi's uric acid -- Rothschild's toxic medicine without chance against fungi and cancer -- Cancer healings with sodium bicarbonate - examples

Healing more illnesses, diabetes, kidneys etc.: Healing diabetes with sodium bicarbonate -- Diabetes: Sodium bicarbonate healing diabetes -- Muscles: sodium bicarbonate for muscles and skin -- Feet: sodium bicarbonate for tired feet -- Kidneys: Sodium bicarbonate healing kidneys -- Stomach: gastritis, stomach ulcers etc.: sodium bicarbonate killing helicobacter pylori bacteria -- Skin: Sodium bicarbonate healing aging and skins -- Wounds healing easily with sodium bicarbonate lotions -- Teeth and gum prevention - and illnesses provoked without mouth care -- Teeth: amalgam and diabetes provoking denture and gingivitis illnesses

5. Specials: army units, emergency room, sports - variations, magnesium bicarbonate - prevention - tricks for house and garden with sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate in army units -- Sodium bicarbonate in the emergency room -- Injection or infusion of Sodium bicarbonate -- Sodium bicarbonate in sports -- Animals healing with bicarbonate

Variations with bicarbonate therapies (other bicarbonates, magnesium etc.) -- Many varied bicarbonates -- Mixtures with other bicarbonates -- Sodium bicarbonate + other bicarbonates - naturopath Nabadalung -- The list of the possible mixtures with sodium bicarbonate solutions -- Gerson therapy with high potassium and low sodium share -- Sodium bicarbonate + magnesium salts -- Magnesium chloride -- Magnesium healing water healing all aging illnesses away -- Sodium bicarbonate+magnesium="greatest effect" -- Combination of sodium bicarbonate with carbonic anhydrase -- Healings with magnesium bicarbonate -- Magnesium in the emergency case -- More energy with magnesium bicarbonate -- Missing magnesium in acid bodies -- Healings with magnesium water -- Healings with magnesium baths -- Healings with magnesium oils

Prevention elements for life -- Good to know for health -- Minerals and mineral tap water for long life -- Oxygen therapy by Dr. Sircus - with a special mask for breathing by Dr. Sircus -- Lemon juice in the salad - no vinegar -- Sugar molasses with minerals is one more remedy for general health -- Evade all fungi and yeast products -- Mental damages going away with anti-fungal therapy -- Brewers yeast damages going away -- Diseases by brewers yeast going away

More tricks with sodium bicarbonate in house and garden -- Sodium bicarbonate in daily care -- Tricks: Sodium bicarbonate in cleaning processes -- Trick: Sodium bicarbonate against radioactivity of uranium radiation also ON THE GROUND -- Tricks: Sodium bicarbonate in laundry processes -- Tricks: Sodium bicarbonate as a toy for children -- Tricks: Sodium bicarbonate for health and beauty -- Tricks: Sodium bicarbonate around the house and in the garden -- Sodium bicarbonate as a harmless effective pesticide and protection agent

The soda solution -- The intake times: on an empty stomach and 2 hours after the last meal -- Healings and the norm 90%-10%: success rate 90% - eventually a "second round" - apple cider vinegar - 10% are healing in another way -- Measuring pH values: before the treatment - on the 4th day - on the 10th day -- For normal life: pH6 - for healing: pH7 to pH8.5 - lower uric acid with apple, vegetable, sweet potato, whole grain rice etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, pharma and pharmacy with toxic pills and with toxic pesticides are NOT NEEDED ANY MORE!