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Note: fainting

General indications about fainting -- Mentally induced faint -- Diabetes as the cause of fainting or even diabetic coma -- Epilepsy with fainting -- The fainting by reflex (reflex syncope) -- The fainting by standing up fast ("orthostatic syncope) -- The fainting by cardiac arrhythmia ("cardiac syncope") -- The balance -- Prevention against fainting

Comic: Geschäftsmann ist ohnmächtig
                mit Kreuzen auf den Augen
Comic: businesman has fainted with crosses on his eyes [1]

by Michael Palomino (2020)

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Fainting (syncope)

General indications about fainting
-- the harbingers of a faint are: nausea, sweating, feeling hot, weak knees, feeling weak in the stomach etc. [web02]
-- put your legs up if there are signs [so the blood will come back from the legs] [web01]
-- in the case of a faint, the blood supply to the brain is interrupted and in a few seconds the fainting occurs [by brain failure] [web02]
-- Causes can be: weak heart, obstacles in the arteries and cardiac arrhythmias, or drop in vascular resistance + expansion of the arteries + veins e.g. through nerve reflexes [web02]
[More factors contributing to fainting by an unstable body
-- If you only eat white bread, white rice or white pasta, the body cells are no longer stable due to a lack of minerals
-- if no more fruits or vegetables are eaten, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals are missing and the whole body becomes unstable
-- when waste food with fried oils is consumed, the body becomes slowly and generally unstable
-- if toxic lemonades are consumed (CocaCola etc.), the body is manipulated with sugar and caffeine and finally becomes very unstable
-- if you work too much or only sleep briefly, the cells can no longer recover, etc.]
-- a short faint is a circulatory collapse and is also called "syncope" [web01] and usually only lasts a maximum of 20 seconds [web02]
-- when the brain suffers from a lack of blood and therefore receives too little oxygen, the consciousness gets lost [web01]
-- Fainting comes from a lack of oxygen in the brain being provoked by nerve overreaction, from standing up rapidly, from high pressure in the abdomen (sneezing, pressing on the toilet etc.), from varicose veins, from diabetes, from cardiac arrhythmias, from toxic pharma pills [web01]

-- in a lying position, blood flows into the brain again and recovery occurs [web01]

Mentally induced faint
-- shock experiences cause nerve troubles and cause fainting, this is not because of blood circulation ("pseudosyncope") [web01]

Diabetes as the cause of fainting or even diabetic coma
-- severe diabetes can also cause unconsciousness or even a diabetic coma [web01]

Epilepsy with fainting
-- epilepsy attacks can also be accompanied by fainting, with rolled eyes, these are nervous disorders [web01]

The fainting by reflex (reflex syncope)

-- Nerve reflexes can be triggered
   -- by seing a horror (e.g. one sees blood, e.g. when taking blood [or detecting an accident]) [web02]
   -- by pain (e.g. when blood is taken by a syringe, or at the dentist) [or by a toxic vaccination or after it] [web02]
   -- by bad smells [web02]
   -- by other psychoemotional stimuli (e.g. during too much euphoria, by bad news) [web02].

-- the nerve reflex can [cause the expansion of the blood vessels (arteries + veins)] and then cause a drop of the blood pressure or can provoke a slow heart [web02]
-- the blood sinks from the head into the legs, there is dizziness and in a few seconds comes the "falling over": the total collapse with falling to the ground [web02].

The fainting by standing up fast ("orthostatic syncope)
When you get up you get "black in front of your eyes" and if you don't sit down or lie down, consciousness is lost because
-- the tension in the leg vessels is too low, e.g. through certain medications (blood pressure medication, certain heart medication) [web02]
-- the blood volume is too low after a diarrhea or fever [web02]
[or after menstruation or by eating only garbage food]

The fainting by cardiac arrhythmia ("cardiac syncope")
-- with severe cardiac arrhythmias (the heart stops or the heart is racing without a big pumping effect) the blood only comes irregularly into the brain [web02]
-- the whole cycle breaks down, the blood sinks from the brain into the trunk and in seconds the unconsciousness is there, as long as the rhythm disturbances last [web02].

The balance
-- up to 50% of the fainting patients change their life towards a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid another fainting [web02]
-- the other 50% remain at risk [web02]
-- 20% of the fainting patients die in the next 12 months of a heart attack (cardiac syncope, sudden cardiac death) [web02].

Prevention against fainting

-- Prevention: Avoid extreme activities, put on compression stockings, do regular exercise [also yoga], drink enough [web01]
[-- live with blood group nutrition - link
-- eat according to the nutrition guidelines (all has to be whole grain food, olive oil, medical food, no garbage food) - link
-- go to sleep at 10pm and switch off everything
-- during the winter eat medical food, during the summer eat light food and food rich of water]

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[web01] https://www.netdoktor.de/symptome/synkope/
[web02] https://www.cardio-guide.com/erkrankung/synkope/#

Photo sources
[1] Comic: businesman has fainted with crosses on his eyes: https://de.depositphotos.com/vector-images/fainted.html