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Fact sheet: nutrition in general

General nutritional tips as a prevention keeping a a pH value between pH6 and pH7 for a life without heavy diseases

Michael Palomino,
                    Portrait  Peter D'Adamo,
                    Portrait  Olivenöl
                    pflegt den Körper  Apfelessig putzt den Körper  Grapefruits mit Mineralien und
                        viel Vitamin C
Michael Palomino - Dr. Peter D'Adamo with blood group nutrition [1] - olive oil caring for the body - applie cider vinegar is cleaning the body  - grapefruits with minerals and much vitamin C

by Michael Palomino (2018 / 2019)

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General nutrition tips for prevention for a pH value between pH6 and pH7 for a life without heavy diseases: Blood group nutrition - all whole grain - chew well - olive oil - salads with olive oil+cider vinegar - ginger and grapefruit - tomato salad with onions and ginger - cook food in steam - fry only with coconut oil - not much salt - organic honey or stevia instead of sugar - meat 2 times a week, fish 2 times a week, 3 vegetarian days per week - raw egg shells - balanced food - 1-2 liters of water a day - NO white bread, NO white rice - NO refined sugar, no matter if white or brown - no food with citric acid - no lemonades because of citric acid and sugar - no canned food - no fried food except with coconut oil - no too spicy food - no powerful food in summer - no refined sugar, can be replaced by stevia - go to sleep early -

Have a good life with these food instructions!

-- live always live according to blood group nutrition (because the stomach and the metabolism are different depending on the blood group - in healthy condition the nutrition may contain 20% negative food)
-- all must be of wholemeal (wholemeal bread, wholemeal rice)
-- always chew well: 20 to 30 times (because the digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals already starts with the saliva)
-- Olive oil cares for joints, organs, glands, stomach, intestines and circulation - and prevents constipation. Olive oil is used in salads or in meals, such as vegetables, rice, potatoes, sauces and soups. The olive oil must be in a dark bottle, because otherwise the daylight destroys the vitamins. It must not be cooked because the vitamins are destroyed from 60 degrees Celsius. Add it only when the meal is served on the plate.

-- prepare salads with olive oil and apple cider vinegar - olive oil has a healing effect, apple cider vinegar has a cleaning purifying effect
-- Ginger and grapefruit are best food for winter
   -- ginger against inflammation, muscle pain, cares the brain, strengthens the immune system
   -- Grapefruit with lots of minerals and vitamin C, strengthens the immune system, as also raw apples, so combine the fruit salad with grapefruit+apples+banana etc..
-- A good winter salad is e.g. tomato salad with onions and ginger.
-- cooked food should be only steamed, do not fry in oil
-- fried food should be fried only in coconut oil, because this is the only oil that does not strain the body when fried
-- don't put much salt - use organic honey or stevia instead of sugar (sugar weakens the immune system - but: stevia also provokes weight loss)
-- eat light meals in summer, eat powerful meals in winter (in winter: potatoes and corn for more energy)
-- eat meat no more than 2 times a week and fish no more than 2 times a week, thus 3 wholegrain vegeterian days per week, this is a good balance
-- raw egg shells are natural calcium for bones and teeth
-- the food should be balanced, so: wholemeal rice / potatoes + vegetables + salad / raw fruit / fruit salad, more fruit in summer, more potatoes in winter.
-- 1 to 2 liters of water per day, because water contains oxygen and cares for the whole body.
(Variations: Lemon water with fresh, squeezed lemon, also combined with chamomile and/or peppermint - or just chamomile tea, or combined chamomile-peppermint tea, liver care with boldo tee - in summer cold teas)

-- NO white bread, NO white rice (because the body thinks it has eaten something, but the minerals from the grain shells are missing, and then the body takes minerals from the bones and the bones become hollow and break easily in old age)
-- blood group 0 must not eat much wheat (people of blood group 0 are increasing weight with wheat), blood group A must not eat much meat (people of blood gorup A are increasing weight with meat)
-- DO NOT use refined sugar nor white nor brown, and do not consume foods high in sugar (neither white nor brown sugar), as this weakens the immune system (no lemonades, no Nutella, no industrial "yogurt" which contains 15% sugar, only occasionally sweet cakes and tarts). Use for sugar: honey, stevia (but stevia provokes also weight loss).
-- NO food with citric acid: Citric acid preserves food, but is corrosive and destroys the complete body.
-- DO NOT drink lemonades (because of citric acid + sugar): Citric acid is corrosive, destroys the entire body, and lemonades also contain a lot of sugar, which weakens the immune system. The combination of citric acid + sugar destroys the teeth, is the most corrosive combination)
-- DO NOT eat canned food (the fruits and vegetables in canned food are overcooked and have no more vitamins and have hardly any minerals)
-- DO NOT eat fried food (deep fried oil is very harmful to the body, except coconut oil)
-- DO NOT eat too spicy food (spicy chili destroys the gastrointestinal tract and liver and kidneys, so with only 30 years just an apple leads to diarrhoea or people have "yellow eyes")
-- DO NOT eat powerful meals in summer (potatoes, corn), otherwise you will have overweight.

Replace refined sugar with honey or stevia: Since I have completely avoided sugar and sugary foods since May 2018, my immune system has become much more robust and my susceptibility has decreased again. And teeth are saved. If you want to sweeten without sugar, use honey, or for people with overweight: use stevia which has also a weight loss effect (stevia with small amounts). Mother Earth has it.

Disinfect water with UV radiation: If you live in areas where you have to boil the water from the tap (very chlorinated water), you can also disinfect the water with UV radiation from the sun for free: Take a transparent plastic bottle (PET - without label) and fill it with water by 3/4, shake it vigorously for 1 minute, and then put it into the shade outside for 24 to 48 hours (1 day in regions close to the equator, 2 days in regions far away from the equator). The UV radiation disinfects the water and the water becomes drinking water quality: 0 bacteria, 0 parasites. This works with any weather, because the UV radiation of the sun is ALWAYS there (rain, snow, fog, night etc.) All this was tested, in my case in Lima I tested the method twice in the laboratory of the University of San Marcos in Lima, and the water was very good drinking water. The water becomes flawless drinking water with the UV radiation. Everyone can produce this water on the balcony or in the front yard and have it tested in a laboratory. Mother Earth has it. Link.

Going to sleep early also works like a medicine, because then sleep becomes deeper and more restful, because the sun pulls the energy "behind the earth" before midnight. So, go to sleep at 10pm, switch off everything, and the sleep has an effect like an additional medicine. Mother Earth is healing in this way.

Warning 2019: Fruits and vegetables from Italy must not be eaten any more - contaminated - governments don't test anything (!)
Fruits and vegetables from Italy often come from southern Italy from contaminated areas, because Southern Italy is contaminated by the mafia since the late 1980s more and more with toxic waste + nuclear waste. Toxic waste + nuclear waste were buried by the mafia (Camorra + Ndrangheta) up to 30m deep or sunk in the Mediterranean on old cargo ships. So the mafia has made millions - and sacrificed its own population (!). According to a 2014 report, pollutant values ​​in vegetables from the Naples region have been measured up to 500 times the limit (cadmium, arsenic, lead). In 2011, NATO in Naples performed measurements at Naples, and they found also cesium (radioactive contamination!) in well water, because the Camorra Mafia has buried there radioactive waste from Central Europe, Northern Europe or from the "USA" (triangle of death at Naples - triangolo della morte). 40% of Italy's coasts are charged now. Italy has finished, is a cancer zone, cancer rates are exploding in Italy since 2010 and nobody reports that, only the medical doctors know. The Cath.cr.ped.gay Church does not intervene because the Church is collaborating with the mafia laundering money in the Vatican Bank. The mafia now buys contaminated fruit + vegetables cheaply, the official measurements are lying that there would be no charge, the mafia sticks false labels with a wrong origin and sells the contaminated products for high prices in all Italy and also in Central Europe + Northern Europe. Italy has become a cancer zone, the Pharma is happy to sell new pills and cancer vaccines, even though cancer cures with pH values, ​​and now the mafia is causing that cancer rates will never decline in half of Europe (!). The media are not interested, the governments not either, because they are connected to the Rothschild Pharma. Link about genocide in Italy (as of 2019):

Note: healing cancer: cancer heals with sodium bicarbonate and pH values, or with bitter apricot kernels, also chew apple seeds is a prevention etc., but many Italiens don't know this: Link

Half-sunken pit greenhouses for farming in winter (Walipini): fruits and vegetables from contaminated Italy are not needed any more: any country can have it's agriculture with fruits and vegetables also in winter with pit greenhouses ("Walipini" from Bolivia). Earth walls give off heat in winter. Greenhouses can also be sunk into a mountain slope (sun slope) and the sun then heats up the slope greenhouse even in winter. The media are not (yet) interested. Link about the half sunken pit greenhouse "Walipini"

Photo sources
[1] Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Portrait: http://www.dadamo.com/clinic/pd.htm
Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, grapefruits: photos from Michael Palomino