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Healing powers of colors: colors as remedies, application in practice

Part 5, chapter 29-36

  blue irradiation provoking
                          better swine growth  red
                        irradiation is uncomfortable for animals  yellow
                        light irradiation [1,3,4]
In a blue light swines are growing better, red light is uncomfortable for the animals. Yellow and blue in turns has a balancing effect on the animals.

Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot  Wachsttumsstrahlen: Orange  Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb  Wachstumsstrahlen:
                        Grünlichgelb / Gelbgrün  - Wachsttumsstrahlen: Orange goldfarben, goldige Farbe Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb Gelbgrün, Grünlichgelb hellgrün hellblau - Hemmungsstrahlen:
                        Blau  Hemmungsstrahlen:
                        Blau-Violett  Hemmungsstrahlen: Blaugrün

Colored glass
hinders passing other rays with the exception of those which are of that color like the glass itself. (chapter 32)

Water beings - irradiation of water
Plants and beings above all are consisting in water, and therefore colors have a big effect on plants and beings. Therefore the color irradiation is principally a "water irradiation". But "normal medicine" does not take this earnest... (conclusion in chapter 6)

Summary by Michael Palomino (1998 / 2003 / 2005 / 2009 / 2012 / 2014)

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from: Prof. Lilli Eberhard: Healing powers of colors. Colors as a remedy, application in practice (original in German: Heilkräfte der Farben. Farben als Heilmittel, Anwendung in der Praxis); edition 3 Oaks (Drei-Eichen-Verlag), 10th edition, 2002; ISBN-10: 3-7699-0392-7; ISBN-13: 978-3-7699-0392-8 [web16]


Part 1
1. Goethe's color theory as a base and signpost
2. Spectral analysis
3. Color therapy: effect of colors on the soul
4. Investigations in color therapy
5. Rejuvenating cure with color therapy: Dr.Sciascia
6. Changing water by irradiation with colors

Part 2
7. Light and photosynthesis - why are leaves green? and water plants are red?
8. Colors of animals
9. Healing effects by dyes [side effects?]
10. Claims and wisdom of the color therapist
11. Color rays and the effect of color therapy
12. Effect of color rays according to Prof. Ewald Paul - production of trace elements according to Dr. Ghadiali

Part 3
13. Color therapy with humans according to E.C.Babbitt, Grabley, Ghadiali
14. Kurt Matthäus: undulations of color rays have effect in body cells
15. Color therapy according to Dr. Falkenberg
16. Color therapy according to Dr. Heermann
17. Psychological effect of colors according to 4 tempers
18. Color therapy: Colored panes, colored food, colored bulbs
19. Color therapy with green
20. Perception of colors in state of exhaustion
21. Color blindness

Part 4
22. Munich Scientific Society for Science of High Frequency and Light, Ewald Paul, Dr.F.W.Fröhlich
23. High frequency therapy
24. "See" colors in a distinguished way
25. Dr.Alexander Heermann: thesis of harmony of growth and of harmony of restraint
26. Streams of space
27. Prof. E.Paul: psychiatric color therapy
28. Effect of color rays - color therapy according to Gerhard Dix

Part 5
29. Colors in agriculture according to Prof. Ewald Paul
30. Color therapy according to Dr. Müller
31. Color therapy with animals and by food according to Ludwig von Riess
32. Effect of color rays according to Dr.Ghadiali
33. Color therapy with vegetables according to Camille Flammarion
34. Conclusions by Michael Palomino
35. Appendix: color searcher
36. News

Part 6: Literature

29. Colors in agriculture according to Prof. Ewald Paul

Color effects in agriculture according to Prof. Ewald Paul
Blue light, violet light
Blue light  violet
                        light [1,2]
Swines are growing better
Swines are more calm, are growing better, are sleeping more
                        light Blue light [1]
is calming down nervous horses, above all after long transports (when the horses were transported). Simply cover windows with blue plastics.
Yellow walls combined with blue light
Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb Blue light
all animals are fat.
Red light [3]
is not comfortable for animals.
Bright green, bright blue and yellow
hellgrün hellblau Wachstumsstrahlen:
are the well preferred colors by animals, bright colors
Blue light
Blue light
generally is appropriated for weak animals. Ill animals get a better metabolism and bad substances are leaving the body.
Yellow color Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb

has got a cheering effect with lazy animals
is supporting animals which have to work much
is supporting forces without over excitation.
Red Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot provokes over excitation
Yellow and blue in turns
Yellow light  blue
                        light [4,1]
has also a balancing effect on animals
Blue, pastel violet or lemon yellow
Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau Blassviolett Wachstumsstrahlen:
insects are evading such rooms
Red light
Red light [3]
against holy fire (erysipelas) with swines, also with humans

Prof. Niels Finsen in Copenhagen was working especially with color effects on insects and mollusks, and the results were very special:

Color therapy with plants according to Prof. Ewald Paul
Red light
Red light [3]
supports growth of plants: leaves, seeds, fruits
Blue and white window panes in turns in a greenhouse
Blue and white
                        window panes in a greenhouse [5]
is increasing the heat and more growth results
White and blue panes put one on another
The result is an increase of temperature: Blue light rays develop a big heat when they are mixed with white and sun light together
Blue light
Blue light [1]
-- provokes that dead plants are regrowing again
-- is expelling insects and lice, is partly even killing them.

30. Color therapy according to Dr. Müller

Color therapy with humans according to Dr. Müller, military medical doctor

Red light
Red light [3]

-- is healing paralyzations
-- is healing skin diseases
-- is healing scarlet
-- is healing measles
-- is healing cold damages
-- is healing itch
-- is healing holy fire (erysipelas)
-- is healing larynx troubles (huskiness)
-- is healing asthma.

Color therapy with animals according to Dr. Müller, military medical doctor

Irradiating food for animals: even some seconds are sufficient


color irradiated food for fur animals

the furs are more beautiful

color irradiated food for swines or poultry

The taste of meat and eggs and also the quality is increased by it.

31. Color therapy with animals and by food according to Ludwig von Riess

Color therapy with animals according to Ludwig von Riess

Red light [3] irradiation on reproduction hormone of mice, called "progynon"
Red light

the reproduction hormone has got a doubled until 5 fold effect as the not treated hormone.

Ultra violet at reproduction hormone "progynon"

the hormone looses it's effect

Color therapy with plants
There are also experiments with moss and spores of ferns:
-- blue is restricting growth
-- red is supporting and increasing growth.

Color therapy with animals
Rabbits and rats in a red light are growing more and are heavier than normally.

Color treatment on food, increasing and betterment of taste and aroma

Strawberries growing under a red
                          light get a super taste Strawberries [6]: Strawberries growing under a red light get a super taste.
Crassula flowers [7] (flowers of
                          friendship tree, jade plant, lucky plant) have
                          a taste of banana when they are growing under
                          red light. Crassula flowers [7] (flowers of friendship tree, jade plant, lucky plant) have a taste of banana when they are growing under red light.

Taste and aroma are tiny substantial forces where the material is changing into spiritual.

Concentrations of taste and force of rays of taste and aroma is a concentration and is an osmotic tension of special and rare forces.

Spices provoke better food, with better taste, and the food is more healthy.

[Well, when there are too much spices, so there can be above all liver and kidney damages].

-- spices contain trace elements, are stabilizing the whole state of cells
-- spices are ethereal concentrations of energy
-- spices have - without exception - a strong effect on the gland system and it's secretion
-- spices are animating important stations of forces of the body, have an effect on tonicity, nerves, elasticity, beautifulness, youthfulness.

Flower colors and flower tastes can be changed by color irradiation by colored window panes.

-- when strawberries are growing under red light, the aroma is excellent as never before.
-- Crassula flowers [web17] normally has only a weak taste, but growing under red light it is getting a soft banana taste.

Effect of color rays according to Dr. Ghadiali

Manners of effects of color rays according to Dr. Ghadiali
Color name
medical manner of effect
element in color irradiation
(provoked production of trace element)
Bismuth a.o.
Blue Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau
developing force, reducing fever, nourishing nerves
oxygen, cesium


building spleen (lien), animating lymph, giving force
actinium, cobalt u.a.


increasing sexual force
animating veins
lithium, strontium
argon, manganese
Red Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot
forming red blood cells
animating liver
supporting human senses
radium, hydrogen, iridium, magnesium u.a.

Wachsttumsstrahlen: Orange

enforcing lung tissue
animating glands


Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb

enforcing nerves
supporting digestion
animating stomach


Gelbgrün, Grünlichgelb

forming bones
animating the brain
sulfur, iron


forming muscles and tissue
killing bacteria
barium, chlorine, nitrogen, radium u.a.
Blue green (cyan)

Hemmungsstrahlen: Blaugrün
enforcing skin
forming skin

Cosmic influence of color rays

Cosmic influence on colors on earth is going on
-- by ebb and flow
-- time of sun rise
-- seasons [humid or dry air, warm or cold air, angle of the sun to the soil etc.]

Color irradiation should not happen during sun rise or sun set.

Water irradiation effects - fresh and bad water

Blue Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau

the water is magnetic, cool, and fresh

Red Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot

the water is tepid and awful

Color therapy in psychiatry

Bright, golden colors [orange, gold, yellow, greenish-yellow, bright green, bright blue]

                          Orange goldfarben, goldige
                          Farbe Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb Gelbgrün,
                          Grünlichgelb hellgrün hellblau

are favorable balancing melancholic people, are cheering up people in a dark mood

Yellow light A yellow irradiated room [4]

has also an effect on rainy days giving the impression of sun light.

Manipulations by colors can be easily detected and therefore has often no effect because the conditions of life are not changing by some lamps or coloring paper. Psychiatry is mostly only treating the victims and the criminal culprits remain without punishment].

Color therapy with animals
Bright and golden colors have a fresh and cheerful effect on animals.
-- canary birds are singing more with yellow irradiation Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb
-- chicken farm: the hens are making more noise with yellow irradiation and should also give more eggs Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb
-- a well fed and freezing dog is not freezing any more with a red irradiation Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot . But: A ragged polar spitz (race of dog) is feeling better with blue light Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau .

Dog: food with yellow or red irradiation Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb / Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot , is always tasting very well.

Horses with red glasses installed around their eyes forget that they are tired.

Manner of effect of color rays according to months and sun force
Healing forces of colors have most force with the sun light 72 minutes after sun rise, and then all 2 hours. And therefore also pole color can change.

Sun has not got the same force every month. Also the force of the sun is varying. Therefore 12 colors of the month are defined having a big mutual connection. And therefore the forces of the colors are well used every month.

Favorite colors of fishes according to Prof. Niels Finsen
Finsen states that also fishes have their favorite colors. Fishes are staying with their favorite color even when there is food at another place.

Beings preferring the same color have a striking similarity of characters.

Characters of colors
Blue Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau -- color of inner event
-- color of profoundness, to be near with God [Great Spirit], to belief
-- color of confidence
Purple Purpur -- is the royal color with all populations
-- has got the expression of honor and power

Changing colors with animals by different food

Feathered animals are changing their colors when the food is changing:

-- Gimpel nourished with Hanfsamen constantly provokes black feathers

Beim Gimpel (Männchen)
                          mit rotem Bauch wird der Bauch schwarz, wenn
                          man dauernd Hanfsamen füttert Hanfsamen lassen das
                          Gefieder des Gimpel schwarz werden
Bullfinch gets a black belly feeding it with hempseed [8,9]

-- canary birds nourished with saffron get orange feathers, fed with Spanish pepper [Yunnan Chili, hot paprika, Cayenne pepper, capsicum, and red pepper] they get reddish feathers.

Canary bird changing it's color depending
                          on the food
Spanisch pepper
Canary birds, saffron and pepper [10-12]: fed with saffron provokes orange feathers, fed with Spanish pepper provokes reddish feathers.

-- parrots: In their homelands the art changing colors by different food is well known
-- ornamental fishes: Colors can be changes with certain food. Therefore wonderful ornamental fishes are created in Japan and in China resulting in new color chords.

Animals changing colors have adopted colors ("mimicry colors").

Color therapy with animals
Agriculture Institute of Gunzenhausen [between Würzburg and Regensburg in South Germany] made experiments with hens with different glasses and cellophane colors. Certain colors
-- provoke that the hens are working more
-- provoke that the eggs are bigger than normally etc.

Healing processes with color therapy with humans
Blue light (cool)
Blue light [1]
-- is healing inflammations (red)
-- is healing fever (red)
Red light (warmth)
Red light [3]
-- is healing effects of cold weather under 0º Celsius (blue)
-- is healing effects of cold weather (blue)
is healing liver diseases (yellow)
is healing hematomas (green-blue)
Yellow irradiated water
Yellow light
                          irradiation [4]
against constipation
Blue or blue irradiated water
Blue irradiated
                          water [13]
against diarrhea

Manner or effect of color rays

Blue, red, and yellow are the three most important colors
Blue, red and yellow represent mostly the world and the nature products.

Blue  Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau

represents oxygen

Red  Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot

represents carbon

Yellow  Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb

represents hydrogen

Colored glass
hinders passing other rays with the exception of those which are of that color like the glass itself.

Color therapy with vegetables according to Camille Flammarion

Camille Flammarion, portrait Camille Flammarion, portrait [14]

Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) was a French astronomer and was concluding that there should be other planets with life yet when the space should give a sense. He detected double stars, published about 50 popular scientific works about planets, about the sky and stars, talesand made also fantastic . Flammarion was the founder of French Astronomic Society and in 1922 was accepted in French Legion of Honor. His name was also used for a "moon crater" ("Flammarion" and an asteroid ("Flammario", 1021). [web18]

Color therapy with salads according to Camille Flammarion

                          Astronom Flammarion machte Farbexperimente mit
                          Salat (hier ein Kopfsalat) mit erstaunlichen
Astronomer Flammarion made color experiments with salad (here a lettuce[15]) with astonishing results

Flammarion's experiments with salad gave the following results:

-- under fire red glass salad is growing 4 times as fast as normally Rot-Orange
-- under green glass salad is stronger and better than normally Grün
-- under blue glass salad is growing normally almost without any change Hemmungsstrahlen:

Corn and beans under colored glass

                          growing best under white glass
Beans growing best under white and red
-- corn [16] is growing best under white glass weiss
-- beans [17] are growing well under white and red glass weiss+Wachstumsstrahlen:
                            Rot, but are destroyed and killed by green and blue glass Grün+Hemmungsstrahlen:

Color therapy with animals
Blue is rejecting flies, fleas and other vermin Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau.

Animal experiment in "America" with beautiful beautiful Ställe

Cows in well lighted sheds, with calming down blue colors, and with a lovely assistance, give much more milk.

The same procedure can be observed with sheep and goats.

In summer blue windows are installed [with blue cellophane or with blue window panes].

In winter green windows are installed. This remembers the animals of a meadow and grass provoking more appetite.

Brauner Kuhstall mit Oberlicht. Bei
                          blauem Licht im Sommer und grünem Licht im
                          Winter und blauen Wänden geben die Kühe viel
                          mehr Milch Brown cowshed with fan light [18].

In general it's like this: Blue light in summer and green light in winter in combination with blue walls provokes that cows give much more milk. But the farmers don't know about it, and industry does not want that the farmers would know it so the farmers are going on purchasing hormone cows...

Conclusions by Michael Palomino

-- with colors there can be great effects without many side effects
-- color therapy is hardly applied because time and discipline are needed, and because there is hardly any advertising and propaganda for it
-- greedy governments addicted to the stock exchange are never mentioning any color therapy because stock exchange rates are only going up when pharma industry is selling more poison pills. Consequent advertising for this color healing method would reduce pharma industry, and pharma industry with it's poison pills is hindering this manipulating and bribing the government world wide.

Appendix: list with color searchers

Dr.med.Georg von Langsdorff was a pioneer for color healing therapy
Dr.Ghadiali was a great pioneer for healing with color rays in India
Prof. Finsen
: searched with color effects on little animals
Ing.F.E.Schillinger searched with color effects in hospitals
Prof. Ewald Paul searched about color effects in hospitals and in jails
Dr.Sciascia was a great pioneer for healing with color rays in Sicily, among others with rejuvenating cures
Morchini color Physiker
H.Fleischer made experiments with colors on animals
E.C.Babbitt color therapist
Kurt Matthäus
nature researcher, undulation doctrine
Dr.Falkenberg detector of high frequency irradiation
Dr.Heermann color therapist
Dr.Peters, Leipzig: research about chlorophyll, is a rejuvenating agent
Dr.Gordonoff: research about chlorophyll against arteriosclerosis
Hans Wölfle color therapist
Louen from Gronau color therapist
Ewald Paul, Dr.F.W.Fröhlich from Munich Scientific Society for High Frequency and Light Research (Münchner Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Hochfrequenz- und Lichtforschung)
Prof. E.Paul, color psychiatrist
Dr.Müller, military medical doctor, color therapist with animals
Ludwig von Riess, color therapist with animals
Dr.med.Pinza, high frequency researcher
Prof. Jafolla, high frequency researcher
Dr.Alexander Heermann: thesis of harmony of growth and of harmony of restraint
Camille Flammarion, French astronomer, made experiments with plants

36. News

1.4.2010: Desired colors in schools: blue light helping for learning

from: Der Standard online: Blaues Licht hilft beim Lernen; 1 April 2010; translation by Michael Palomino;

<Normally class rooms have white light.

According to th Dutch searchers bright blue light is helping for learning. Passing concentration tests, pupils of such class rooms had 8.7 % better rates than the comparative school class, scientists of Twente university indicated. After one month of "blue light irradiation" the test class of a basic school in the village of Wintelre in Noord-Brabant province even had a 13,7% better rate.

Schooling expert and head of study, Peter Sleegers, indicated that his research will go on. There should be cleared how colors and intensity of enlightening of rooms can have an effect on the mood and on the motivation of the pupils positively.

In the experimental class the teacher Tamara Voorjans could decide in common with the pupils if their class room should have white light (standard), blue light (energy and concentration) or yellow (calm). Blue was chosen to "wake up" in the morning and during class tests or during other periods of higher concentration. School in Wintelre will equip all class rooms now with a variable color light system so the pupils can chose their light colors.


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29. Colors in agriculture

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33. Color therapy with vegetables according to Camille Flammarion
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