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Healing forces of colors: colors as remedies. Index

Color research - healing of many diseases with colors by light and colored glass or plastics - influence on humans, animals and plants by light and colored plastics

Prof. Lilli
                                Eberhard: Heilkräfte der Farben,
Prof. Lilli Eberhard: Healing forces of colors (Heilkräfte der Farben), cover
                                Farbe als Geist sehen wir z.B. in der
                                Lichtbrechung des Sonnenlichts durch ein
                                Prisma (hier in einem Schema
The colors as spirit can be seen by refraction of a light beam passing a prism (here the scheme)
                                weiss-gelb-orange Flamme bei der
                                Verbrennung von Natrium
White-yellow-orange flame burning sodium
Edwin Dwight
                                Babbitt, Portrait, einer der ersten
Edwin Dwight Babbitt, portrait, one of the first color searcher
Dr. med. Dinshah P.
                                Ghadiali, Portrait, Pionier der modernen
Dr. med. Dinshah P. Ghadiali, portrait, pioneer of modern color therapy
Prof. Niels Ryberg
                                Finsen, Portrait
Prof. Niels  Ryberg Finsen, portrait, performed color experiments with little animals
Spitalzimmer in
                                Meergrün / hellgrün hellt allgemein die
                                Stimmung auf
Hospital room in sea green giving good mood
Blue light is calming people down, provokes insensibility, is desinfecting wounds, is obstructing proliferations and warts
Rotzimmer, rotes
                                Zimmer: Menschen mit schweren
                                psychischen Blockaden werden im
                                Rotzimmer deblockiert
Red room calming down people from thoughts of suicide
Yellow room is like a sun during rainy days, yellow irradiated water has an effect against congestion
Empodekles definierte die
                                "Vier Temperamente", eine
                                heute völlig überholte Einteiluing der
                                "Charaktere" der Menschheit
Empodekles was defining the "Four tempers". Today this philosophy is outdated by psycho analysis. But the characters of the colors can be used.
Wachstumsstrahlen: Rot   Wachsttumsstrahlen: Orange  Wachstumsstrahlen: Gelb  Wachstumsstrahlen: Grünlichgelb /
                                  Gelbgrün  - Wachsttumsstrahlen: Orangegoldfarben, goldige FarbeWachstumsstrahlen: GelbWachstumsstrahlen: Grünlichgelb /
                                  Gelbgrünhellgrünhellblau- Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau  Hemmungsstrahlen: Blau-Violett  Hemmungsstrahlen: Blaugrün

Colored glass
hinders passing other rays with the exception of those which are of that color like the glass itself. (chapter 32)

Water beings - irradiation of water
Plants and beings above all are consisting in water, and therefore colors have a big effect on plants and beings. Therefore the color irradiation is principally a "water irradiation". But "normal medicine" does not take this earnest... (conclusion in chapter 6)

Summary by Michael Palomino (1998 / 2003 / 2005 / 2009 / 2012 / 2014)

from: Prof. Lilli Eberhard: Heilkräfte der Farben. Farben als Heilmittel, Anwendung in der Praxis; Edition Three Oaks (Drei-Eichen-Verlag), 10th editon, 2002; ISBN-10: 3-7699-0392-7; ISBN-13: 978-3-7699-0392-8 [1]


Part 1
1. Goethe's color theory as a base and signpost
2. Spectral analysis
3. Color therapy: effect of colors on the soul
4. Investigations in color therapy
5. Rejuvenating cure with color therapy: Dr.Sciascia
6. Changing water by irradiation with colors

Part 2
7. Light and photosynthesis - why are leaves green? and water plants are red?
8. Colors of animals
9. Healing effects by dyes [side effects?]
10. Claims and wisdom of color therapist
11. Color rays and the effect of color therapy
12. Effect of color rays according to Prof. Ewald Paul - production of trace elements according to Dr. Ghadiali

Part 3
13. Color therapy with humans according to E.C.Babbitt, Grabley, Ghadiali
14. Kurt Matthäus: undulations of color rays have effect in body cells
15. Color therapy according to Dr. Falkenberg
16. Color therapy according to Dr. Heermann
17. Psychological effect of colors according to 4 tempers
18. Color therapy: Colored panes, colored food, colored bulbs
19. Color therapy with green
20. Perception of colors in state of exhaustion
21. Color blindness

Part 4
22. Munich Scientific Society for Science of High Frequency and Light, Ewald Paul, Dr.F.W.Fröhlich
23. High frequency therapy
24. "See" colors in a distinguished way
25. Dr.Alexander Heermann: thesis of harmony of growth and of harmony of restraint
26. Streams of space
27. Prof. E.Paul: psychiatric color therapy

Part 5
28. Effect of color rays - color therapy according to Gerhard Dix
29. Colors in agriculture according to Prof. Ewald Paul
30. Color therapy according to Dr. Müller
31. Color therapy with animals and by food according to Ludwig von Riess
32. Effect of color rays according to Dr.Ghadiali
33. Color therapy with vegetables according to Camille Flammarion
34. Conclusions by Michael Palomino
35. Appendix: color searcher
36. News

Part 6: Literature


This summary about color therapy can be the entrance for medical and therapeutic medicine with colors. Focus is healing humans with colors. Animals and plants  reacting to colors is less treated.

Sometimes the basic problems have to be investigated so the illness will not come back.

Colors with advertisement manipulations and overexcitement with colors is not presented here, as also the chapter, why color therapy has not succeeded in fighting poison pills ans surgery in medicine has been left out. Well, toxic pharma is fighting everything.

The summary is following the original sequence of chapters like in the original book. Important things are also represented in tables. Photos were put in 2009. The English translation was done in 2012 and the Spanish translation in 2014.

Michael Palomino
(1998 / 2003 / 2005 / 2009 / 2012 / 2014)

Photo sources

[1] Eberhard "Color powers": http://www.buch.de/buch/02939/503_heilkraefte_der_farben.html