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Stress according to blood group

Also organic stress reactions are different according to blood groups

Stress is
              handled differently, blood group 0 with sports, A with
              meditation, and B and AB with mixed programs
Stress and stress situations against time are well managed by blood groups 0 and AB because of their blood group genetics, but least by blood group A

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2009)

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-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programs. Live Right 4 Your Type)
-- Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type)

Stress reactions are genetically well controllable and according to the blood groups these stress reactions are different. "Neuro chemically steered reactions to stress" are different, respectively humans of the same blood group have a similar reaction on stress (richtig leben, p.31).

[Corresponding to this one should lead gymnastics lessons in school and also elect professions].

Forming the different characters according to blood groups by the different conditions of life

Drive for survival has created the different blood groups, also with different characters which are adapted to the main conditions and main activities in every case (richtig leben, p.46).

The words of Dr. D'Adamo:

<Aggression, attraction and cooperation are all kinds of behavior which are part for the reproduction of the breed. But one know that these kinds of behavior are not without conscience but by the time it has developed by the environment conditions and by the cultural influence.

This form of patterns of behavior is one example of an evolution of the mind. [...] These patterns of personalities are in a tight connection with chemical processes which are steered according to their blood groups. And for the mental health body's own chemical substances play a great role." (richtig leben, p.46)
(orig. German:
"Aggression, Anziehungskraft und Kooperation sind allesamt Verhaltensweisen, die der Erhaltung der Art dienen. Allerdings sind diese Verhaltensweisen bekanntlich nicht unbewusst, sondern wurden im Laufe der Zeit durch Veränderungen in den Umweltbedingungen und kulturellen Einflüssen weiterentwickelt.

Diese Form von Verhaltensmustern könnte man als Beispiel einer Evolution des Verstandes bezeichnen. [...] Diese Persönlichkeitsmuster stehen in engem Zusammenhang mit chemischen Prozessen, die in ihren Abläufen blutgruppenspezifisch beeinflusst sind. Und für die seelische Gesundheit spielen körpereigene chemische Substanzen eine bedeutsame Rolle." (richtig leben, S.46)

Permanent stress of "civilization" is destroying the humans

Today the permanent stress of "civilization" is destroying the humans. Some humans can handle this in a "cool" way, others not (richtig leben, p.48). With too much charge the immune system is collapsing and the diseases are governing instead of the immune system (richtig leben, p.49):

<When the balance pans of the vegetative nervous system (sympathetic branch, responsible for stress reaction, and para sympathetic branch, responsible for relaxation and for the recovery of the nervous system; richtig leben, p.49) is in an imbalance over a certain time, then the collapse is coming unavoidably.> (richtig leben, p.50)
(orig. German:
"Befinden sich die Waagschalen des vegetativen Nervensystems (sympathischer Zweig, für Stressreaktion zuständig, und parasympathischer Zweig, für die Entspannung und für die Genesung des Nervensystems zuständig; richtig leben, S.49) über längere Zeit im Ungleichgewicht, kommt es unweigerlich zu einem Zusammenbruch." (richtig leben, S.50)

Add to this there are wrong adaptations and wrong conditions which are not at all corresponding to the blood group:

<Excess of stress during a long period provokes wrong adaptations with the humans.> (richtig leben, p.49)
(orig. German:
"Ein Übermass an Stress über einen ausgedehnten Zeitraum führt bei allen Menschen zu Fehlanpassung." (richtig leben, S.49)

With a permanent stress hypothalamus is not finishing any more to give the stress signal, and this has it's consequences:
-- a messenger hormone of hypothalamus is giving the signal of stress to the hypophysis gland
-- hypophysis gland is liberating ACTH (adrenocorticortrope hormone)
-- ACTH is giving the signal of stress to the kidneys
-- and the kidneys are liberating adrenaline (epinephrin) and Cortisol (richtig leben, p.51).

Cortisol is splitting muscle proteins and is converting them into energy (richtig leben, p.57).

When there is an emergency situation, the supra renal gland is liberating two catecholamines:
-- epinephrin / adrenanaline
-- noradrenalin / norepiephrin (richtig leben, p.51).

And these are the consequences:
-- heart frequency is rising
-- blood pressure is rising
-- digestion activities are sinking
-- attention is rising
-- the body is preparing bodily activities (richtig leben, p.51).

When there are bodily extreme situations, then also the catabolic hormone Cortisol is liberated.

-- cortisol is converting muscle tissue into energy and is reducing muscle tissue
-- cortisol is stimulating and is ordering the positive survival forces
-- when cortisol is liberated too long on a high level, then this "is affecting the balance of the activity of several inner organs", with heavy consequences of a "cortisol intoxication":

-- ulcers, high blood pressure, heart diseases, muscle reduction, old skin, high danger of broken bones, sleeplessness
-- immune system is extremely in danger
-- there are also cognitive dysfunctions, thinking is partly not controllable any more, in extreme cases there can be Alzheimer and dementia (richtig leben, p.52).

Illnesses in connection with states of stress: reduce the danger of the "line of collapse" with blood group nutrition

Often there can be observed the following principle: As soon as there are illnesses or stress, there are inflammations and other vulnerabilities. According to Dr. Hahnemann this chain of emerging diseases is a so called "line of collapse" of vulnerabilities. According to Dr. D'Adamo this "line of collapse" is depending on the blood group and can be minimized by following blood group nutrition (richtig leben, p.34).

Stress reaction according to blood group gen 9q34

A big part of stress reaction is fixed on the blood group gen "9q34". There is an interplay "between the blood group gen and the gens which are responsible for the management of the stress reactions." (richtig leben, p.49)

Every blood group has it's own kind to react on stress, and to handle stress. Every blood group "has got a unique and individual chemical profile" with it's stress reaction 8richtig leben, p.54).

Chemical procedures with stress reactions according to blood groups

Blood group 0 needs a long time until an organic stress is indicated

Humans of blood group 0: Organically seen they have the most little cortisol reaction and adrenalin reaction, similar to blood group AB (richtig leben, p.54).

Persons of blood group 0 need a longer time until an organic stress reaction is coming. After a dramatic situation these persons can calm down fast until the regeneration is completed (richtig leben, p.55).

In the body of the persons with blood group 0 first the catecholamines noradrenaline and adrenaline are liberated, to faster reactions are possible. The reduction process is slowly then: The enzyme of monoamine oxidase (MAO) which is working among others with the reduction of catecholamines like adrenaline, is the least active in the platelets of blood group 0 (richtig leben, p.55).

Stress during a longer time with persons of blood group 0 is provoking exhaustion (richtig leben, p.55-56). Liberation from stress with persons of blood group 0 is proceeded by anger and aggression (richtig leben, p.56).

[So these persons need a mental development to overcome stress with measures so no stress will be].

Naturally higher cortisol level of blood group A - and organic stress can be reduced only badly

Persons of blood group A have - organically considered - the tendency for an over reaction on stress, measurable with the cortisol level, similar to blood group B (richtig leben, p.54).

Persons of blood group A naturally have a higher cortisol level in their blood than all other blood groups (richtig leben, p.54) and they are forming more adrenaline during a stress reaction than the others (richtig leben, p.55). Therefore, blood group A has - organically considered - always a heavier charge of stress and is also the worst blood group in reducing it's stress (richtig leben, p.54).

Adrenaline and other catecholamines are well reduced, among others with the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO). But the higher cortisol charges are - among others - a cause for higher rates for cancer and heart diseases with blood group A (richtig leben, p.55).

Stress with blood group B with higher cortisol liberation - and fast reduction of stress

Blood group B has like blood group A a naturally higher cortisol level than blood group 0, but not so high like blood group A (richtig leben, p.59). Blood group B is reacting to stress with some more liberation of cortisol. According to Dr. D'Adamo this is probably an inherited reaction from blood group A (richtig leben, p.57).

In general blood group B is reacting in a sensitive way to stress, but after the event is reducing the hormones fast (richtig leben, p.57). Blood group B can reduce organic stress in a fast way (richtig leben, p.59).

Blood groups B and AB can also excrete nitric oxides faster than other blood groups (richtig leben, p.77), which is produced by the conversion of the amino acid arginine (richtig leben, p.76). So, the recovery from stress situations is going on faster with blood groups B and AB with positive consequences for the cardiovascular system. Blood group B and AB have their most power when they are starting from an inner balance, for example starting from a meditation (richtig leben, p.77).

Stress with blood group AB similar to blood group 0

With organic stress blood group AB is reacting similar to blood group 0 (richtig leben, p.57)

[with a long starting time, and when the catastrophe is coming the stress hormones are reduced only slowly].

But there are also similarities with blood group B:

Blood group B and AB can excrete faster their nitric oxides than other blood groups (richtig leben, p.77) which is produced by the conversion of amino acid arginine (richtig leben, p.76). Therefore the recovery from stress situations is faster with blood groups B and AB and this has positive consequences for the cardiovascular system. Blood group B and AB have their best power when they are starting from an inner balance, for example starting with a meditation (richtig leben, p.77).

Example: 5 km run 4 times per week with blood groups 0, A, and B

The test is a running training of 5 km several times per week. With every 5 km run endorphins are liberated pretending a feeling of euphoria. But by the time the members of the different blood groups are in very different conditions because long runs are not suitable for every blood group.

5 km run with blood group 0: the run is always faster

Blood group 0 is feeling absolutely fit after the run, is always feeling better and is running faster with every run (richtig leben, p.58).

After the run their heart is reaching fast the frequency of rest. After the run the members of blood group 0 are beginning their work again with full joy and energy (richtig leben, p.59).

5 km run with blood group A: no energy after the run - wrong adaption - break up of the running training

Blood group A has to strain oneself more during the run and has a higher heart frequency than the members of blood group 0 (richtig leben, p.58-59). After the run the members of blood group A are feeling better first, but after 1 to 2 hours after the run their organism is becoming lazy and their concentration is reduced (richtig leben, p.58).

After the run their heart needs a longer time for reaching the frequency of rest again. Members of blood group A have difficulties to begin work again after the run. Partly the members are suffering dizziness after getting up (richtig leben, p.59).

The 5 km run with members of blood group A has also long term consequences: The members are not sleeping well any more and they are feeling themselves more and more under pressure (richtig leben, p.59).

All in all cortisol level is always rising and rising, and this cortisol level is even the highest naturally with blood group A. Cortisol level is rising much too high. At the same time sexual hormone dehydroepiandrosterone is reduced more and more. So one can see: members of blood group A are absolutely overcharged with this 5 km run several times per week. An adaption to the conditions would be a wrong adaption. Blood group A has to stop this running training. A normalization of the organism needs days, weeks or even longer (richtig leben, p.59).

[Running training several times per week is for the organism of blood group A just the wrong thing to keep the body fit].

5 km run with blood group B: fit and fast reduction of stress

Members of blood group B have a higher cortisol level, but also can reduce this stress fast. Blood group B members feel well after some weeks with 5 km run trainings per week and they are feeling themselves full of energy. A combination with 2 times yoga per week is optimal (richtig leben, p.59).

Factor of "condition" with the blood groups

When sports are "daily" and greater charges are not felt any more, than the conditions can change: Humans of blood group A can suffer more charges than not trained humans of blood group 0.

Therefore all blood groups can do everything, but at least the quantity of competitions is different:
-- blood group A makes less competitions than blood group 0
-- blood group 0 in a state of exhaustion [in a wrong adaption state] should not do any training "on a high level of charge" any more [but should adapt it's rhythm of life to the blood group first].

According to "a study" blood group A can stay well one or two competitions per year. When there are more competitions, the performance will be reduced (richtig leben, p.60). Blood group 0 can take part at competitions without limit with good performances (richtig leben, p.61).

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