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Schizophrenia index

Suddenly from 1911 there is "schizophrenia" - the cr. secret services play with channels and voices against their victims (MindControl) - and the psychiatrists have no idea of it (they are also under MindControl)

by Michael Palomino (2021)

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Schizophrenia 01: Prehistory and invention of "schizophrenia" since 1911 

Violent criminal psychiatry from 1850 - in what violent and discriminatory context the term "schizophrenia" stands - maneuvers of the secret services with transmitters, voices and censored psychiatrists - MindControl since 1911

Terror religions with only 1 fantasy god - persecution of all those who think differently with colonialism and reformation - psychology defines "crazy" from 1850 - installation of psychiatry to eradicate "lower life" - from 1880 approx.: invention of new mental illnesses + heredity + sterilization (partly fatal) - around 1900: Zurich is a leader in eugenics - castrations without end (partly fatal) - 1907 new Swiss civil code with marriage bans and psycho-terrorism - 1911: Eugen Bleuler invents "schizophrenia" - hearing voices - secret services send voices - total terror since 1912 with Swiss civil code ZGB with marriage bans, eugenics, Pro Juventute, racism, child robbery, defamations against children + parents, escape from children's homes etc. - definition of "marital disability": every psychiatrist can decide for himself - Ban on cohabitation - tough cures in psychiatry until death - The Third Reich copies Zurich - Rüdin works in Berlin, Rüdin's race laws - criminal psychiatry continues from 1945 with "schizophrenia" and sometimes fatal sterilizations - education by C.G.Jung and the 1968 movement - AJZ movements with even more education - racist eugenicists are NEVER punished - term "domestic violence" only comes in the 1980s

Schizophrenia 02: characteristics of victims with voices and reactions  

How the criminal secret services have been terrorizing people with transmitters and voices since 1911 - this is how people are driven crazy in order to destroy entire families - psychiatrists laugh at the victims and make further experiments with them in "psychiatry" (as "science")

1911: Eugen Bleuler defines schizophrenia - and the secret services do their experiments with transmitters + voices (!) - Sending voices with transmitters = torture - Example: The secret services followed me with transmitters and voices 2012-2020 - natural medicine counteracts the criminal secret services - The official "psychologists" only see the symptoms in the "patient" and define the victim sick instead of investigating the cause - The events of "schizophrenia" (hearing voices -terror with secret service broadcasters) - The cause, where the voices come from: Netdoctor says: "unexplained"? - The symptoms of "schizophrenia" being provoked by military transmitters: Victims develop their own behavior, go crazy or go into self-isolation out of shame. - Eternal stress by persecution by the broadcasters of the secret services - "Schizophrenia" with positive symptoms: hearing many "voices" -- "Schizophrenia" with negative symptoms: The withdrawal into one's own isolation - Examples of symptoms with people who is defined as "schizophrenic" - The "emergency treatment" of a person who is defined as "schizophrenic" - The Pharma wants to "treat" schizophrenia [which is triggered by the broadcasters of the secret services!] - The poison pills ("drugs") in turn provoke "side effects"

3. Analysis of cases

Schizophrenia 03: Analysis of cases 01: Eduard Einstein in Zurich - FAKE diagnose!  

Eduard Einstein was traumatized several times by neglect + discrimination and had his own reactions - no known voices - no analysis - the hard hearted Einstein parents were one more factor - psychiatrists said "schizophrenic" and made experiments in the name of "science" - harm to the Einstein family without end - FAKE diagnosis of "schizophrenia" - NO further training with the Einstein parents!

The Eduard Einstein case - the Bleuler family's psychiatry in Zurich claimed "schizophrenia", but he was severely traumatized by neglect, discrimination and hard-heartedness - Eduard's psychogram - traumatization, neglect and hard-heartedness - Albert Einstein destroys the family - moves to Berlin to screw "high women" - he loses his math aid Mileva and always has to ask colleagues - Eduard Einstein with symptoms of neglect and discrimination - the psychiatrists simply claim: "schizophrenia" - from 1933: Albert Einstein is agitating against the Hitler government and goes to Princeton, screwing "high women" while he exposes Judaism and his two sons in Zurich to Nazi persecution with his agitation against the Hitler regime - no work programs in psychiatry - but experiments in the name of "Science" - World War II and endless losses for the Einstein family in Zurich while Albert Einstein goes on screwing women in Princeton - Thesis: The way out for Eduard Einstein: Disconnection and personal existence were not possible because of false pride - Thesis: Psychiatry and Albert Einstein have COMPLETELY FAILED

Schizophrenia=send voices: the transmitters of the secret services - technique of the extraterrestrials

Info January 24, 2021


to Vienna

I have known since Nasca 2008, when I talked to people there, what extraterrestrials can do: They can influence that only certain people see or hear something - and THAT is the precondition for sending voices to elected people for driving them cerazy

well, I KNOW that and they couldn't drive me crazy, the eternal pigs of the Illuminati and Zionists

from Vienna

there are various sound transmission devices that can be aimed directly at people ... this ensures that only the target person hears what is amplified via the chinch signal on the device. affected people complain, and their perceptions are exploited as pathological by the private sector in the form of pathology, for keeping people in their gulags .. this is how they keep control of the last basics of humanity in order to install the NWO ... a large part of these devices has already been confiscated and their authors can now be found on wikipedia ... there are always more, and many will follow yet...