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pH and sodium bicarbonate

6. Short and simple instruction for the intake of sodium bicarbonate: the solution - the intake - measuring pH values - pH6, pH7-pH8.5 - bring uric acid down

The soda solution -- The intake times: on an empty stomach and 2 hours after the last meal -- Healings and the norm 90%-10%: success rate 90% - eventually a "second round" - apple cider vinegar - 10% are healing in another way -- Measuring pH values: before the treatment - on the 4th day - on the 10th day -- For normal life: pH6 - for healing: pH7 to pH8.5 - lower uric acid with apple, vegetable, sweet potato, whole grain rice etc.

  by Michael Palomino (2016, with the healing experience until September 2016)

-- Sr. Mark Sircus: Sodium bicarbonate. Nature's unique first aid remedy; SquareOne Publishers 2014; ISBN 978-0-7570-0394-3
-- experience with healings in 2015 and 2016


Taking the sodium bicarbonate solution

With a sodium bicarbonate therapy the following simple manner of taking was successful having a healing effect with 90% of the affected:

The soda solution

1 tea spoon of sodium bicarbonate
as you like for more minerals: 1-3 tea spoon of raw sugar molasses, Algarrobina or biological honey - NEVER combine with lemon because lemon is neutralizing the healing effect

in 1 cup of water - mix it + take it.

When one likes a salty beverage one can also take the pure soda solution without any natural sugar additive. But the additional minerals will miss then.

The intake times: on an empty stomach and 2 hours after the last meal

1) The first intake is performed on an empty stomach, and then one should wait 30 minutes until some food or another beverage is taken.

2) The second intake is performed 2 hours after the last meal in the night - and then go to sleep.

This sodium bicarbonate therapy is performed during 10 days. pH level is rising by this by 3 points. This provokes higher oxygen levels, the body becomes basic alkaline. And this oxygen is healing organs, glands, and nerves, which is provoking a healing of the complex illnesses normally. The healing effect comes between pH7 and pH8, with cancer it has to be pH8. Measuring pH values goes in the urine with an empty stomach.

Sodium bicarbonate must not mix in the stomach with other meals otherwise the sodium bicarbonate will be busy with the meal in the stomach and is converted into chloride and the healing effect has gone. One can combine sodium bicarbonate with sugar molasses or biological honey, but NEVER with lemon because lemon neutralizes the healing effect.

Healings and the norm 90%-10%: success rate 90% - eventually a "second round" - apple cider vinegar - 10% are healing in another way

90% of the affected people with organ illnesses or cancer are healing in this way with sodium bicarbonate. In the case of cancer cancer cells cannot survive in a basic body, they reconvert into normal cells and tumors collapse and simply disappear. When a healing is reached only partly after 10 days so one waits 10 days and makes a second sodium bicarbonate therapy during another 10 days (the "second round"). So, when for example a diabetes was 180 and is coming down only to 130 so one waits 10 days and makes a "second round".

People having apple cider vinegar available can make an express cure with cider vinegar rising their pH value in one day to a pH7.4. All further rising of pH values has to be done without cider vinegar with simple intakes.

With 10% of the affected there are complex reactions against sodium bicarbonate (e.g. constipation, swollen belly, blood sugar is rising instead of sinking etc.). Such cases are found out by the measurement of pH after 4 days. Such cases have ti find other ways for their healing rising their pH value: with blood group nutrition, with raw food, and with fruit extracts, and always take 2 liters of pure lemon water in combination with lime blossom tea. This healing lasts 3 to 6 months also provoking rising pH values so a healing will come. Fruit extracts for healing cancer are Noni and Graviola, fruit extract for diabetes is Yacón etc. - purchase it in Peru in natural pharmacies like Kaita. Persons with "contacts" can heal their cancer also with cannabis oil very fast.

Injections and infusions with sodium bicarbonate seem too dangerous for me because 10% of the affected people are reacting negatively to sodium bicarbonate and are in a lethal danger then.

Measuring pH values: before the treatment - on the 4th day - on the 10th day

Neutral pH value is pH7. pH values between y7 and 8 have a healing effect, cancer is healing between pH8 and pH8.5 during 3 days. From a pH8 on there can be symptoms like head aches or joint aches.

pH values can be tested in urine on an empty stomach with test strips or in laboratories. This should be done BEFORE the treatment, then the 4th day of the treatment for controlling if the healing is positive or negative, and then on the 10th day when the treatment is continued.

Test strips for measuring pH values can be bought in Europe and in North "America" in many pharmacies. In South "America" as for example in Peru one can find the test strips in Lima in special medical trade centers, in Lima e.g. at Emancipation Avenue (avenida Emancipación) no. 579 in the medical gallery at the end at stand number 1060 - or one can purchase the test strips also at Amazon in the Internet. But the Peruvian customs make also problems with this and wants to see a medical order for the test strips from a doctor - or the militarist macho customs will block the importation of these good paper strips (!).

For normal life: pH6 - lower uric acid: with apple, vegetable, whole grain rice, sweet potatoes etc.

Neutral pH value is pH7. For normal life pH6 is good because uric acid is only well soluble and is well execrated when the body is a little bit sour and in this way there is not too much damage. After a healing one has to reinstall pH6 otherwise gout and kidney stones can come with uric acid. See the note: uric acid.

Lowering uric acid is working with a 3 weeks natural diet with apples, vegetables, olive oil, whole grain rice and sweet potatoes without trash food (nothing fried, no wheat, no wheat products, no bread, no white meal products, no refined sugar, no products with refined sugar, no meat). Vegetables have to correspond to blood group nutrition, see the note uric acid and blood group nutrition of Dr. D'Adamo.

Uric acid has to be measured BEFORE and then every week, on an empty stomach in the blood in a laboratory. May be uric acid is coming down after two weeks already and one has not to keep the diet for 3 weeks.
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