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Note: uric acid

How regulating uric acid oneself

by Michael Palomino (2014/2016)



Prevention in general: take all amalgams out, eat with blood group nutrition, gymnastics or strength training, good sleep and enough water

All amalgams have to be taken out (mercury and other metals are destroying the nerves).

With blood group medicine by Dr. D'Adamo all organs, glands and body functions are optimized so much is normalizing by itself.

Additionally with persons in sitting professions a prevention for the back would be good with a daily gymnastic or some strength training 3x5 minutes daily.

And people should all have a good and enough sleep so the body cells can regenerate well, and 1 to 1.5 liters of water should be taken per day so the cells are well fostered with liquids and with oxygen which is in the water.


Nutrition guideline: balanced and healthy nutrition

Uric acid is a decomposition product of purine [web02]. Certain food contains much purine so the uric acid level in the body is rising [web03]. A balanced nutrition with same parts of
-- meager meat / meager fish
-- certain vegetables
-- salads and
-- fruits

is the guarantee that uric acid levels will never rise too high. In general one should take about 2 liters of water per day for a good excretion of uric acid by the kidneys [web01].


Uric acid up to crystal deposits with gout and kidney stones

Uric acid is produced in the liver [web02] and is excecrated by the kidneys. In general men suffer more with high uric acid levels than women. Uric acid in high concentrations can form little crystals forming deposits in the joints provoking inflammations and stinging pains - gout [web01, web03]. The crystals can also form stones forming paining kidney stones [web02].

Uric acid levels in the blood
Levels of uric acid are rated normal differently, for example

-- for women a blood level from 2.4 to 5.7 mg/dl,
-- for men a blood level from 3.4 to 7.0 mg/del [web02, web09]


-- for women 2.4-6.1 mg/dL for women (140-360 µmol/L)
-- for men 3.4-7.2 mg/dL (200-430 µmol/L) [Wikipedia web10]

  • blood level of uric acid with women: 2,5-5,9 mg/dl old unity; 149-351µmol/l SI unity
  • blood level of uric acid with men: 3,5-7,1 mg/dl old unity; 208-422µmol/l SI unity
  • blood level for uric acid with children: 1,9-5,9 mg/dl old unity; 113-351µmol/l SI unity
  • urine level for uric acid with adults: 0,45-2 g/24 h old unity [web03].
Before a uric acid tests the person should have a balanced food during three days, should not work hardly and should live without alcohol and should not take sunbaths. The blood test is performed with an empty stomach. When more meat is consumed the uric acid level in urine is higher than with vegetarian food [web03].

When a too high blood level of uric acid is stated also uric acid in the urine is measured normally [web02].

Higher uric acid levels with a pH7 - more execration of uric acid with pH5 or pH6

With uric acid there is the principle: when pH values in urine are low then more uric acid is soluble with this urine and so more uric acid is execrated [web03]. Quotation:

"Solubility of uric acid is essentially determined with pH values. When urine pH is 7.0 the execration of uric acid is 10 times worse than with a urine pH of 5.7. Therefore when there are patients with gout the medical doctors will try to keep down pH values in the urine." [web03]
(original in German: "Die Löslichkeit der Harnsäure wird wesentlich vom pH-Wert bestimmt. Bei einem Urin-pH von 7,0 ist die Harnsäure-Ausscheidung zehnmal schlechter als bei einem Urin-pH von 5,7. Der Arzt wird deshalb versuchen, den pH-Wert des Urins von Gichtpatienten niedrig zu halten." [web03])
Therefore it's important to let sink pH values to a pH5 from time to time so the body can execrate enough uric acid. A therapy with sodium bicarbonate for cleaning glands and organs with a pH7 has to be for a short time only. Maintaining pH6 seems to be optimal [web04].

Higher uric acid levels when organs are not working, with intoxications, with illnesses and toxic pills

Execration of uric acid is performed by the kidneys (with urine), by intestine (feces) or by sweat [web02].

Uric acid is rising
-- with a missing execration of uric acid when kidneys are not working well (kidney damage) [web02, web03], when intestine is not working [constipation] or when there is no sweat [when the person is never moving] [web02]
-- when there is an overproduction of uric acid in general
-- when there is a unilateral nutrition provoking much uric acid (much meat, much fish, legumes, certain diets)
-- when alcohol consumption is more than 1 glass per day
-- when there is a plumb intoxication [web02, web03] or cadmium intoxication [web03]
-- when certain medicaments are taken (during a "chemotherapy" or "radiation therapy") [web02, web03]
-- when there are metabolic diseases provoking uric acid (glycogen storage disease type 1, lack of thyroid gland hormone (hypothyreosis), bone marrow diseases, cancer, ill parathyroids (hyper parathyroidism)
-- production of too much growth hormone (acromegaly) provoking uric acid
-- overacidification of the blood with lactic acid (lactic acidosis) which also provokes uric acid [web02].

Uric acid is rising [web03]

-- when there is too much meat consumption, above all offal (organ meats like kidneys, liver, heart [web02])
-- when there is cell death in the body
-- when there are kidney damages [when uric acid excretation is limited]
-- when there is a Lesch nyhan syndrome (caused genetically)
-- when there is leukemia [blood cancer]
-- when there is a spinal marrow damage (Polycythemia vera [web05])
-- when there is a damage of the blood forming system (trombocytemia [web06])
-- when spinal marrow is ill (osteomielosclerosis [web07])
-- when there are enlargements of end parts of the body like hands, feet, chin, ears, nose, outer genitals etc. (acromegaly [web08])
-- when there is a sub-function of thyroid (hyperthyreosis) or over-function of parathyroid (hyperparathyroidism)
-- when toxic pills are taken like "thiazides, antihypertensive drugs, antituberculotica, acetylsalicylic acid in low dosages" [web03].


Lowering the uric acid level in the body

Uric acid level is sinking
-- when there is a liver damage (because liver is producing uric acid)
-- when there is a kidney damage (damage of tubulus)
-- when there is a defect with enzyme xantinoxidase which is needed for uric acid metabolism [web02].

Uric acid level is sinking
-- with some toxic pills (e.g. Allopurinol against gout)
-- with radiation contrast agents [web02].

A too low uric acid level is also provoked
-- when xantinoxidasis is too low
-- when toxic pills are taken like Allopurinol and Probenecid [web03].


Eliminate: food with much purine provoking much uric acid

When uric acid has reached a level which is too high food should be eliminated which contain much purine provoking much uric acid.

All what is prepared with much fat has to be evaded:
-- all fried food (fried potatoes, broaster meat etc.)
-- all marinated food (marinated herring etc.)
-- all what is crumbed (crumbed, breaded escalope etc.) [web01].

Eliminate certain meats and sausages:
-- raw meat [web09]
-- offal (organ meat like ris, heart, liver, kidneys): evade it strictly
-- fatty meat (e.g. pork roast, duck, goose, bacon)
-- fatty sausages (e.g. bratwurst, tea sausage, salami) [web01]

-- meat extract, yeast condiment, vegetarian pies [with extracts], soup cubes [with meat extracts] [web01].

Eliminate some fish strictly
-- codfish, sardines, sprats, char, trout, whitefish, anchovies, herring, halibut, anchovies, lobster, mussels, salmon, tuna, mackerel, kippers, carp [web01]

-- seafood [web09]

Eliminate fats and oils
Evade big quantities of butter, lard, cocos fat and palm fat, remoulades, mayonnaise [web01].

Eliminate fatty egg food
fatty egg and flour food [web01]

Eliminate fatty milk products
-- full milk
-- cream
-- crème fraiche
-- fatty cheese (over 45% fat) [web01].

Eliminate certain vegetables

-- evade strictly peas, chickpeas, beans, lentils, dried mushrooms

-- eat only in little quantities fresh mushrooms, green beans, kale, celery, asparagus, and spinach

-- fried potatoes, roast potatoes [web01].

Eliminate certain fruits
-- eat nuts only in little quantities [web01]

Eliminate certain germs and soya products

-- rye germs, wheat germs, soya flour and soya protein, baker's yeast [web01]

Eliminate certain sweeties
-- fatty bakeries (e.g. cakes, bakeries with nuts) [web01]

Eliminate certain beverages
-- alcohol in bigger quantities, cola [web01], all carbonated beverages [web11].

Integrate: food which is hardly or not provoking uric acid at all
-- food should be prepared in the following manners: cooked, braised, steamed, cooked well in the steam [web01]
-- eat in little quantities meager meats and sausages (e.g.
chicken, turkey, venison, veal lean beef and pork, ham sausage, corned beef, lean ham) [web01], chicken [web11]
-- in a limited amount low-fat fish (for example: pike, sole, pollock, plaice, cod) [web01]
-- preferably vegetable fats and food oils (for example: margarine, safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil) use sparingly [web01]
-- low-fat egg dishes, 2-3 eggs / week [web01], egg in general [web11]
-- low-fat dairy products (e.g. meager milk, skim cottage cheese, yogurt) [web01]
-- low-fat cheeses (lower than 45% fat content) [web01]
-- mushrooms, cucumbers, lettuce, squash, brussels sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, mashed potatoes [web01].

All sorts of vegetables and salads are welcome (above all artichokes, onions [web11]) but not:
-- peas, chickpeas, white beans, lentils, dried mushrooms, they must be avoided strictly [web01]
-- fresh mushrooms, green beans, kale, celery, asparagus, spinach, are permitted only in limited quantities [web01]
-- any fruits are permitted [web01], above all apples [web11]
-- any grain is permitted, preferably wholegrain [web01], all food with starch is permitted [web11].

Integrate beverages
-- mineral water [without gas], coffee, tea, fruit juices [web11]
-- drink much water [web11]
-- alcohol is permitted up to 1 glass of wine or 1 glass of beer [web01].


Healing from high level of uric acid for blood group 0 in 1 month:

Michael Palomino, Portrait 2012
Michael Palomino, portrait 2012

URIC ACID CAME DOWN FROM 9.59 TO 3.5 IN 1 MONTH: HEALING WITHOUT MEDICAMENT - with nutrition measures according to blood group nutrition!

Uric acid level (with men the tolerance is from 3.5 to 7.0 mg/dl in the blood) came down within 1 month from 6.59 (July 24, 2016) to 3.5 (July 20, 2016). Today (July 20, 2016) was the measuring. The level came down to the minimum for men of 3.5 mg / dl. This was reached with a little odd change of nutrition, but for blood group 0 it's very successful:
-- replace bread by sweet potato, also in the morning, I did NOT eat ANY bread any more
-- from time to time there was a potato puree with normal potatoes and some milk
-- in the morning was a part of a papaya fruit on an empty stomach for the cleaning of the stomach, of intestine and kidneys
-- nothing fried food any more, also no dough-cakes and no fried egg
-- stewed apple with apple peel without additives about 4 days per week
-- whole grain rice
-- no innards
-- vegetable pan with broccoli, onions, garlic  and tomatoes steamed in water with a tap
-- olive oil in salads, vegetables and also in the whole grain rice
-- from time to time an avocado biscuit, but no other bread
-- almonds, walnuts, some chocolate
-- steamed meat from time to time, but 5 days per week vegetarian food with apple peel stewed apples and vegetable pan
-- beverages were lemon water without sugar (pure, fresh pressed lemon in mineral water), sometimes mixed with camomile and mint tea bags, additionally there was a warm quinua apple beverage
-- no refined sugar, no white refined salt.

Already after 1 week with this food WITHOUT bread, WITHOUT refined sugar and WITHOUT refined salt but with much sweet potato and stewed apples etc. I had an energy in my body which I never had before, with a good stability for the winter in Lima (which is cold and humid with a wind from the sea). Above all the hands are always warm now.

With this is proved one more time: all secret services and all propaganda shit with pills, medicaments, vaccines and pesticides are really only GARBAGE.

And blood group nutrition of Dr. D'Adamo wins one more time.

Michael Palomino, July 20, 2016



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