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pH and sodium bicarbonate

1. pH value - and Rothschild's reptile toxic acid "civilization" for his profits

General indications about pH value - Acids in human bodies -- food and garbage food of Rothschild's reptilian "civilization" provoking acid bodies

  by Michael Palomino (2016, with the healing experience of september 2016)

from: Mr. Mark Sircus: Sodium bicarbonate. Nature's unique first aid remedy; SquareOne Publishers 2014; ISBN 978-0-7570-0394-3

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General indications about pH value -- Stable (blood) and variable (saliva and urine) pH values -- pH is regulated by 4 regulators -- Measuring pH levels -- pH under pH6.5 -- pH of pH8.5 -- Determination of pH values -- pH="potential hydrogen" -- Sour body -- Basic alkaline body -- Alkalinity=buffering capacity -- High natural alkalinity in waters (lakes and rivers) by rocks and soils -- Low alkalinity by rocks and soils -- pH value is not alkalinity -- Effects of rising pH levels  -- Effects of rising pH levels: oxygen levels are rising 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times -- Healthy body with pH7 -- Healthy body with natural food

Acids in human bodies -- Food and garbage food of Rothschild's reptilian "civilization" provoking acid bodies -- Rothschild's food of "civilization" provoking acids in the human body -- Garbage food provoking acids in the bodies of Rothschild's "civilization" -- Example: acid garbage food  -- Toxic satanic Rothschild's medicine murdering around every day -- Natural medicine - pharma pills with high profits -- Toxic "medicine" of Rothschild's "civilization" -- Toxic amalgam industry by satanic Rothschild's civilization -- Medical disaster in Rothschild's Zionist "Western" world -- Acid bodies of destructive Zionist's Rothschild "civilization" -- Acid bodies without oxygen supply - and acid waste remains in the body -- Red blood cells -- White blood cells -- Acid body and it's chemical procedures -- Tired acid bodies with lack of oxygen -- Acid body damages: functions of cells, organs, enzymes -- Failures in an acid sour body of Rothschild's "civilization" -- Failing pancreas in Rothschild's "civilization" - up to diabetes -- Diabetes in Rothschild's "Western" world -- Aging in Rothschild's "Western" world -- Rothschild against natural medicine -- Acid bodies and Rothschild's McDonald "civilization" illnesses after 45: natural bicarbonate levels in the bodies are going down -- Acid body illnesses of Rothschild's McDonald "civilization" -- Allergies by a sour bodies -- Cancer in a sour Rothschild body

1. pH value - and Rothschild's reptile toxic acid "civilization" for his profits
General indications about pH value

Stable (blood) and variable (saliva and urine) pH values

pH values are indications if liquids are acid or basic alkaline (p.135). The pH value in the blood is stable with about pH7.4. In urine and saliva and in other tissues pH values are varied (p.135).

pH values are going from pH1 (acid) to pH14 (basic alkaline). The neutral pH value is pH7 (p.139).

[Normal life: ph6 - healings: ph7 to ph8
Best pH value for normal life is pH6. So the uric acid is dissolved and excrated well. The pH values between pH7 and pH8 are for healings with a basic body. But the uric acid is not excrated well then. Therefore the basic period with pH values between pH7 and pH8 may last only a short time of some days. Then the pH value has to come down to pH6 again. Otherwise heavy concentrations with uric acid can emerge provoking illnesses like goat or kidney stones etc.].

pH is regulated by 4 regulators
-- proton pump
-- sodium-proton exchanger family
-- bicarbonate transporter family
-- monocarboxylate transporter family (p.105)

Measuring pH levels

Measure pH values with test strips or with an electronic tester. It makes sense to measure the pH value also before and after sodium bicarbonate bath (p.155).

Everybody can control it's pH value with pH strips from pharmacies or from specialized medical shops. pH values are variable in urine and saliva. In the blood pH value is buffered between 7.3 to 7.5 (p.24). Best is to measure pH level [with an empty stomach or] 2 hours after eating (p.24):
-- pH7 is neutral (p.139)
[-- for normal life pH6 is good, so uric acid is well soluble and is well excrated]
-- slightly acidic is pH6.5 (p.24)
-- strongly acidic is pH4.5 (p.24-25)
[-- for healings a basic body with values between pH7 and pH8 in the urine is good, for cancer healings up to pH8.5].

A body [which is managed on pH6 and is risen to pH7.5 from time to time] is better resisting chemicals, heavy metals and radiation elements of Rothschild's civilization life (p.23).

pH values in saliva or urine are varied because after meals kidneys and other organs are working with the food so pH values in saliva or urine are others than without food in the stomach (p.149). That's why the intake has to be 1 hour before or 2 hour after meals (p.149). 60 minutes after the intake of sodium bicarbonate short intestinal stress and short diarrhea can be provoked (p.152).

[In normal life you can measure your pH every month 1 time, or when you have a balanced diet every half a year etc.].


Neutral pH7 protects from damaging effects of
-- heavy metals,
-- toxic chemicals and
-- radiation contamination (p.39).

pH under pH6.5

In road works and handicrafts one can see that a pH under 6.5 is attacking pipes and fixtures. So also human bodies will be attacked when pH is under pH6.5 (p.107).

pH of pH8.5

In the normal case evade pH values of over pH8. Stop extreme sodium bicarbonate therapy after 1 week (p.155) [e.g. when there is a cancer healing with over pH8].

Alkaline solutions of pH8.5 have a highly antioxidant effect. The alkaline effect of a solution of pH8.5 is 60% more than with biological pH7.4 (p.111).

pH="potential hydrogen"

pH means "potential hydrogen". pH value describes the degree of concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. The scale is from 1 to 14 (p.99).

Sour body: pH1 to 7 is sour with less potential for absorbing hydrogen ions (p.99).

Basic alkaline body: pH7 to 14 is basic alkaline with more potential for absorbing hydrogen ions (p.99).

Speed of biochemical reactions depend on pH value. [So the speed of the body's metabolism depends on pH value]. For example electric resistance is higher in a basic alkaline human body, in a sour body it's less. Therefore
-- an acid human body is faster concerning electric signals, "hot and fast"
-- an alkaline human body is slower concerning electric signals, "slow and cool" (p.99).

In an alkaline body the number of negative hydrogen ions is increased (p.102).

Alkalinity=buffering capacity

Alkalinity is the buffering capacity of a liquid (p.106) indicating how much acid is needed to convert the liquid into a sour liquid respectively how much acid is needed to lower pH value (p.107).

Alkalinity is the acid-neutralizing capacity [the defense against acids] being executed
-- by bicarbonate ions,
-- by carbonate ions
-- by hydroxide ions (p.107).

All carbonates like sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate etc. are good for the buffering system because they are contributing carbonate ions (p.110).

"Alkalinity measures the concentrations of bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide ions and is expressed as an equivalent concentration of calcium carbonate (CaCO3)." (p.109)

Bicarbonates and carbonates are the main contributors to alkalinity e.g. in drinking water (p.107). Quotation:

"At normal drinking water pH levels, bicarbonate, and carbonate are the main contributors to alkalinity." (p.107)

Alkaline water contains much bicarbonate (p.109).

High natural alkalinity in waters (lakes and rivers) by rocks and soils

There are regions with a high alkalinity of drinking water when the soil of the region are provoking alkalinity with "rocks, which contain carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide compounds. Borates, silicates, and phosphates also may contribute to alkalinity. Limestone is rich in carbonates, so waters flowing through limestone regions or bedrock containing carbonates generally have high alkalinity - hence good buffering capacity." (p.107)

Low alkalinity by rocks and soils

Certain rocks are not giving bicarbonates and drinking water remains only with low levels of bicarbonates: "Areas rich in granites and some conglomerates and sandstones may have low alkalinity and therefore, poor buffering capacity." (p.107)

So, people living in areas with waters with low mineral content they have to add always a little bit of baking soda into their drinking water (p.110).

pH value is not alkalinity
A solution with a high pH value can have a high or a low alkalinity. Decisive is the alkalinity and not the pH value (p.110).

Effects of rising pH levels

Rising pH levels are affecting
-- many changing biochemical reactions
-- many changing metabolic functions
-- many changes in the electrical system
-- provoking more intracellular activity
-- affecting and bettering most of the cellular processes
-- reinstalling the most important biochemical balances how it was during childhood (p.11).

-- is basic chemistry (p.5)
-- is a natural chemotherapy (p.5)
-- is neutralizing acids and is protecting digestive enzymes (p.1) which are produced in stomach, pancreas and kidneys (p.2).
-- is balancing blood fluidity and is providing the blood with more oxygen. (p.2)
-- has an anti-inflammatory effect, is a detoxification, is a neutralization of toxics etc. (p.2)


"Sodium bicarbonate is nutritional but is one of the most concentrated effective medicines in the world. Its ranges of effects are profound. It has blood vessel dilating action (vasodilator), increases blood fluidity, facilitates blood flow delivery as well as assisting oxygen dissociation from hemoglobin - thus more oxygen flows to the capillaries and cells. Through the "Bohr Effect" more oxygen is released from hemoglobin." (p.2)

Effects of rising pH levels: oxygen levels are rising 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times

Rising pH levels provoke also rising oxygen levels in the cells which means more energy in the complete body. Measurements give the clear result that with the rise of pH by one point the oxygen level is rising by 10 (p.149). Quotation:

"Some people think that a pH as low as 6.4 is a good urinary target, but there are some large assumptions that can put us into doubt about this. Getting this one right is important because oxygen levels in the body are directly related to pH levels. Increasing pH from 4 pH to 5 pH increases oxygen to the cells by ten-fold, from a 4 pH to a 6 pH increases oxygen by 100 times, and raising pH from 4 pH to 7 pH increases oxygen levels by 1,000 times." (p.149)

Healthy body with a cure with pH7

Sodium bicarbonate provokes a rise of pH value. A cure with pH7 provokes
-- a change of oxygen levels
-- a change of CO2 levels (p.141).
-- acid waste is eliminated which is only well done with a pH value of more or less pH7 (p.100).

With pH values are regulating
-- "breathing
-- circulation
-- digestion
-- elimination of toxics
-- hormone production
-- and immune defense" (p.100)
-- and also the nerves (p.102). Quotation:

"Control of pH is crucial to neuronal function, given the high metabolic rates of acid production and sensitivity of electrical flow to changes of pH." (p.102)

Muscles are running better in a pH neutral body with pH7 (p.151). Bicarbonate provokes that acid is pulled out of the muscles (p.152).

So sporty runners are running much faster with a pH7 than with an acid body. For example in a race of 800m up to 19m can be won with a pH7, or on an ergometer bicycle in a fitness studio the performance can better up to 42%, or body builders are taking alkaline salts, and aerobic athletes also get a better endurance, what also counts for treadmills. Rowers with sodium bicarbonate win 50m to people with a placebo (p.152).

Healthy body with natural food
Therapy is what you eat, said Hippocrates, so this is nutritional medicine. Therapy consists of
-- vitamins
-- minerals
-- enzymes (p.1)

The more nutrients food contains, the less cancer will be possible (S.3). Important minerals are for example
-- magnesium
-- bicarbonate
-- iodine
-- selenium (p.4).

Acids in human bodies

There are harmless acids and strong dangerous acids in the human body. Strong acids (like acid in a battery) are
-- sulfuric acid
-- phosphoric acid
-- nitric acid (p.102).

These three hard acids are proceeded by the kidneys with a basic mineral neutralizing these hard acids to salts (p.103). Quotation:

"These three acids must be excreted by the kidneys because they contain sulfur, phosphorus, or nitrogen, which cannot break down into water and carbon dioxide to be eliminated as the weak acids are. In their passage through the kidneys, these strong acids must take a basic mineral with them because in this way they are converted into their neutral salts and don't burn the kidneys on their way out. This would happen if these acids were excreted in their free acid form." (p.103)

Food and garbage food of Rothschild's reptilian "civilization" provoking acid bodies

[Comment and instruction: Royals and Rothschilds poisoning the world with garbage food
The world is governed and manipulated from London by the Royals and the Rothschilds because the Empire was a Rothschild Empire and until today the world is terrorised by the Royals and the Rothschilds. They are reptilian extraterrestrials, officially called "nobles", all in all 13 Satanist bloodlines destroying the world deliberately making giant profits with this mass destruction. Industrial food of the Rothschilds are tinned food, muck in form of powder such as for example powderized mashed potatoes, industrial muck made of meat garbage (offal), colored fish, fish from fish farms without nutrients, refined white salt without the minerals which are with the natural salt, white bread and white flour products without minerals (because in former times whole grain flour could not be stored as long as white flour), pesticide plants, pesticide fruits and pesticide fish, McDonalds' muck etc. All this "food" is no "food" at all but is poison and should be named as this and should be forbidden as also war should be forbidden - but the Rothschild family with their "friends" in the Committee of 300 are living from these poisons and are living from the war profits - until all checked it and until nobody will go there any more and until no one will purchase these poisons any more...]

Rothschild's food of "civilization" provoking acids in the human body

Rothschild's reptilian food provokes chronic acidosis in general (p.165).

Food provoking acids in the body is "acidic" food. This acidic food burns out the cells causing aging (p.164).

Food provoking an acid body (acidic food) is [among others]
-- meat (p.102)
-- dairy (p.102)
-- and when meat is eaten without vegetables (which contains minerals) this provokes a very sour body (p.103).

This list with food provoking acids in the body is not complete. Here is a list from other sources:

Vegetables forming acids (-)
Artichokes, peas (ripe), Brussels sprouts, cabbage (white), canned fruits (are strongly acidic), frozen food (sour) [web19].

Milk products forming acids (-)
Butter, hard cheese, milk (UHT milk), curd, cream [web19].

Damaging chemical margarine is also forming acids [web19].

Egg, meat and fish forming acids (-)
Eggs (of hens)
Fish (sea fish, freshwater fish)
Meat (veal, turkey, beef, pork, bacon (smoked) [web19].

Cereals are all forming acids with one exception which is soy cereal (-)
Buckwheat groats, barley, green rye, oat flakes, noodles (white, whole grain, soy noodles), rice (whole grain, half pealed), rice starch, rye flour, wheat semolina, wheat flour [web19].

Breads are all forming acids (-)
All bread are forming acids: crisp bread, rye-wheat bread, wholemeal bread, brown bread, wholemeal rusk (wholemeal biscuits), white bread, rusk (white) [web19].

Nuts are all forming acids (-)
Peanuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds (sweet), Brazil nuts, walnuts [web19].

Industrial food is forming acids by 80% and is forming bases only by 20%. But healthy food should form acids only by 20% and should form bases by 80% [web18].

More reasons for an overacidification are certain activities and conditions [limiting an optimum of metabolism]:

  • <Lack of movement and lack of work outside on fresh air (this not moving kind of living inhibits the elimination of acids by breathing and is inhibiting the excretion of acids by sweat and is inhibiting digestion. Additionally lack of movement is reducing circulation and oxygen supply in the tissue).
  • When people are performing too much (competitive) sports (muscle ache is provoking local overacidification by lactate of lactic acid)
  • Insufficient water supply and bad water (is inhibiting an optimal secretion by kidneys but also by the skin by sweat)
  • Too much stress
  • Inflammation processes
  • Intake of medicaments (many medicaments are converted into acids before being execrated)
  • Electric smog and environment poisons respectively exhaust gases> [web18]

Toxics can be transmitted into the fetus for example toxics of amalgam. Therefore 50% of the new born babies of amalgam mothers are born with illnesses already, with allergies or with weak immune systems etc. [web18].

[web18] http://equapio.com/de/gesundheit/uebersaeuerung/
[web19] http://equapio.com/de/gesundheit/ernaehrung/basische-nahrung/

Blood group medicine and stomachs
Additionally metabolism are different according to blood groups so some food is more dangerous for some blood groups and some not. Every blood group has "it's" type of stomach with it's focus of food, see the presentation about blood group nutrition of Dr. D'Adamo.

Garbage food provoking acids in the bodies of Rothschild's "civilization"

-- food from Rothschild's "civilization" provokes a chronic acidosis (p.104)

-- "Western" diet [in Rothschild's satanic toxic world with tinned food, refined white salt, refined white flour, toxic pesticides in the food, food with micro plastic from plastic bottles etc.] is provoking acid bodies, acidosis and aging diseases without end (p.44)

-- "Western" diet [of Rothschild's satanic toxic world] is poison because it's without minerals or nutrients (p.103)

-- garbage food [of Rothschild's McDonalds etc.] is provoking that the body is not getting nutrients any more but garbage is filling the human body up which is not excreted because nutrients are missing: fast food is causing organ damages, a general bicarbonate deficiency, a general magnesium deficiency, overweight, diabetes etc. (p.40).

-- acid drinking water with a low pH level contains less oxygen blocking the mitochondria (p.37)

-- highly acid drinks "like Coke, Pepsi, and all the rest of them" are provoking acid bodies (p.44)

-- too much meat consumption with proteins also provoke acids and an acid body (p.44)

-- too less minerals also provoke an acid body with a low pH value (p.44)

Example: acid garbage food

Pork: Shit food is pork which is converted in the human stomach into acid waste, and the rest will putrify provoking even more acid in the body. Then degeneration will come, low defense system will come and then illnesses will come with bacteria and fungus (p.100).

[News of "Netzfrauen" of 30 December 2015 says for example clearly that McDonalds meat in "Hamburgers" is not meat but it's only colored gel of meat garbage

Medical disaster in Rothschild's Zionist "Western" world with garbage food
This garbage food is provoking that the organs in human bodies are blocked for bicarbonate production and therefore the body will be in an acid state - this is the "medical disaster" of the "Western" [Rothschild's] world (p.44). "USA" is a very acid and toxic country (p.45). Quotation:

"In general, the American public is heavily acidic, excepting vegetarians, and even their bodies have to face increasing levels of toxic exposure." (p.45)

Toxic satanic Rothschild's medicine murdering around every day

Criminal satanic Rothschild's pharma industry invented pills against stomach acid and pills against heartburn (p.53) [for nothing only making profit with the population intoxicating it even more].

Natural medicine - pharma pills with high profits

Natural medicine which has developed over 1000s of years almost without side effects. Since 1850 about the Rothschild system on the world with it's pharma industries is inventing new pills without end damaging the world wide population with it. Satanist reptilian Rothschild companies are extracting just one agent and are making money with a pill with only one agent [and in this way avery agent is provoking a profit of 1,000 to 10,000%] (p.171). Every pill is connected with a patent because every product is a patented product [and in this way the Rothschild's pharma gets money without work in billions every day - and with this money they make propaganda in the media and make manipulations in the ministries of health in the whole world]. In this way the pharma companies from Rothschild's mafia make their world war against natural medicine (p.172).

[Note: Also the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva is a part of Rothschild's mafia - next to the "World Bank" and next to UNO in Geneva which are also of Rothschild's banking mafia - and Shitzerland with it's bank secret is the money island in continental Europe of the Rothschilds which has to be "neutral" for never being destroyed...]

Toxic "medicine" of Rothschild's "civilization"

-- in toxic "medicine" of Rothschild's "civilization" pH levels are only taken serious in "intensive care medicine", in all other sectors of Rothschild world's medicine pH levels are never considered (p.103)

-- toxic pharma pills and "medicaments" are provoking also less oxygen, water and nutrients in the body down to zero (p.44) respectively the products of chemical "medicine" are lowing pH levels of our body, e.g.
oo aspartame products which are hidden in gums, in vitamin products (p.14)
oo antibiotics cause diabetes, pharma pills are contaminating the body damaging all organs (p.40).
Satanist reptilian Rothschilds are making propaganda in the media with "drug commercials" with propaganda for pills pretending medical solutions [using pills, cremes and lotions etc.], but they are partly lethal with lethal side effects. With these toxic pills pharma industry of Satanist reptile Rothschilds is making billions of profits. Rothschilds and their "Committee of 300" are also manipulating governments, legislators, agencies and communities and public. Additionally illegal drugs are provoking 10,000 to 20,000 deads every year in "USA", but legal normal drugs called "medicaments" used normally are provoking over 100,000 deads in "USA". Thus it's proved that the pills, cremes and lotions of the Satanist reptilian Rothschild's medicine are the world wide problem because they contain only one agent and are contaminating the world in this way, and the illegal drugs like cannabis are not the big problem for sure etc. (p.171).

Rothschild's pharma industry is hit by sodium bicarbonate because many toxic pills are not wanted any more when sodium bicarbonate can evade all the illnesses (p.47).

Toxic amalgam industry by satanic Rothschild's civilization

Criminal satanic Rothschild's pharma industry for "dental health" recommends in a study of 1995 that
-- 4 amalgam fillings are tolerable for adult men,
-- 3 for teenagers,
-- 1 for children and toddlers (p.61).


"The Richardson Report, a study completed for Canada health in 1995, found that the tolerable daily intake of mercury was exceeded in different age groups with the following number of amalgam fillings: adults - 4, teenager - 3, children and toddlers - 1. - Dr. Robert Gammal" (p.61)

Acid bodies of destructive Zionist's Rothschild "civilization"

Acid bodies without oxygen supply - and acid waste remains in the body

Acid human bodies have an abnormal blood cell structure (called "Blood Rouleau") (p.102).

Red blood cells: In an acid human body red blood cells are piling up to rows [in French: "rouleau"] so they can hardly transport any oxygen and nutrients any more, and they cannot transport acid waste away either. Thus in short words: in an acid body the blood cells cannot transport oxygen any more and body parts remain without oxygen. In this way without fresh oxygen and piling acid waste in the body the complete acid intoxication is going on. Blood cells cannot transport enough CO2 (the metabolic product of the hard acids) to the lungs to get rid of CO2. Cell death is coming (p.102).

White blood cells: In an acid human body the white blood cells become more little. This provokes that the immune system is less active, defense is less active and illnesses have no resistance to come any more (p.102).

Acid body and it's chemical procedures

When pH value is acid also calcium levels in the blood and in the bones are going down (p.100), and also magnesium levels are going down (p.100-101).

In acid bodies oxygen free radicals are provoking cell injuries and cell death. The body is weak in general. So the body is vulnerable for diseases without end and aging is coming (p.104). Acidosis means that there are not enough bicarbonate ions (p.104).

A body with a pH under pH 6.4 has paralyzed enzymes and digestion is bad, and assimilation of vitamins, minerals and food supplements is also bad (p.149). Quotation:

"When body pH drops below 6.4, enzymes are deactivated, digestion does not work properly; vitamins, minerals and food supplements cannot effectively assimilate." (p.149)

Tired acid bodies with lack of oxygen

When pH value is acid then oxygen levels in the body [in the blood and therefore also in the cells] go down. This provokes tired persons. This provokes that parasites can enter the body (fungus, mold, parasites, bacteria) (p.100). People with acid bodies are tired and feel much hunger and are eating much, mostly garbage food, so the acidification is always more and more (p.102).

Acid bodies of Rothschild's world are vulnerable. Immune systems become weak and cannot neutralize toxics any more, e.g. the human body will be contaminated by heavy metals, pesticides, toxic pills like antibiotics, or also emotional shocks have more effect than with a healthy body, so cancer and fungi can come and develop their negative "work" (p.116).

Acid body damages: functions of cells, organs, enzymes

Acid body is provoking
-- alteration of nearly all cell functions
-- alteration of nearly all organ functions
-- alteration of nearly all body functions (p.104).

Self regulation of the body is harmed and many illnesses will come (p.104).

The enzyme system is hardly affected and almost all functions are worsening (p.104).

In an acid body any net charge on protein surfaces and the hydrogen bonding of proteins is changed. Any charge on the surface of proteins is changed, and proteins are not stable any more. Therefore enzyme function and structural protein function is damaged (p.104).

Failures in an acid sour body of Rothschild's "civilization"

In an acid human body garbage is not excreted any more blocking above all the pancreas and the heart:

-- there is a relative deficiency in bicarbonate ions in the body which are produced above all in the pancreas (p.20)
-- pancreas is damaged, blocked or even destroyed (p.37) because of free radicals cannot be excreted any more so the natural bicarbonate and the natural insulin production in the pancreas is stopped (S.37)
-- cells are tired and aging is fast going on (p.20)
-- immune system is going down (p.14).

And then comes the following:
-- also mercury which is not excreted any more provokes damages (p.38)
-- the heart is damaged by free radicals which cannot be excreted any more so coronary heart diseases are coming up (p.38)
-- typical illnesses are cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis (hollow bones because the body has to take the minerals from the bones), heartburn (p.23)
-- cancer is provoked by filth, cellular weakness, tissues with deficiencies of vital minerals and missing antioxidants (p.38)
-- acid human body provokes chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (p.45).

Failing pancreas in Rothschild's "civilization" - up to diabetes
1. is producing digestive juices for the stomach
2. is producing insulin controlling blood sugar
3. is producing bicarbonate neutralizing acids (p.38).

Overcharged pancreas is first reducing bicarbonate production. Then a chain reaction comes with inflammations in the body with the brain inclusive. Then pancreas is becoming always worse, and also liver is becoming worse. High damage of pancreas and liver are causing that they cannot regulate blood sugar any more provoking diabetes (p.39).

Diabetes in Rothschild's "Western" world
Diabetes is a metabolism disease. Diabetes is the proof, that toxics are in water, food and air. Diabetes is also provoked by antibiotics (p.40). Pancreas is failing not producing enough digestive juices, insulin and bicarbonates (p.38) thus there is too much glucose in the blood because there is not enough insulin to proceed glucose and transporting it to the body cells. And the liver absorbs more and more of the excess glucose and is blocked for the elimination of other toxics (p.41).

"Modern" pharma medicine [Rothschild's satanic pharma industry] is concealing these causes for diabetes stating that it would be incurable (!!!) (p.40).

E.g. "cancer pills" like Streptozocin or oxidation agent alloxan are provoking diabetes in rats experiments (p.40) - rats have a DNA which is of 99% the same of humans [so the results of rat experiments are not very different from the human experiments] (p.3). Antibiotic penicillin e.g. "causes changes in the beta cells affecting both insulin and bicarbonate production." (p.40)

When diabetes is not healed
-- it can develop a complete kidney failure
-- it can come gangrene (dead and black fingers, dead and black toes etc.)
-- also blindness is possible with dead eyes (p.41)

Aging in Rothschild's "Western" world
Acids are provoking aging processes (p.45). Aging is provoked by long lasting acid state of the body (p.100,103).

Rothschild against natural medicine
CIA ("they") are censoring natural medicine so natural medicine is blocked in "Western" [Rothschild] world (p.32-33).

Acid bodies and Rothschild's McDonald "civilization" illnesses after 45: natural bicarbonate levels in the bodies are going down

With the age, the bicarbonate levels are doing down [because pancreas and kidneys are working less] (p.66).

Bicarbonate level is going down after 45 a little bit. With 90 years natural bicarbonate levels are going down by -18% compared with until 45. Additionally acid waste remains more when bicarbonate levels are going down. Thus when Rothschild's "civilization" is going on with acidosis (with insufficient bicarbonate levels in the body) many illnesses follow after people passed 45. Degeneration will come. Degenerative diseases are among others
-- blood clots,
-- acid reflux,
-- heart disease,
-- osteoporosis,
-- gout,
-- diabetes,
-- high blood pressure,
-- kidney disease,
-- cancer,
-- strokes
-- Alzheimer which "is nothing but a slow acidification of the brain" (p.23)
-- old age diseases are "acid reflux, kidney stones, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart diseases, cancer, gout" (p.20), rheumatism (p.24),
-- stop of muscle moving (p.25)
-- low cell activity in general, also low brain activity (p.25)
-- and also a genetic change is provoked to the better or to the worse when pH levels are high or low (p.26)
-- diabetes because of pancreas failure not producing enough insulin any more (p.37)
-- cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones, gall stones, tooth decay etc. (p.66)
-- heavy metal toxicity, free radical damage, pathogen infection, inflammation, mitochondria dysfunction, immune system depression, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, genetic mutation, cell wall damage, oxidative stress by lack of oxygen in the body (p.69).

Acid body illnesses of Rothschild's McDonald "civilization"

An acid human body in Rothschild's toxic world "civilization" is provoking a fast aging and many diseases (p.103).

1. Direct effects of acidity are:

Acne, agitation, bloating, chemical sensitivities to odor, gas heat, cold hands and feet, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, excess head mucous (stuffiness), food allergies, hard to get up in the morning, heartburn, hot urine, hyperactivity, irregular heartbeat, joint pains that travel, lack of sex drive, low energy, metallic taste in the mouth, mild headaches, muscular pain, panic attacks, pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping [pre-menstrual and menstrual pains, syndrome], pre-menstrual anxiety and depression, rapid heartbeat, rapid panting breath, strong smelling urine, white coated tongue (p.26), leg cramps, cold, fever (p.31)

2. After a certain time of acidity intermediate symptoms can be like the following illnesses:

Asthma, bacterial infections (staph, strep), bronchitis, cold sores (Herpes I and II), colitis, cystitis, depression (p.26), disturbance in smell, taste, vision, hearing, ear aches, endometriosis, excessive falling hair, fungal infections (Candida albicans, athlete's foot, vaginal), gastritis, hay fever, hives (rash, exanthema), impotence, insomnia, loss of concentration, loss of memory, migraine headaches, numbness (ear not working) and tingling (feeling of ants), psoriasis, sinusitis, stuttering, swelling, urethritis (urinarian tube inflammation), urinary infection, viral infections (colds, flu) (p.27).

3. After more time of acidity advanced symptoms can be like the following illnesses:

All kind of cancer, Crohn's disease, Hodgkin's Disease, learning disabled, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis (weak muscles), rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis (knots), schizophrenia, scleroderma (hard skin and hard organs), systemic lupus erythematosis (exanthem, rash), tuberculosis (p.27).

Sour cells have 3 ways what to do:
-- they repair when life conditions are bettered
-- they commit suicide and die so an aging process is working
-- they convert into cancer cells which can only live in a very acid environment and which don't nees oxygen (p.25).

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