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Stress management with blood group B with alternating sports and relaxation

von Michael Palomino (2006)

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-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programs. Live Right 4 Your Type)
-- Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type)

Stress management with blood group B

Organism of blood group B is reacting on stress with a middle course between aggressivity of blood group 0 and the nervous mental work of blood group A: blood group B is looking for the middle course with an aggressivity and with a balance at the same time (4 Strategien, p.178), and therefore with creativity: with consideration, and then with action (4 Strategien, p.179).

Humans of blood group B are mostly managing their stress well, are adaptable, and for acting out stress they elect "intelligent types of sports" (4 Strategien, p.179), a balance between bodily and mental work (4 Strategien, p.148), with a moderate effort, and therefore these are activities in groups, for example hiking around, making bike tours, but without extreme projects (4 Strategien, p.179). And therefore these members of blood group B are always mentally fresh and fit (4 Strategien, p.148).

An ideal case for members of blood group B is three times a hard type of sports (4 Strategien, p.179), with a warming-up, with a training and with a cooling down period (4 Strategien, p.180), in combination with two times relaxation activity per week (4 Strategien, p.179), for example Tai Chi and Yoga (4 Strategien, p.180).

Table of sports for members of blood group B according to Dr. Peter D'Adamo
Type of sports
times per week
45-60 min.
3 times
45-60 min. "
Fighting sports
30-60 min. "
30-45 min. "
30-60 min. "
45-60 min. "
30-45 min. "
Fast walking
30-60 min. "
30-45 min. "
Weight training
30-45 min. "
60 min. 2 times
Tai Chi
45 min. 2 times

(from: Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - 4 Strategien, p. 179?)

Maximum of pulse frequency is according to Dr. D'Adamo:

(220 minus age) x 0.7, with persons over 60 or in a bad bodily constitution x 0.6 (4 Strategien, p.105), and at the end one more time 0.5 (4 Strategien, p.106).

Initial training for warming up should reach 70% of the maximum of pulse frequency. Isometric exercises with training of unique stationary muscles (warming-up training, stretching, relaxation exercises) are followed later by isotonic exercise with the whole body (walking, swimming, gymnastics) (4 Strategien, p.105).

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