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Children's book

The role of lecturing during education for intelligence development

Book of shockheaded Peter who does
                              not want to go to the hairdresser
Book of shockheaded Peter who does not want to go to the hairdresser [1]

Book "Jim Button" and
                                Luke the Engine Driver, two partners
                                with incredible adventures [2]
                                (unfortunately this Luke is smoking like
                                his engine...)
Book "Jim Button" and Luke the Engine Driver, two partners with incredible adventures [2] (unfortunately this Luke is smoking like his engine...)

Book "Pippi Longstocking"
                                with a little wild worlds and another
                                world with many prohibitions
Book "Pippi Longstocking" with a little wild worlds and another world with many prohibitions [3]
Book of Hanni and Nanni with
                                familiar adventures
Book of Hanni and Nanni with familiar adventures [4]

Book with Rainbow Fish against
                                mobbing and discrimination
Book with Rainbow Fish against mobbing and discrimination [5]


by Michael Palomino (2012)




Passing childhood and youth and first adult life in Europe and then almost 4 years in South "America" above all in Peru but also long stays in Chile and in Ecuador and also with trips to Argentina, Columbia and Venezuela, there comes a summary comparing the conditions about the children's book and reading culture in family life there. The result is that children's books are very important forming a healthy and a good life without violence, and in countries without books intrigues and violence are dominating and people even think that violence would be "normal". But with books one can educate much.

Michael Palomino, 21 June 2012


In Europe there is a tradition that the parents are reading a little story before children go to sleep. The child is saying: When you read me a story I will sleep well. They are saying in this way. And the children always want that mother and father are changing reading every day so they hear one time the higher voice and another time the lower voice and therefore they have the picture of the family in their heart - and sleep well with their heroes of the stories in their soul (e.g. Jim Button). This reading in the evening can be about three pages, not entire chapters.

It seems that in Peru the population does not knot this tradition at all. By this tradition reading before sleeping general literature for children is beginning and the children are adapting to the fact that there are books in the house, and they are adapting to the fact that books have a value. And they are adapting to be quiet for listening the story. And the soul will sleep in a happy way with the story.

But in Peru I never have heard anybody reading in any house - neither in Comas nor in Ayacucho nor in another place that I have visited in the South "American" continent.


I wanted to tell that there is happening even more with these books which are read to the children in Europe before sleeping.

The content with the children's heroes (can be Heidi in Switzerland, or Jim Button with his engine, or Hanny and Nanni or Pippi Longstocking etc.), these stories are also working in the dreams of the children forming the brain with positive ideas and with positive actions. The children's heroes are becoming models and therefore the children have more positive thoughts in their brain and are even copying the heroes' actions.

Above all when children have a crises the books are helping much because a book cannot say any bad thing, and there are children who are also reading the books which were read by the parents before - this happens normally when the children are about 10 years old: they don't want that the parents are reading but they are reading themselves now and want read themselves.

This rite of reading a book a little bit before sleeping is also an education element to become aware of the fact that an apartment is no football ground. And it can even be that children are sleeping even during lecturing.

And when there are holiday camps for children it's also a fact that there are camps where also a book is read in a big group before sleeping, and the children are determinating who of the heads of the camp will read.

The children love their children's books because there is no violence in them - but there are tactics of deescalation shown - and then they are copying this life without violence performing good action. This world is growing in the child and from 12 years on when the children are more realistic they are well prepared resisting to criminality - without being aware of it!

These children's books are also painted and can be inherited from family to family.

There exist also CDs and radio plays and children can hear it and read it silently at the same time - and there are also theater performances.


Children are developing an own taste
With these children's books the children are developing also an own taste which book is more loved than the other one. This is a very complex process with the definition of a "new friend" or of a "new girl friend" in connection with a form of living in connection with a society living like the person in the book etc. And the children's taste also can change and after three years there are other books and other characters their favorites. But there is always coming good energy and not bad energy.

For example Heidi and Peter in Switzerland are a traditional children's couple, or can be Jim Button with his engine and Luke the dumpling as an Engine Driver as "two friends" always helping each other, or Hanni and Nanni are two sisters with family adventures, or there can be Pippi Longstocking living with animals in a house which is a little bit crazy and aside is a boring family with a crazy mother and the children are always the Longstocking's house, or there can be the shockheaded Peter with salad on his head and who never wants to go to the hairdresser.

After passing 10 and 11 years of age the boys are mostly electing detective books like Emil and the Detectives or The Three Question Signs (The Three ???) where the boys can develop their analytic spirit against criminalities - which is a preparation for analyzing life against criminalities in general in life. Also non-fiction books are coming.

The girls after passing 10 and 11 are reading books of heroes like Treasure Island or books of Karl May - or are even writing their first stories.

Books as a compensation for missing persons in a family
Children's books are very important for children in families where is missing a father or a mother or when the child is the only child. By this the children have at least characters in their head
-- how can be a father
-- how can be a sister
-- how can be a holiday etc.

For children without fathers in the family also good men as teachers are very important, or men as therapists.

In the last 20 years lots of new children's books were edited also against mobbing and against racism where is no hero any more but there is shown a group process for living in a life with more intelligence (e.g. The Rainbow Fish).

Nights have to be calm
All this content of the children's books is working also in the dreams of the children and is forming the memory and the action schemes. And therefore it's absolutely important that the nights are calm and that nobody is bothering the sleep of the children because these calm dreams are the structural base for children's intelligence when they are youths.

So there can be stated the following: To sleep is not only to sleep, but having dreams during sleeping is a very active process and is also life. Therefore a calm night is absolutely important - and not permitting a calm sleep is torture. Therefore there is much torture in the Central and South "Americas" - with the exception of Chile. In Ecuador the festivities were limited for Friday and Saturday, and in Venezuela for Saturday and Sunday. This is very good, because therefore there are 5 days without torture and only remain 2 days with torture of festivities, and the brains can develop well during the next 5 days and nights. This becomes good.


In some countries in Europe there is a tradition that a children's story is shown in TV for the children before sleeping. But this is not the same thing like a book because

-- the parents never are reading
-- the event cannot be repeated
-- and there are no books for drawing or painting.

But for societies where the population is feeling "free" without books yet such a tv program for children before sleeping would be very good.

But in South "America" I never have seen any children's program in this way but the children are simply not sleeping until 11 o'clock in the night and then the children think that they would be "adult" already but there is not existing almost any children's story working and forming their brain and therefore there is no moral development and no idea of the world but at the end there is almost nothing in their head but food, money and intrigue and criminality.


The effect of children's books against bad energies
The children's books have a great effect against bad energies and against bad fantasies which are minimized, not only in the brain of the children, but also in the brain of the parents.

The common mental memory of children's books also forms the family
When the parents can see this responsibility forming the children's brains by presenting children's books, this happens also in responsibility of themselves because there is always a memory of books as a common familiar memory. The books are a central familiar connection. And the result is that the children are reading the books.

There can even happen family situations during which one is comparing the situation with a situation in a children's book. Therefore there is more humor in familiar life, and it's even possible to make little theater sceneries. The children are always comparing and improving when it's possible.

Children automatically are loving more their parents with this common memory.

Children's libraries
Supporting this development of intelligence children's libraries can be installed where are only books for children and youths. These libraries give a special service for children and youths because it's a place without adults but only with teachers as staff. For children with crazy parents this place is very important.

And the children are developing also competition
Since the age of 10 the children are even developing a competition which children has read which book - what knows and what does not etc. Computer games are dangerous in this time of development because these are not only "games" for amusement but the children are developing a wrong competition drive with these games - and are stealing all the time which would be for reading or helping in the family.


Parents thinking that they are "free" without books and without anything thinking that all the violence and criminality would be "normal"
In Central and South "America" for example the major part of the population does not want to read - with the exception of Chile. In all other states they like feeling "free" without reading and only are watching TV watching much fight, intrigue, violence and making festivities and discotheques also during the night and they don't let sleep the neighbors - and they are even thinking that this life would be a "good" one shouting that they would be "free" in this way. In this way are thinking above all families of policemen and police officers because they think that their power would be invincible and the others who want calm would not count. But when there are difficulties in life the good models of literature are missing and then they are acting in a primitive way like animals with stealing, violating and killing - and they even think that this would be normal - this is the way of thinking of stupid and crazy population in Central and South "America", and a big part of the criminality in Central and South "America" is organized by criminal policemen and criminal police commanders and justice is not doing anything because they are only affrayed for being murdered also by the criminal gangs of the commanders. This is called "freedom" and "culture" - with the exception of Chile.

Without children's books the kids cannot compare and cannot improve, there are no theaters, but there is only TV, intrigues, violence, violations, killings etc. and nothing is improving. And therefore the population is staying in a mental condition of stupidity.

Without children's books the children cannot copy any tactics of deescalation and many parents don't want to learn deescalation tactics either which is more important than any envy or anger, and they don't want to learn that it's possible to live without screaming, without maneuvers and without violence.

When boys have no children's books which show all variations in life, but when they only have a soccer player as a hero and TV in their head, then they want to convert all the world in a soccer stadium and they are destroying also the intelligence of all neighbors shouting on the soccer fields during day and night, for example in criminal Peru in criminal town of Trujillo.

And when girls have on children's books which are showing all variations of life but when they only have some dolls and the makeup of the mother and TV, so they want to convert all the world in a fashion's runway thinking that life will be arranged without thinking and the husband will pay all.

And by this way of living there will be sponge in the head instead of brain and pigs are walking instead of human beings thinking that criminality would be normal...

Criminal police likes to have a stupid population without books
There is a group of persons to whom they like a stupid population, this is criminal police with it's criminal police commanders and partly also the presidents who do not want that the population would be more intelligent than they are:

-- they are the persons - above all policemen and policewomen and their criminal police commanders - who are defending discotheques by night open air harming to all neighbors (e.g. in criminal Peru where they say "we are in Peru and can have any festivity we want", and in Columbia it's the same) and therefore there is no sleep and they are destroying the dreams and are destroying intelligence

-- they are the persons - above all policemen and policewomen and their criminal commanders - permitting to big groups playing soccer during all the night screaming and harming the neighbors making sleep impossible robbing dreams and intelligence (but the police says that "we are in Peru and we can play as we want")

-- they are the persons - policemen and policewomen and their criminal police commanders - manipulating cases as they want (e.g. they kill a girl and afterwards are manipulating the reasons for the death in the morgue in Lima against the young Dutchman Joran van der Sloot who never killed anybody)

-- they are the persons - policemen and policewomen and their criminal police commanders - who are organizing the big part of criminality e.g. in Peru in ugly Trujillo where over 90% of police employees are collaborating with robbery gangs parting the prey

-- they are the persons also menacing justice so there is never a good investigation - as was threatened also the first lawyer of the Dutchman Joran van der Sloot in criminal Peru.

This criminal Police of Central and South "America", e.g. in criminal Peru, does not want that the population would be more intelligent, does not want any good education because when the population would reach a better intelligence the criminal commanders with their police staff could not make any intrigue or everyman any more.

This analysis about criminal police and their criminal police commanders count also for the "Security" guards of Serenazgo in the districts because they are mainly only the "partners" of police.

Principles for more intelligence

By espionage one cannot learn ANYTHING but reading one can learn.

And in countries where is almost no book shop with books but where are only discotheques at any corner, only sponges are coming out in the heads of the people: in Peru, in Columbia, in Mexico etc.

But these populations are feeling "free" without books, and therefore there are children without parents because these parents have no brain for the organization of love: in Peru.

AND NOT ONE SINGLE police whistle is giving more intelligence but the whistles are managing sponges: above all in Peru.

In criminal Peru the government is even that stupid that one cannot purchase any book from Europe. The book shops selling books are even rare in this country. But the book shops in Lima-San Isidro and in Lima-Miraflores only indicate about European books that "with these editions we don't work" and it's not possible to purchase any book from Europe in Peru, and therefore they are discriminating any book coming from Europe.

But when a country forbids books from all Europe, this country will not go on mentally at all with it's intelligence: stupid Peru, and intelligence is SINKING.

Criminal and primitive police staff in Central and South "America" (with the exception of Chile and also Venezuela) they are many times even thinking that people working with children would be "pedophile", but it's the intelligent and peaceful play which is also supporting intelligence. So, more stupidity is not possible in a police organization when they are thinking like this and therefore an absolutely criminal police comes out destructing all the work with children and therefore only sponges are coming out instead of brains and nothing will change: in Peru, in Columbia, partly also in Ecuador etc.

World map with the murder rates - the Dutchman coming from a country of highest intelligence with the lowest murder rate

Let's go to have a look at the world map with the murder statistics. Wikipedia has got such a map which is from 2009. And one can see clearly where the population has got an education with children's books and has got a well developed intelligence, where the brains are programmed for peaceful and integrated solutions - and where are no books and where only is robbery, violation and murder. AND NO ONE  in Central and South "America" can say any more that criminality would be "normal", not in criminal Peru either.

World map with the murder rates
                            of 2009. Murder cases per 100,000
                            inhabitants [1]. Countries in gray gave no
                            data.  Statistikeinteilung 2009 [2]
World map with the murder rates of 2009. Murder cases per 100,000 inhabitants [1]. Countries in gray gave no data.
Interpretation by Michael Palomino:
One can see that the mentality and the murder rate have got a direct connection. It seems that some states and federal states (of the "USA") have got a better education for their children than others, and it seems that the police organizations are better organized in some states than in others. And there are many states where the criminal police and their criminal police commanders are even organizing crime parting the pray with the criminal gangs or are even executing murder actions by payed killers (like in Central and South "America" - with the exception of Chile, and this can also be in South Africa and in Russia).

Other states have got a big alcoholic problem (Russian, North of Canada, can be also South Africa and southern states of "USA"). Some states also have racist problems without end where murder is committed by racism (e.g. in the Stupid States).

And many states and complete continents do not know anything about "violence prevention" respectively: where is much violence and criminality the population simply says that violence is "normal" (this is said again and again e.g. in criminal Peru where criminality is rising by 10% every year - well organized by the criminal police commanders of National Peruvian Police (Policía Nacional del Perú PNP). It is like this.

The Dutchman did never kill - this was a Peruvian killer gang

And now one can see where the Dutchman Joran van der Sloot came from: from Holland where people reads a lot and Holland has got the lowest murder rate like Germany. And one knows from where the Holloway family came: from the States with Hollywood and with CIA and with a populist foreign secretary "Mrs. Clinton" who has not much in her brain but they all have much false fantasy in the "USA" and they destroyed Joran's family on Aruba island with processes.

And now one knows also who organized the killing action of Stephany in Lima: were criminal Peruvian commanders in coordination with CIA and "Mrs. Clinton" with a killer command entering the hotel in Miraflores in coordination with the hotel owner. They dismissed Joran van der Sloot for leaving the hotel and he left but should have stayed there because he did not know any Spanish word and by this he took the flight.

And after that the killer gang of the criminal Peruvian commander killed Stephany and for 3 days there was no cleaning service in this room and after that the criminal police forces manipulated the case against the Dutchman falsifying the documents of the mortuary changing the causes of death and with pressure of the media and with general racism against Europeans and with Stephany's father. And during the inquiry in the police center the criminal officers manipulated the Dutchman with false promises - and after 6 hours of psycho Peruvian terrorism of the commanders and "criminologists" in the police station - Joran said a false "yes". And justice did not do anything. Any investigation exonerating Joran was NOT executed because justice did not want any problem with criminal police commanders and their killer gangs and the first lawyer of Joran was even threatened by them.

And therefore there are many wrong detainees in prison in Central and South "America" in a "police" system of criminal commanders and their "assistants", in Peru, in a country with only sponges - brains are missing. This counts also for other countries without intelligence development, e.g. "United States"...

So we all know how important children's books are - for not being a sponge like a pig, but for more intelligence to be a human being.



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