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Merkblatt: Die Heilwirkung von IPEC


präsentiert von Michael Palomino

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IPEC Therapy

IPEC (Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing) Therapy is a sophisticated integrated treatment method. IPEC is a combined healing method of
-- energy-psychology,
-- elements of oriental medicine,
-- kinesiology,
-- bioenergy,
-- elements of western medicine
-- and other sources [web01].

Investigation with IPEC
Investitation with IPEC have their base on
-- muscle testing, through which it's possible to communicate with the subconscious mind
-- question paper data [web01].

The combination of muscle testing and the comprehensive matrixes enables to get information about the condition and about factors causing illnesses [web01].

Diagnose and balancing energies
After a clear evaluation and diagnosis will be the energetic treatment balancing energies with over 20 therapeutic possibilities. Healings follow relatively fast in physical aspect, emotional aspect and spiritual aspect [web01].

Training in 400 hours
from: http://ipectherapy.com/therapists-index/ [web02]

-- Certificate: 400 hours of training
-- Higher position "Senior": 40 hours additional training
-- Higher position "Professional Seniority": 40 hours additional training for complex cases
-- Expert: 200 hours additional training with special IPEC treatments, 2 years of IPEC treatments on patients entitled "Professional Seniority"
-- Title "Teacher": At least 4 years of healing experience with patient individuals entitled Professional Seniority, personally certified by Uri Kenig.

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[web01] http://www.chicagohealers.com/practitioners/liat~benyakov
[web02] http://ipectherapy.com/therapists-index/