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Psychological illnesses according to blood groups

Vulnerabilities and genetic factors for psychological illnesses are different according to blood groups

Depressions are often caused by a wrong function of metabolism and glands, caused by food which was against the blood group
Compulsion neurosis
                        (here: compulsive gambling)
Compulsion neurosis (here: compulsive gambling) also is caused by a wrong function of metabolism and glands, caused by food which was against the blood group

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2012)

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-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programs. Live Right 4 Your Type)
-- Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type)

[Preface: the terms "ill" and "civilization" and "psycho therapy"
"Psychological illnesses" is a very flexible term. According to civilization the official "medicine" is rating a behavior as "ill" or "healthy". But personally I have the impression that the standards of this "civilization" within capitalist globalization are more ill than healthy, and I have the impression that many persons rated as "ill" persons are more healthy than ill. This could above all for societies which have installed an expensive "psychiatry", and where children are more in therapies than the criminal parents who never are torn to justice. This counts for example for Central Europe and for "U.S.A." etc. Just these societies are also violating any alimentation standard supporting fast food societies and stress, so the populations are always more and more ill and not more healthy. But governments do not want to see this...]

Michael Palomino, November 2006

There is a "limit" also with psychological diseases

The "limit" (according to Dr. Hahnemann "psora") with the emerging of additional illnesses provoked by a certain stress counts also for psychological illnesses which can emerge

-- by a heavy stress situation
-- by a heavy adaption against any natural rules
-- by disturbance of the immune system
-- by a fight against an illness without end (richtig leben, p.79).

The connection between wrong alimentation and psychological troubles

In general alimentation has got a big influence on any mental sensitivity.

Dr. D'Adamo says:

"Any mental procedure in our body how we think, how we feel or dream or how we are making our ideas, all this is in connection with complex chemical processes in our organism. And this complete system of our body is depending from our blood group." (richtig leben, p.32)
(orig. German:
"Die Art und Weise, in der wir denken, fühlen, träumen und uns Vorstellungen machen, offenbart sich in den komplexen chemischen Abläufen in unserem Organismus. Und durchdrungen ist dieses ganze System von unserer Blutgruppe." (richtig leben, S.32)

<Many mental problems have their base on mechanisms which are in connection of imbalance of body's own chemical processes - above all there is a connection in respect of hormones and neurotransmitters.> (richtig leben, p.62)
(orig. German:
"Viele seelische Probleme beruhen auf Mechanismen, die mit Unausgewogenheiten in den körpereigenen chemischen Abläufen - insbesondere in Bezug auf Hormone und Neurotransmitter - in Zusammenhang stehen." (richtig leben, S.62)

And genetically there is also the connection between alimentation, blood group and mental state:

<The gens which are responsible for such processes [mental processes] are very near to the gens which are responsible for the blood groups.> (richtig leben, p.62)
(orig. German:
"Die für die Steuerung solcher Prozesse [seelischer Prozesse] verantwortlichen Gene liegen sehr dicht bei den für die Blutgruppen zuständigen Genen." (richtig leben, S.62)

Studies about the connection between blood group and psychological dysfunctions are normal in the "U.S.A.", for example with "Medline", this is the medical online database of National Institute of Health (richtig leben, p.62).

Enzymes and gens as factors for vulnerabilities for psychological diseases

Dopamine as a factor

Decisive for the converting process is the conversion of dopamine into noradrenalin by the enzyme dopamine beta hydroxylase (DBH, also: Dopamine β-hydroxylase) (richtig leben, p.62).

Monoamine oxidase (MAO) as a factor
Enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO) is formed in trombocytes (richtig leben, p.70). MAO has an influence on dopamine balance (richtig leben, p.69). MAO is metabolizing dopamine into a great variety of compounds. There are two main groups of MAO:
-- MAO-A which is in the complete organism
-- MAO-B which is mainly in the brain (richtig leben, p.70).

Heredity on blood group gen as a factor
Gen for dopamine beta hydroxylase (DBH) is on the blood group gen 9q34. Therefore a certain heredity is stated with the blood group (richtig leben, p.62-63).

Other <gens stay also in connection with AB0 genetic location, and these gens are presumed to be in connection with some psychosis. These gens possibly are affectin the role of dopamine beta hydroxilase and the effect of AB0 genetics on this enzyme.> (richtig leben, p.66)
(orig. German:
Andere, "vermutlich mit affektiven Psychosen in Zusammenhang stehende Gene, sind auch mit dem AB0-Genort verknüpft. Diese Gene beeinflussen möglicherweise die Rolle von Dopamin-Beta-Hydroxylase und die Auswirkung der AB0-Erbanlagen auf dieses Enzym." (richtig leben, S.66)

And there is also nitric oxide: This nitric oxide (NO) exists only for 5 seconds and is reduced within these 5 seconds again. It is created by the conversion of the amino acid arginine (richtig leben, p.76).

The enzyme for splitting of arginine - this procedure is called Argininosuccinate syntheses - is fixed on the AB0 gen 9q34, and probably this procedure is different according to the blood group (richtig leben, p.78).

Psychology according to blood groups: The types of personality

Blood group 0: details about the creation of "type of personality type A"

[All humans of blood group 0 will ask after this analysis why they should be "type of personality A", with many rages and much anger, and at the same time with decisiveness and with a great organizational talent. Why is this like this?]

Blood group 0: This is the remnant of manic depressive kind of living: the "hunter"

Chase and hunt need aggression forces with fights and flights from the big animal, and also calm periods are needed. The differences between phases of calm and charge during a chase were huge for sure (richtig leben, p.67).

[Today this habit is defamed by psychiatry as "manic depressive" respectively as "aggressive" because hunting is not element of sadistic "civilization" of banks any more. Here is one of the main faults of a big part of humans in the "civilized" countries].

Chemically analyzed there is happening the following with blood group 0 in it's organism of "hunter and collector":

Problem of blood group 0: problem to excrete noradrenaline and adrenaline

When blood group 0 is in a stress, there is the problem to excrete the catecholamines of noradrenaline and adrenaline. And then mental "troubles" are coming (richtig leben, p.62).

Managing the problem of blood group 0: don't produce much noradrenaline - quantity of dopamine

Precondition for the production of noradrenaline is the substance of dopamine. Decisive is the conversion of dopamine into noradrenaline by the enzyme dopamine beta hydroxylase (DBH). The organism must not to produce too much noradrenaline, and there should also not be too much dopamine (richtig leben, p.62).

Dopamine is regulating also pain perception in the organism (richtig leben, p.62).

Dopamine itself is only existing in the frontal lobe, in the center for higher, abstract mental processes. Certain substances are liberating dopamine: cocaine, opiates, alcohol. By this the feeling to be "happy" with a "felicity" is coming up (richtig leben, p.63).

Too much dopamine in the limbic system (center of feelings in the brain) and too less dopamine in the mental center (cortex) can provoke paranoidity and autism (richtig leben, p.63).

But blood group 0 normally has a higher noradrenaline production than all other blood groups. Noradrenaline is liberated "within the stress reaction with anger and aggression" (richtig leben, p.65).

Blood group 0 is liberating adrenaline with fear, anxiety and pain (richtig leben, p.65).

Therefore blood group 0 is more often suffering imbalance, aggression and anger than other blood groups, which is corresponding to the "type of personality A" (richtig leben, p.65).

Blood group 0: mental diseases with variations of activity of enzyme dopamine beta hydroxylase (DBH)

Oscillations of activity of enzyme DBH can provoke heavy psychological diseases with blood group 0:


<Many [mental] diseases in connection with oscillations of normal dopamine level can often be seen with blood group 0.> (richtig leben, p.65)
(orig. German:
"Viele [seelische] Erkrankungen, die mit Schwankungen der normalen Dopaminspiegel in Zusammenhang stehen, treten beim 0-Typ häufig auf." (richtig leben, S.65)

Therefore by this sensibility with dopamine blood group 0 is especially vulnerable for

-- manic states: risen enzyme activity of DBH
->> much dopamine is converted into adrenaline
->> and in the following time the dopamine level is low and the adrenaline level is high (richtig leben, p.66)

-- depressions, which are in connection with a reduced enzyme activity of DBH
->> only few dopamine is converted into adrenaline
->> dopamine level is high, adrenaline level is low (richtig leben, p.66)

-- there is also a vulnerability for schizophrenia, eventually because of an "excessive activity of dopamine" (richtig leben, p.65)

-- there is also a vulnerability for depressive states: "With stress type 0 cannot reduce well catecholamines sustainably - other blood groups can - and therefore manic depressive diseases can be seen more often with blood group 0 than with other blood groups. This means that genetic activity of dopamine beta hydroxilase with blood type 0 - which is connected with the gen location AB0 - is emerging in a very heavy way. This conclusion would be also plausible in the anthropological context" [because 0is hunter type which needed this behavior] (richtig leben, p.67).
(orig. German:
"Unter Stressbedingungen kann der 0-Typ Katecholamine nicht so nachhaltig abbauen wie Angehörige anderer Blutgruppen, und eine manisch-depressive Krankheit ist bei diesem Typ wesentlich häufiger zu beobachten als bei den übrigen Blutgruppen. Dies bedeutet, dass die genetisch mit dem AB0-Genort verknüpfte Aktivität von Dopamin-Beta-Hydroxylase beim 0-Typ weit ausgeprägter in Erscheinung tritt - eine Schlussfolgerung, die in anthropologischem Kontext durchaus plausibel wäre." (richtig leben, S.67)

Concretely responsible for manic depressions [also called bipolar disorder] and "type of personality A" is an up and down of dopamine beta hydroxylase levels (richtig leben, p.68).

Well, now humans of blood group 0 are often addictive for wheat products and for raw meat, probably because these are the richest sources for L tyrosine - the basic module of dopamine and of catecholamines. So, humans of blood group 0 want to hold dopamine level up intuitively. But with wheat they are damaging much themselves (richtig leben, p.69).

And medicaments for a regulation of enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO)

According to some studies, with blood group 0 the MAO activity is "much less than with other blood groups" which provokes a high level of dopamine (richtig leben, p.70).

When MAO balance for processing dopamine should be balanced when there is too less dopamine, then "normal medicine" is using MAO inhibitors, for example a product called "Seleginlin" for MAO-B in the brain, so not so much dopamine is processed, and the dopamine level is rising then, for example in cases of Alzheimer (richtig leben, p.70).

When there is always too much dopamine the result are criminal habits against others and against oneself. According to Turkish studies sexual criminals have the lowest activity of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO), and therefore they have the highest level of dopamine within the captives, with ambition without control, with impatience and with competitiveness, with game addiction, with negativism, with verbal aggressions, with a greed for sensations, with impulsiveness, rejecting monotony and with addictions like tobacco and alcohol. Scientists had expected that violent criminals would have the highest dopamine level. But the fact were others (richtig leben, p.71).

Blood group: The remnant of manic-depressive kind of living: the "hunter": chemical procedures

The organism of blood group 0 was well adapted to hunting, with fast fight periods, and with sudden rest periods. Hunting needed the aggressive tribes with instinct for fight and flight, and also rests. The difference between phases of rest and of charge during the hunt was huge for sure (richtig leben, p.67).

Chemically blood group 0 is absolutely adapted to hunting. The words of Dr. D'Adamo:

<During the difficult hunt for prey probably the priority was to use aggressive tribes. This had to be coordinated with fine coordinated instincts for fight or flight. This was probably the survival strategy with first humans when they were hunters and collectors. Add to this the differences between calm periods and periods of charges were huge, and building of catecholamine probably was a great factor for it. It can be presumed that by this reason - the ability for actuating or accelerating dopamine beta hydroxilase and then slowing down or stopping it again - was the point which made the first representatives of blood group 0 to be successful hunters.> (richtig leben, p.67)
(orig. German:
<Nachdem bei der gefahrvollen Jagd nach Beute aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach in erster Linie Aggressionstriebe zum Tragen kamen und dazu ein fein abgestimmter Kampf- oder Fluchtinstinkt, dürfte dies bei den frühgeschichtlichen Jäger- und Sammlerstämmen eine überaus nützliche Überlebensstrategie gewesen sein. Überdies dürften Ruhe- und Belastungsphasen durch gewaltige Schwankungen in der Katecholaminbildung beeinflusst worden sein. Und vermutlich aus diesem Grunde machte die Fähigkeit, die Aktivität von Dopamin-Beta-Hydroxylase in Gang zu setzen oder zu beschleunigen und danach wieder zu verlangsamen oder zu beenden, die ersten Vertreter der Blutgruppe 0 zu erfolgreichen Jägern.> (richtig leben, S.67)

[That means: When there is a "civilization" which does not need to hunt any more - but all heavy work is performed with machines - then the humans of blood group 0 principally are not matching any more to this "civilization". Today this kind of living is simply called as "manic-depressive" resp. "aggressive" because this manner of living is not matching any more to this "civilization". Here is one of the main causes how a big part of mankind is misjudged in the "civilized" countries].

Depressions with blood group 0 - healing with blood group nutrition

Regularly blood group diet has the effect that chronic-depressive states are eliminated. So, successes with blood group nutrition are one more proof that the soul is connected with the body and with the bodily supply (richtig leben, p.33).

When humans of blood group 0 ("hunter" with daily meager biological meat) mean that a strict vegetarian alimentation without meat would be healthy for them, than they are sooner or later in mental depressions without noting it. When such vegetarians of blood group 0 are changing their alimentation with a blood group diet, they regularly are beginning to live again (richtig leben, p.61).

The case of Lydia, medium age, blood group 0: depression is healed
Antidepressants alone did not work with Lydia (these were: 50 mg Fluoxetin, 400 mg Bupropion, and 1,600 mg amber extract per day). When amber extract is stopped a heavy depression is following. Then blood group nutrition is introduced, with positive consequences:
-- within 5 days comes the first mental brightening
-- after 7 days comes the desire for sports activities
-- and then the development is only going upwards. Amber extract is stopped, overweight is lost without doing anything (richtig leben, p.64).

The case of Vera L., medium age, blood group 0: depression is healed
Vera is coming to Dr. Peter D'Adamo with anxiety states and with depressions (richtig leben, p.67). When blood group nutrition is introduced, depression is going from alone (richtig leben, p.68).

Blood group A: There are always problems with high level of cortisol and it's diseases

Blood group A is suffering with a high level of cortisol. This high level of cortisol is facilitating
-- cancer
-- high blood pressure
-- heart diseases
-- heart attacks (richtig leben, p.71).

According Dr. D'Adamo, high cortisol level often also plays a role with senility and Alzheimer (richtig leben, p.71).

For a long time "normal medicine" thought that a high cortisol level would be the consequence of the illnesses mentioned above. But just the contrary is right: Since 1984 it's proved that the high cortisol level is the cause for the illnesses (richtig leben, p.71).

(see: A.T. Sapse: "Stress, cortisol, interferon and stress diseases. I. Cortisol as the cause of stress diseases." In: Med Hypotheses, Jan. 1984; 13 (1): p.31-44)
(richtig leben, p.506)

Suspicion of often emerging obsessional neurosis by high cortisol level with blood group A

Blood group A has the highest rate of obsessional neurosis ("Obsessive Compulsive Disorder", OCD), possibly because of the high cortisol level which blood group A always has (richtig leben, p.73). Obsessional illnesses always go with a higher cortisol level and a low melatonin level (richtig leben, p.74).

Obsessional neurosis have the following elements:
-- repeating fixed ideas
-- repeating action without common sense on the base of these fixed ideas (for example fear from cancer, obsession of washing etc.)
-- and without having performed these obsessive actions the affected people become worried (richtig leben, p.73) and also hysteria can develop (richtig leben, p.75).

"Natural medicine" is performing expensive treatments but cannot heal, but is producing only new side effects, for example with manipulations with serotonin balance (richtig leben, p.74). Blood group 0 is hardly affected by obsessional neurosis (richtig leben, p.74). According to W.F. Boyer also cell membranes could play a role which "partly are also under the influence of the blood group." (richtig leben, p.75)

The case of Jane I., blood group A: healing from depressions

Jane is introducing blood group nutrition and depressions are eliminated, it's a difference "like day and night" (richtig leben, p.72-73).

Blood group B: factor nitrogen oxide (NO) provoking mental diseases

Latest research since about 1997 tells us that mental processes with blood group B depend partly from nitrogen oxide molecule, and also nervous system and immune system of blood group B (richtig leben, p.75). This topic was treated from 1998 to 2002 with 18,000 publications. The illnesses which are with blood group B in connection with nitrogen oxide are:
-- sunburn
-- anorexia
-- cancer
-- addiction to cancer
-- addiction to drugs
-- diabetes
-- high blood pressure
-- trouble of memory
-- trouble of learning
-- septic shock
-- infertility
-- tuberculosis (TB) (richtig leben, p.76).

Nitrogen oxide (NO) exists only for 5 seconds and is reduced within these 5 seconds again. It is produced by the conversion of amino acid arginine (richtig leben, p.76).

Enzyme for splitting arginine, argininosuccinatsynthetase, is on the AB0-gen 9q34, and probably this procedure is also specific to the blood groups (richtig leben, p.78).

Nitrogen oxide (NO) is during this 5 seconds a neurotransmitter
-- between nervous and immune system
-- between cardiovascular and reproduction system (richtig leben, p.76).

Blood groups B and AB can excrete nitrogen oxide faster than other blood groups. Therefore a recovery from stress situations is faster with blood groups B and AB and has positive consequences for cardiovascular system (richtig leben, p.77).

The case of Sherry N., woman of medium age, blood group B: healing of depressions

With blood group diet Sherry N. can resign to anti depressive medicaments within 7 days. Within 14 days she can stop smoking, and after 3 weeks she develops a normal drive of living with positive effects for her marriage. Also her connections are positively surprised by her change of personality (richtig leben, p.77).

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