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Childhood illnesses according to blood groups

Blood groups of children are an important factor for their health

              (hier ein Kind auf dem WC) muss je nach Blutgruppe
              verschieden behandelt werden, weil die Sensibilitäten
              verschieden sind
Diarrhea (here a child on a toilet) has to be treated in different ways according to the blood group because the sensibilities are different

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2009)

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-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programms. Live Right 4 Your Type)
-- Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type)

Childhood illnesses: eye diseases with children: conjunctivitis / Madras eye

Konjunktivitis (Bindehautentzündung) kann
                        man gemäss Dr. Peter D'Adamo mit Tomatenscheiben
                        behandeln Conjunctivitis (Madras eye) can be treated with tomato slices

The cause for conjunctivitis are bacteria of staphylococci. According to Dr. D'Adamo can be admitted that the immune system plays a role in this matter. Blood group A and AB with their weak immune system are vulnerable for it, 0 and B not so with their stronger immune systems (4 Strategien, p.301).

"Normal medicine" is treating conjunctivitis with creams and with eyedrops. Dr. D'Adamo suggests as an alternative fresh cut tomato slices because the liquid of tomatos contains a lectin "that is agglutinating the staphylococci and is killing them by this. It seems that the slight acid of tomato has a big similarity with secrets which are produced by the eye itself." (4 Strategien, p.301).

And also cotton swabs dipped into fresh tomato liquid "put on the affected eye" can heal (4 Strategien, p.301). [with a half opened eye? This has to be probed].

Childhood illnesses: diarrhea / inflammative diarrhea with children

Durchfall (hier ein
                        Kind auf dem WC) muss je nach Blutgruppe
                        verschieden behandelt werden, weil die
                        Sensibilitäten verschieden sind Diarrhea (here a child on a toilet) has to be treated in different ways according to the blood group because the sensibilities are different

Diarrhea also provokes lack of water in the body (dehydration), and also provokes weakness and fever. The diarrhea mostly is a consequence of wrong alimentation and has to be solved with an alimentation according to the blood groups:

Children of blood group 0 have diarrhea eventually because of milk products provoking media diarrhea (4 Strategien, p.302).

Children of blood group A and AB: Children of blood group A are vulnerable with the parasite Giardiasis lamblia [inflammative diarrhea, giardia lamblia, lambliosis an infection of intestine], also calles "Montezuma's revenge", because the agent Giardiasis lamblia is imitating characteristics of blood group A, so the immune system of A is not detecting them (4 Strategien, p.302).

Children of blood group B: Often a high consumption of wheat products is the cause, or the consumption of chicken or corn (4 Strategien, p.302).

Diarrhea is not an allergy yet. With an allergy some more symptoms have to be, for example

-- dark, swollen rings under the eyes
-- eczema
-- psoriasis
-- asthma (4 Strategien, p.302).

Healing with be with blood group nutrition. Fruit juices have to be eliminated completely first. Soups and yogurts with active cultures of L. Acidophilus can be integrated supporting the useful bacteria in the digestive tract (4 Strategien, p.302).

When blood group nutrition is introduced the diarrhea is healing "after some time". But when the diarrhea is continuing, then there is a heavy infection with parasites, may be also a partial intestinal obstruction or an inflammation. When there is blood or purulence in the faeces, go to the doctor at once (4 Strategien, p.302).

Childhood illnesses: ear infections

Strassenverkehr und
                        Industrie und eine falsche Ernährung bei den
                        Blutgruppen A und AB ergibt automatisch
                        chronische Ohrinfektionen wegen der hohen
                        Schleimproduktion der Blutgruppen A und AB
Traffic and industry and a wrong alimentation of persons of blood groups A and AB provoke automatically chronical ear infections because of the high mucus production which have blood group A and AB

The ears of children are very sensible. Children with chronic ear infections mostly are also allergic against toxics of the environment [for example fine dust, abrasion of tyres, abrasion of streets and residual gases and heatings in winter], and they are also sensible against artificial parts in the alimentation. When also the food is against the blood group of the children, chronic infection is preprogrammed (4 Strategien, p.303).

Ear infections are very painful. Mostly this is "a congestion of damaging liquids and gases in the tympanum, provoked by a constipation [swelling] of the tube to the pharyngeal space, also called auditory tube". This congestion / swelling of the auditory tube can have different causes:
-- allergic reactions
-- or the tissue of the environment is weak (4 Strategien, p.304)
-- or infections (4 Strategien, p.305).

Children of blood group A have the tendency as all humans of type A that there is a high mucus production. When the alimentation is against the blood group, then the mucus production is even higher and can support well an ear infection:
-- with children of blood group A by milk products
-- with children of blood group AB by milk products, and also by corn (4 Strategien, p.303)
-- with children in general by too much sugar products provoking more vulnerability of their immune system (4 Strategien, p.304).

Immune system of children of A and AB are in all cases more tolerant to many bacteria and infections. They have more often inflammations of nose and throat which can also attack the ear canals. In the ear liquid of children with chronic infections (5 to 20 per winter) partly any defense agents ("complements") are missing against bacteria. Add to this also a serum lectin is missing, "the so called protein forming mannose" in the ear liquid. According to Dr. D'Adamo It is connecting itself "with the mannose sugars at the surface of the bacteria and is agglutinating them, and this facilitates a fast removal". But children of type A and AB do not have this (4 Strategien, p.303).

In the adult age all these substances are not missing any more. But the children need healing which "normal medicine" is not giving (4 Strategien, p.304). Antibiotics are hardly useful because the agents are developing resistance. At the end "normal medicine" is acting like this: Little tubes are operated into the blocked auditory tubes (myringotomy). And often the favorite dish of the child is the cause for the ear infection (4 Strategien, p.305).

A healing without operation is well possible:

-- with blood group nutrition
-- with an enhancement of the defense forces, above all by limitation of sugar consumption
-- with a mild stimulus of immune system with Echinacea and with a rosehip extract (4 Strategien, p.304).

Healing ear inflammations with children of blood group 0 and B

Children of blood group 0 are less vulnerable for ear infections [because of their active immune system]. Healing is also going easier. Blood group nutrition mostly is enough [that means for blood group 0 that wheat products and cow milk products have to be eliminated, and fish and meager biological meat has to be integrated].

Children of blood group A are in a big danger for ear inflammations. Children should be suckled during 1 year and not educated by milk bottle. So, the immune system and the gastro-intestinal system have enough time for their development (4 Strategien, p.306).

Children of blood group B have mostly a virus infection as a cause of their ear infections, and children of blood group B are also vulnerable for infections with Haemophilus bacteria. Healing is often proceeded with blood group nutrition: reduce tomatoes, corn, and chicken so their lectins are reduced which provoke swellings and secretion of purulence in the gastro-intestinal system, and these secretions can attack neck and ears (4 Strategien, p.306).

Parents have to fight for the change of alimentation of their children. Often the suffering children don't want to change their alimentation because they have to reduce the consumption of their "favorite dish" (4 Strategien, p.306).

Case: Tony, 7 years old, blood group B: healing of chronic ear infections
Tony had many ear infections, until 15 per winter, and "normal medicine" always gave antibiotics without effect. Add to this he eats many chicken nuggets and corn, just the wrong things for blood group B. After introducing blood group nutrition he only had one ear infection per winter, and this infection was well treatable with natural medicine (4 Strategien, p.307).

Childhood illnesses: learning disability with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD syndrome)

Lernschwäche (hier ein Wegweiser zu einem
                        "Stützkurs") ist durch die
                        blutgruppenspezifischen Betätigungsprogramme
                        überwindbar. Learning disability (here a signpost for supplementary lessons) can be overcome by blood group gymnastic programs

ADD syndrome (Attention Deficit Disorder) cannot be classified with blood groups yet. Research is not so far yet (4 Strategien, p.307). Causes searched about ADD are
-- a disorder in sugar metabolism
-- allergies for dyers and for other chemicals (4 Strategien, p.308).

In general children with ADD are more choosy concerning their meals. According to Dr. D'Adamo children of blood group 0 are vulnerable for ADD (4 Strategien, p.308).

[Learning disability: Research clearly says that this disability is caused by smoking and passive smoking during pregnancy: The fetus is suffering an intoxication with carbon monoxide and nicotine, and therefore this is provoking a lack of oxygen in the brain because the red blood cells are connecting with the carbon monoxide and cannot transport that much oxygen as normally. Therefore the brain remains underdeveloped and the learning disability and other damages can emerge. See:
Note about smoker's smoke and passive smoking]

Overcoming of learning disability is also specific to the blood groups:

Healing of ADD

Until today there is only an empiric statistic about this topic of ADD. According to blood groups the brain can be supported by sports or meditation activities:

Dr. D'Adamo observed that a treatment of a slight anemia with a protein diet and B12 and folic acid also bettered the attention capacity of the child. In general the attention capacity with ADD children was bettering when blood group nutrition was introduced, and with the treatment with low dosages of B12 and folic acids (4 Strategien, p.308).

Additional sports with ADD children according to blood groups are like this:

Children with blood group 0 with ADD are helped much with sports in groups. But painting therapy or working pottery are more destructive.

Children with blood group A and AB with ADD are helped more with constructive activities like pottery and painting, more than with sports.

Children with blood group B with ADD should perform moderate sports like swimming and gymnastics (4 Strategien, p.308).

Childhood illnesses: angina with streptococci, mononucleosis (glandular fever) and mumps

The symptoms of angina with streptococci (bacterial infection) and mononucleosis (virus infection) are similar to sore throat, sick feeling, fever, shivering, headaches, swollen lymph nodes and swollen tonsils. The precise determination which illness it is can be only determined by a blood test and with a smear of the mucosa of the throat (4 Strategien, p.309).

Angina with streptococci

Angina ist je nach
                        Blutgruppe verschieden heilbar, weil die
                        Immunsysteme verschieden stark sind Angina has to be healed according to the blood group in different ways because the immune systems are different

Angina of streptococci has some more symptoms, among others eczema. "Normal medicine" is treating this with antibiotics and aspirin. But in many cases the infections simply is repeating and "normal medicine" has no solution for the problem (4 Strategien, p.309).

Blood group 0 and Be are recovering fast [because of the more active immune system] (4 Strategien, p.309). Blood groups A and AB have a lazy immune system and are eliminating the pathogen only slowly. Measures are:

-- blood group diet
-- mouth wash with sage and curcuma (with berberine), is disinfecting throat and tonsils, can inhibit repetitions, has a bitter taste, but has a great effect
-- eventually the throat can also be sprayed with a throat spray
-- and there are supplements: beta carotene, vitamin C, cinq, Echinacea (4 Strategien, p.310).


Mononukleose tritt
                        mehr bei Blutgruppe 0 auf Mononucleosis is more emerging with blood group 0

Children of blood group 0 are more vulnerable as children of A, B or AB. Antibiotics have no effect with a virus infection. Measures can be only bedrest and aspirin and much liquid for drinking (4 Strategien, p.310).


                        ist bei Blutgruppe B besonders häufig Mumps is emerging especially with blood group B, less with A, AB and 0

Children with blood group B are especially affected by virus infection of mumps. Parotid glands are swelling between the ascending mandibular branch and the outer auditory canal in a purulent way. Children of blood group B and all children with rhesus factor negative can suffer damages at their ear nerves. Therefore such children have to be observed well when they pass a mumps illness for stating and healing at once any ear damage which can be provoked by mumps illnesses (4 Strategien, p.310).

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