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Allergies according to blood groups

Blood groups have a different vulnerability for allergies

                z.B. Heuschnupfen, sind je nach Blutgruppe verschieden
Allergies as e.g. hey fever are different according to blood groups

by Michael Palomino (2006 / translation 2012)

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-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programs. Live Right 4 Your Type)
-- Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type)

Making a difference between allergies and incompatibilities

An incompatibility of a food in gastro intestinal system is not an allergy but is a reaction of the immune system. This has to be made a clear difference. When there is missing e.g. an enzyme in the body for the decomposition of lactose, so milk lactose is provoking a sick feeling and therefore is incompatible. In such a case for example one has to take milk products where the enzyme is added (4 Strategien, p.283).

An allergy is not a sick feeling but is another illness: Immune system produces an anti body against a food which provokes a fast and strong reaction in the body: There can be an eczema, swellings, or cramps (4 Strategien, p.283).

It is very rare that the body is reacting with an allergy against a positive food of blood group nutrition. But in such a case this food also has to be aliminated (4 Strategien, p.284).

[at least until blood group nutrition is stabilized, and then one can try it again].

Damaging lectins provoke incompatibilities similar to allergies

Many [damaging] lectins of food provoke the immune system [depending on the blood group] the formation of anti bodies against the [damaging] lectins. For the affected people these foods are rated as "highly allergenic", whereas it's not a bodily allergy, but it's only a reaction of lectins. Omitting the damaging lectins is eliminating also the states similar to allergies (richtig leben, p.90).

Dr. D'Adamo estimates that it's "very probable that many allergies rated as food allergies are in reality the reaction of the immune system to these damaging lectins in damaging food according to the blood group." (richtig leben, p.90)
(orig. German:
D'Adamo schätzt es für "sehr wahrscheinlich, dass so manche vermutliche Nahrungsmittelallergie in Wirklichkeit eine Reaktion des Immunsystems auf diese in der Nahrung vorhandenen Lektine ist." (richtig leben, S.90)

Allergies in general: wrong lectins - liberation of histamines and kinines - allergic reactions

Example of the connection between pollen and wheat:

Pollen often contains lectins liberating strong histamines. This is always the beginning of an allergy symptom as for example itching or runny nose etc. Above all wheat lectins are having an effect on IgE anti bodies (immunglobin E anti bodies). These have an effect on white blood cells ("basophiles") and the whites blood cells for themselves are producing now aside of the allergen histamin also the allergen of Kinin. And the kinins can provoke heavy allergic reactions, with swellings in the mouth and neck up to inhibition of respiration (4 Strategien, p.284).


"Many pollen contain lectins favoring the liberation of strong histamines, and - jab! - all allergy symptoms are breaking out: itching, sneezing, runny nose, heavy respiration, cough and red eyes with tears.

These damaging lectins are in many kinds of food, above all in wheat products having an effect on the IgE anti bodies (immune globulin E anti bodies) in the blood. These anti bodies are stimulating the white blood cells, the so called basophiles for a production of histamines and add to this also kinins, one more group of powerful allergens. These kinins can provoke heavy allergic reactions with swelling in the mouth and in the neck up to inhibition of respiration." (4 Strategien, p.284).
(orig. German:
"In zahlreichen Pollen sind Lectine enthalten, die die Freisetzung von starken Histaminen begünstigen, und - Zack! - schon sind alle Allergie-Symptome ausgebrochen: Juckreiz, Niesen, Triefnase, Atembeschwerden, Husten und rotunterlaufene, tränende Augen.

Die Lectine in zahlreichen Nahrungsmitteln, insbesondere im Weizen, beeinflussen im Blut enthaltene IgE-(Immunglobulin E) Antikörper. Diese Antikörper regen weisse Blutkörperchen, so genannte Basophile, dazu an, neben Histaminen auch noch Kinine, eine weitere Gruppe machtvoller Allergene, freizusetzen. Diese Kinine können schwere allergische Reaktionen auslösen, zu Schwellungen im Rachenraum führen und die Atmung behindern." (4 Strategien, S.284)

[Supplement: Fine dust and damaging food in the town provoke allergies
At the same time there has to be considered the effect of fine dust which is similar to pollen: Fine dust is coming from abrasion of tires, of the streets, of the breaks and comes also from the heatings. And: In the towns food is normally less healthy than in the countryside. Therefore there are more allergies in the towns than in the countryside. McDonalds and other fast food shops with their damaging wheat buns are essentially part of the growing rate of allergies without knowing it, and industry is not telling anything about these connections because industry wants to have ill persons for an always higher selling rate of "medicaments"... The more car traffic and fast food with wheat buns the more allergies will be...].

Allergies with blood group 0

Humans of blood group 0 have the big part of all allergies, for example asthma, hey fever etc. (4 Strategien, p.284), and this is because blood group 0 has got no antigens. Therefore the organism of blood group 0 has the lowest force to defend attacks from the outside (4 Strategien, p.285).

Asthma and hey fever with blood group 0
Blood group 0 develops an "environmental asthma" because of the environmental effects. Healing of asthma and hey fever can be performed

-- when blood group nutrition is strictly followed
-- and then sneezing and respiration problems etc. will go away (4 Strategien, p.284)

-- also snoring is eliminated
-- and persistent digestion problems also will be eliminated (4 Strategien, p.285).

Allergies with blood group A

Asthma and hey fever with blood group A

Blood group A develops a "stress asthma" because of it's "stress profile". Healing also comes with blood group A by a strict following of blood group diet. And then the excessive mucus production is reduced which is always a problem with blood group A (4 Strategien, p.285).

Healing of asthma and hey fever with blood group A is performed

-- by an elimination of food which is supporting mucus production, and these are all damaging milk products
-- by a constructive managing of stress in life
-- by fulfilling a strict blood group diet (4 Strategien, p.285).

Eventually asthma can really be eliminated completely with this program (4 Strategien, p.285).

Allergies with blood group B

When humans of blood group B have a good nutrition so these humans are only hardly vulnerable for allergies. But the damaging lectins of chicken and corn can provoke allergies with persons of blood group B (4 Strategien, p.285).

Allergies with blood group AB

Humans of blood group AB have the lowest rate of allergies of all blood groups because they have the double quantity of antigens (4 strategies, p.285).

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