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Coronavirus19 5m: Healings 06: with CDS (with Dr. Kalcker etc.) 01

The spike protein of the "corona vaccination" is eliminated with CDS in 3 months
CDS=chlorine dioxide solution - in German: CDL=Chlordioxidlösung

   9.7.2022: Wahrheitswisser gegen
                                Impflügner: Aus dem "The great
                                reset" des kriminellen Schwab wird
                                "The great resist"  23.7.2022: Urkunde für
                                          UNgeimpfte Legende   Peru 21.9.2022: Dr. Kalcker
                                        meint, CDL leitet auch die
                                        Spikeproteine aus: Ausleitung
                                        von Spike-Proteinen
July 9, 2022: Truthers against vaccination liars: "The great reset" of criminal Mr. Schwab becomes "The great resist" [17].
July 23, 2022: Certificate for UNvaccinated legends [1] - from: Vaccine damage Switzerland Corona vaccination, [23.07.2022 12:19]
Peru Sep 21, 2022: Dr. Kalcker says CDS also discharges spike proteins: Discharging Spike Proteins [8].


presented by Michael Palomino
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Peru Sep 21, 2022: Dr. Kalcker clearly states: CDS destroys the spike proteins of the "corona vaccination":
Spike protein discharge
(orig. German: Ausleitung von Spike-Proteinen)
Video link on Telegram: https://t.me/Impfschaden_Corona_Schweiz/53896
Video link on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dxN5WRo67Jxp/

Video: Peru Sep 20, 2022: Dr. Kalcker: CDS cleaves+destroys spike protein (4'45'') -- Interviewer asks: does CDS attack "corona vaccination"? -- Dr. Kalcker: CDS destroys "corona vaccination" -- Dr. Kalcker: 85% of corona patients in hospitals are vaccinated with "corona vaccination" -- Dr. Kalcker: Criminal BAG with Berset+Levy coerces and blackmails health personnel to lie - fraud suppressing data! -- Chlorine dioxide cures people with "corona vaccination" -- The chlorine dioxide breaks down the spike protein: Binding chains are split+oxidized - paff -- The intake duration of diluted chlorine dioxide: At least 3 weeks - it can also be taken for life -- Rats with diluted CDS live 30% longer -- CDS as a remedy is legally approved in Bolivia+Honduras, and tolerated in many countries

Peru 21.9.2022: Dr. Kalcker
                    meint, CDL leitet auch die Spikeproteine aus:
                    Ausleitung von Spike-Proteinen
Peru Sep 21, 2022: Dr. Kalcker thinks CDS also discharges spike proteins: Discharging spike proteins [8]

Video: Peru Sep 20, 2022: Dr. Kalcker: CDL cleaves+destroys spike protein (4'45'')
(orig. German: Peru 20.9.2022: Dr. Kalcker: CDL spaltet+zerstört das Spike-Protein)

Video: Peru Sep 20, 2022: Dr. Kalcker: CDL cleaves+destroys spike protein (4'45'')
https://www.bitchute.com/video/dxN5WRo67Jxp/ -
Bitchute channel: NatMed-etc. - uploaded on Sep 20, 2022

Summary: CDS breaks down the spike protein and destroys it. In Switzerland, healing with CDS takes longer than normal because in Switzerland the immune systems are "all the way down" [which is not the case in Latin America because of the good food there].

According to the biophysicist and well-known CDS expert, Dr. Andreas Kalcker, he and a number of doctors in South "America" succeeded in stopping the Corona pandemic with the help of chlorine dioxide.
But not only that: In this interview Kalcker explains that even after a covid vaccination a discharge of the spike proteins by CDS should be possible.

Mentioned web sites

Transcript (translation by Deepl):

Interviewer asks: Does CDS conduct "corona vaccination"?
But I would like to come back to the "vaccination" topic. I know this is a delicate [topic], but do you think the discharge is also possible with the CDS [English] or CDL [German] (15''), or is it only as a protection also for the UNvaccinated regarding the spike proteins? (18'')

Dr. Kalcker: CDS destroys the "corona vaccination"
So to believe is not to know (22''), and I can tell you, I KNOW it happens. By now we have enough data for it, and it is as follows (28''):

Dr. Kalcker: 85% of corona patients in hospitals are vaccinated with "corona vaccination"
So, the hospitals with which our doctors also work, there are many of them, for example, I remember one now specifically, he is in a hospital where 1,500 employees are (40''), so that's not a small, well, this number is about employees, not patients (43''), so that are complete blocks of houses, and so they have collected enough data now in the meantime, and they have also confirmed that basically 85% of those admitted [with heavy Corona] are all VAXXED (57''). And all exactly after vaccination - relatively short time (1'1''). This is of course played out very intelligently by the industry like this: Yes if it is not 3 days before or 17 days after or 21 days so and so, then it is not one [a case by the vaccine] (1'10''). Yeah forget it. So people then arrive after relatively short time, WITH Covid, and that's 85% - so 85% of the people who come [to the hospital with Covid] are VAXXED (1'23'').

Dr. Kalcker: Criminal BAG (Swiss Health Department) with Berset+Levy coerces and blackmails health staff to lie - fraud with misappropriated data!
And that had to - even in Switzerland some nurses have to sign that they are not allowed to say that (1'33''). That is, if one is vaccinated, comes in with Covid, then they are not allowed to pass that on (1'37''). There's concealing of data, clearly [fraud on the public] (1'40''). And even in countries like here [in Europe] - that's just - well - absolutely incredible [gang crime in Switzerland by the cr. government] (1'45''). But well, I don't want to bitch or whine now, but that's just a fact now (1'50'').

Chlorine dioxide cures people with "corona vaccination"
The thing is that chlorine dioxide also works THERE [in Switzerland] (1'53''). It takes a little bit longer, it's a little bit more difficult, depending, because these people [in Switzerland] of course have less [strength] - the immune system is pretty much shut down in many then (2'0'').

The chlorine dioxide breaks down the spike protein: binding chains are broken down+oxidized - paff
But it works exactly the same way. So they can sort of use it to clear out the spike, because anybody who's ever read on my website, https://andreaskalcker.com/de/ (2'11'') - you can also find the papers there, so you can see the first paper that we wrote, that Dr. Nelson and I and others wrote, is the hypothesis, and it's called "in siricum", so where the proteins, you can see it there very clearly, how the proteins are composed of the spike (2'30''), and where the chlorine dioxide attacks (2'33''). And it attacks exactly the spike (2'35''). So that means that this S protein is sort of taken apart by the chlorine dioxide, because it holds mainly - because it holds binding chains like with cysteine and tryptophan are - that is, they are oxidized, then paff the whole thing falls apart (2'49'') and has NO chance, NO CHANCE (2'52''). And this is very interesting and also very effective (2'55'').

The duration of taking diluted chlorine dioxide: at least 3 weeks - it is possible to take it for life
How long people have to take that? Yes we say normally at least 21 days, at least (3'1''), or more, depending on how many times they've been vaccinated, what substances they've been vaccinated with, but well, I can take a substance that's not harmful - that's [the diluted] chlorine dioxide - I can take that my whole life (3'14'').

Rats with diluted CDS live 30% longer
So we were able to find in the tests, with rats that did the whole life [with diluted CDS], so they lived - and this was very interesting - they lived 30% longer (3'23''). So the Norvegicus rats for example [rattus norvegicus], they have about 650 days of life, 600 to 650 depending, and with chlorine dioxide it's over 900 (3'34''). So that's quite a good figure, 30% longer life span, and they drank really high doses from the beginning to the end of their life WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS (3'48''). They also had successors, there were no problems, there are no problems with pregnant women, with lactants, with nursing mothers or whatever (3'59''). It's even officially used on cows - it's legal - it's used on mastitis. That is - and the milk doesn't have to be thrown away. That's very interesting (4'8'').

CDS as a remedy is legally approved in Bolivia+Honduras, and tolerated in many countries
And there are MANY uses of chlorine dioxide, but as I said, in humans they are so far only approved by law in Bolivia, so to speak, also in Honduras (4'20''), and in many Latin "American" countries it's now also tolerated, so that means this is such a - huh - all right, because many health ministers have been cured (4'33''), and then they make normally a gentleman agreement, so the minister says: "I can't do [approve] it, I have too much pressure from above [from pharma bribe money], but we're not going to do anything against it. " (4'40'').

Cure CDL against "Corona vaccination" in Peru on Sep 22, 2022: Dr. Kalcker says: 3 months CDS cures "Corona vaccination" away - Protocol C:
Cancel corona lmpt damage - guidance confirmed by doctors
(orig. German: Corona-lmptschaden aufheben - Anleitung von Ärzten bestätigt)
Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0k0Tx42RgY
Here is the instruction pdf ➤ https://gesundheits-universum.com/corona-impfung-ausleiten-pdf/

Video: Sep 22, 2022: Dr. Kalcker opines: 3 months of CDL cures the "corona vaccination" away - Protocol C (4'17'') -- Data collected from over 4000 doctors by COMUSAV from 27 countries -- Taking CDL for 3 months, Protocol C -- Normal poisoning the body manages to compensate easily -- The spike protein poisoning of the "corona vaccination" reproduces all the time, therefore take CDL for 3 months -- Magnetic people get healthy again with CDL -- At some point the genes don't want to produce the spike protein anymore - but this varies from person to person - rule of thumb: Take CDL for 3 months -- Wait for studies - many people have already taken CDL and cured themselves

Video: 22.9.2022: Dr.
                    Kalcker meint: 3 Monate CDL heilt die
                    "Coronaimpfung" weg - Protokoll C
Video: 9/22/2022: Dr. Kalcker says 3 months of CDS cures "corona vaccination" away - Protocol C (4'17'') [13]
(orig. German: 22.9.2022: Dr. Kalcker meint: 3 Monate CDS heilt die "Coronaimpfung" weg - Protokoll C (4'17'')

Video: 9/22/2022: Dr. Kalcker says 3 months of CDS cures "corona vaccination" away - Protocol C (4'17'')
(orig. German: 22.9.2022: Dr. Kalcker meint: 3 Monate CDS heilt die "Coronaimpfung" weg - Protokoll C)

Video: 9/22/2022: Dr. Kalcker says 3 months of CDS cures "corona vaccination" away - Protocol C (4'17'')
https://www.bitchute.com/video/h6ljWT7FXGaP/ - Bitchute channel: NatMed-etc. - upload on Sep 22, 2022

Transcript (translation):

Data collected from more than 4,000 physicians by COMUSAV from 27 countries
Dr. Kalcker:
And so from that data, yes, it definitely, it helps with sequelae of ["Corona"] vaccination (7''). Text: Does CDS help with sequelae of C* vaccination? (10'') I haven't said anything yet, because we had to collect data first, and collecting data means that the more than 4,000 doctors of COMUSAV (Coalición Mundial Salud y Vida), of which I am also a member, have then collected data (21''), in 27 countries by now (24'').

3 months of taking CDS, protocol C
And so from these data, yes, it definitely, it helps with sequelae of ["Corona"] vaccination (32''). How long do you have to take it? Quite long (34''). So there is definitely 3 months (37''), because we don't know exactly how long the body produces the S protein (or the "spikes") in the endotelial cells (49''). It is assumed that it does not do it forever (52''), but [...] the protocol is exactly this, so that means: protocol C 3 months (57'').

Normal poisoning is easily compensated by the body
The body, it can handle a lot of things, just not things that constantly multiply themselves (1'3''). That means: your body constantly has many, many, many poisons and all kinds of things (1'10''). Imagine, on the weekend, you pour yourself a bad poison, it's called alcohol, and when people are drunk, that's even worse, that's actually poisoning, ethyl poisoning (1'21''). And some people survive that, whatever (1'24'').

The spike protein poisoning of the "corona vaccination" reproduces itself all the time, that's why you have to take CDS for 3 months
So the body is already pretty tough, for sure. But what it can't do is to take something that is constantly reproducing. And now it's exactly this S protein. This spike multiplies (1'36''). So I say: I cleaned it again, it got dirty again (1'38''). And then clean it again. So that's exactly the problem, because the body says: What's going on here? (1'42'') And then you have to be careful with that, but the doctors also confirmed, that was also confirmed by the director of COMUSAV - Dr. Chavez (1'55''): Yes, so the people who have diligently taken their CDS with and after the vaccination - or CDL in the German [language area] - they have NO problems in contrast to those who have NOT done that (2'8'').

Magnetic people get well with CDS
The - his practice virtually full from 9 to 9, and says: That's a huge difference (2'13''). And, the people who have already been vaccinated with it, so to speak, and realize: There's something that shouldn't be there (2'21''), yes, as I said, that's definite: to eliminate the whole thing, so these 3 months are really excellent (2'28''), that's also been proven, there were people, many people with, who were therefore magnetic, etc., etc. (2'34''), also proven with measuring indicator, not only with a refrigerator magnet, but they also where measured by indicator (2'43''). And after the long-term intake they were no more magnetic. And so that's already an indication that the whole thing then returns to normal afterwards (2'52''). The body wants to be healthy, it doesn't want to be sick (2'55'').

Interviewer: What about the gene-modifying effect of corona vaccination? (3'0'')

At some point, the genes no longer feel like producing the spike protein - but this varies from person to person - rule of thumb: take CDS for 3 months
Dr. Kalcker:
That's what I said: The endotelial cells produce spikes first, that's the protein, exactly that, that's the matter about (3'6''). It also has to be taken for a relatively long time, until at some point the genes don't feel like producing it anymore, because it keeps getting oxidized away (3'14''). There is production, that's the case, yes, but we don't know how long (3'18''). And it's also different from person to person (3'20''). I said: 21 days - and all the doctors said: No. And I said: Why no? Andreas, we are the "clinicians" here, and we know better, because we have the people every day (3'30''). I say: Ok, you are the professionals here, and they said: 3 months, at least (3'35'').

Wait for studies - many people have already taken the CDS and cured themselves
This is still the beginning now [with our CDS research], this will then become more and more [data], yes, there in terms of studies on this are becoming more and more (3'42''). And it's a matter of time. This has been just like last year. We have had the CDS from the beginning, but until finally the studies were ready, that takes time, and then many people don't have the time to wait for it at all (3'54''). So, let's say I'm vaccinated and you don't notice anything and you don't feel anything, that's your personal thing (4'0''). But if you say: I have been vaccinated, and there is oh oh, something is not as it should be, maybe it would make sense to inform yourself [and] take the right thing (4'10'').

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Achtung: Neues Corona kommt - Trinkwasservergiftung durch SCHLANGENGIFT
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden (seit Dezember 2021 "postpandemische Belastungsstörung" oder "LongCovid" genannt)
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden bei SportlerInnen (sportlich)
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden bei Piloten und Crews
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfungen gegen Kinder - SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden bei Kindern
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden Transhumane Kinder
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden bei Babys (Neugeborene, Missbildungen, Geburtsschaden, Geburtsfehler)
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden Vaccidents (Kontrollverlust am Steuer)

Ausreden für SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschäden
Kreuzfahrtschiffe mit Corona
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfungen gegen Tiere
Shedding am Handy!
Shedding bei Tieren
Neue Grippeviren, die aber kein Corona sind
Medizinisches Coronasymptome
Medizinisches Heilung von Corona
Medizinisches Inhaltsstoffe
Medizinisches Immunsystem
Medizinisches Ansteckung
Medizinisches: Viren gibt es nicht
Medizinisches mit Mutation (Mutationen, Varianten)
Medizinisches mit Autopsie+Einbalsamierer
Medizinisches mit VAIDS
Medizinisches: Schlangengift
Medizinisches: Heilversuche gegen die tödlichen SCHLANGENGIFTimpfungen
Medizinisches: Blutgruppe als Faktor (Blutgruppen)

Zahlen: Falsche Zählung
Zahlen: Armut durch Coronawahn
Tests wo man sich testen lassen kann (Antikörpertests)
Tests wo man sein Blut testen lassen kann (Bluttest mit Dunkelfeldmikroskopie)
Lockdown und Quarantäne

SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpfte müssen NIE in Quarantäne
Tödlicher SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwahn
Tödlicher SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwahn Inhaltsstoffe
Tödlicher SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwahn 5 Jahre lang
Tödlicher SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwahn mit Chargen (Chargenspiele)
Tödlicher SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwahn mit Chip
Tödlicher SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwahn in Lebensmitteln
SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpfte sind ansteckend
SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpfte Mütter beim Stillen: mRNA-Spike wird durch Muttermilch aufs Baby übertragen
Tödliche SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwerbung
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfwerbung mit Nötigung durch kr. und sinnlose Tests
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfung nützt nichts gegen Corona / schützt nicht vor Corona / hilft nicht gegen Corona
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde "plötzlich und unerwartet" (Impftote - das Massaker durch die SCHLANGENGIFTimpfungen)

SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde bei SportlerInnen
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde bei Schwangeren / Ungeborenen / Fehlgeburten / Totgeburten
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden Unfruchtbarkeit+Fehlgeburten: Geburtenrate sinkt = Geburtenrückgang = Geburteneinbruch
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde bei Piloten+Crews
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde an Kindern (Kindermorde)
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde Vaccidents (Tod am Steuer mit Verkehrsunfall, Kontrollverlust am Steuer)
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfungen provozieren mehr Selbstmorde
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde und Bestatter und Krematorien

SCHLANGENGIFTimpfmorde und Versicherungen
Gestorben an Corona ohne Impfung - und ohne Kenntnisse um Naturmedizin
Selbstmord durch Impfdruck und Gruppenzwang
Selbstmord nach SCHLANGENGIFTimpfung wegen SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschäden
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfzwang / Zwangsimpfung durch Erpressung
SCHLANGENGIFTimpfzwang durch Gruppendruck
3., 4., 5. SCHLANGENGIFTimpfung
Heilmittel gegen die SCHLANGENGIFTimpfung (Heilung von SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschaden, Heilversuche)
Diskriminierung mit Zertifikat
Diskriminierung von gesunden UNgeimpften (Apartheid)
Diskriminierung von gesunden UNgeimpften mit Denunziantentum
Diskriminierung von gesunden UNgeimpften mit 2G, 3G, etc. (Apartheid)
Diskriminierung mit 1G=SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpft (1G-Apartheid)
Diskriminierung mit 1G=getestet (1G-Apartheid)
Diskriminierung von SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpften generell (Apartheid gegen Geimpfte)
Diskriminierung von 2fach SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpften ohne 3. SCHLANGENGIFTimpfung (Apartheid gegen 2fach SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpfte)
Diskriminierung von FALSCH Geimpften (Apartheid gegen andere Impfstoffe)
Diskriminierung von Leuten ohne QR-Code (Apartheid)
Diskriminierung von FALSCHEN Ungeimpften
Diskriminierung+Coronamassnahmen nützen nichts gegen Corona - Coronawahn nützt nichts
Naturzerstörung / Umweltbelastung
Costapo (Nazi-Schweine in Uniform für den Impf-Fascho-Staat)
Costapo kriminelle Antifa
Spionage dank Coronawahn
Sippenhaft mit "Impfquoten" - voll Fascho!
Schwangere mit SCHLANGENGIFTimpfung
Spitaldesaster / Spitalnotstand

Spitaldesaster falsche Zählung
Spitaldesaster Intensivstationen: https://www.linker.ch/eigenlink/corona_covid19_maps.htm
Spitaldesaster OP-Saal mit SCHLANGENGIFTgeimpfte
Spital bleibt menschlich
Firmendesaster / Betriebsdesaster mit Personalmangel
Kriminelle Regierungen

Kriminelle Regierungen im Militärwahn (Militarisierung für Zwangsimpfung)
Kriminelle Regierungen wollen zahlen (wollen bezahlen, Entschädigung von SCHLANGENGIFTimpfschäden, Schadenersatz)
Täter 5G
Morde an Covid19-Pionieren
Kriminelle Ärzte-Mafia - Mafia-Ärzte

UNgeimpfte Goldstücke sind fast nie krank
UNgeimpfte Goldstücke müssen einspringen
Widerstand! (Einen Virus kann man GAR NICHT impfen, weil ein Virus IMMER MUTIERT!)
Widerstand mit Demo: Friede, Freiheit, Demokratie
Widerstand mit Konvoy
Widerstand der MoSSad-Rothschild-Medien:
Warnung vor SCHLANGENGIFT-GENimpfungen etc.
Widerstand mit Klage (Justiz)
Widerstand mit Streik
Widerstand normal leben

Widerstand: Revolution gegen Satanisten-Reset
Heilmittel gegen Corona ganz normal
Fascho-Regierungen / Fascho-Staaten
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Ziel Great Reset der Satanisten

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