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Coronavirus19 5i: Feb.9, 2021:
Warning from deatly genetic vaccines mRNA by Dr. Carrie Madej

The mRNA human experiment: deaths, cytokine storm, pneumonia, liver problems, cancer, genetic damage, autoimmune diseases, life expectancy is falling rapidly - the alleged marking with luciferase + 5G = data in a cloud - codes 060606 and 666666 - Bill Gates wants to gen vaccinate 7 billion people + murder them and the "US" judiciary does nothing

Video: Der mRNA-Menschenversuch:
                      Tote, Zytokin-Sturm, Lungenentzündungen,
                      Leberprobleme, Krebs, Erbgutschäden,
                      Autoimmunerkrankungen, Lebenserwartung sinkt
                      rapide - die angebliche Markierung mit
                      Luziferase+5G=Daten in einer Cloud - Codes 060606
                      und 666666 - Bill Gates will 7 Milliarden Menschen
                      gen-impfen + ermorden und die
                      "US"-Justiz tut nichts... - Wir stehen
                      vor einem globalen Völkermord! (15'5'')
                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq56Ylzz8SM -
                      YouTube-Kanal: franz kronenberg - hochgeladen am

What do you call the Corona19 policy? - OVERPROTECTION - Governments go to psychiatry! (Michael Palomino, January 31, 2021)

How do you survive a vaccination? Just NEVER VACCINATE! (Michael Palomino, February 21, 2021)

presented by Michael Palomino (2021)
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Mask terror is a COERCION + HEALTH HAZARD!
Refusal to provide information about natural medicine is DENIAL OF ASSISTANCE!

The immune system can be supported with citrus fruits (Vit. C), with garlic + onions + ginger (natural antibiotics) + all food must be whole grain food (for minerals), as well as olive oil + nuts must be.
French fries (frit oil contaminated) and white rice + white flour (without minerals) and lemonade with citric acid (corrosive) have not yet been banned, this is really negligent.
Michael Palomino, March 18, 2020

-- The best prevention or cure for the flu is a medical diet + blood group nutrition + going to bed early + baking soda with apple cider vinegar (note sodium bicarbonate)
-- Previous illnesses usually heal away with sodium bicarbonate (note sodium bicarbonate).

May 17, 2020: Mossad government Merkel is DIRECTLY CONTROLLED by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates - through a "declaration of intent" from Feb. 2017 -
May 17, 2020: Mossad government in Switzerland is DIRECTLY CONTROLLED by Bill Gates+Melinda Gates - with a "declaration of intent", January 22, 2014 - Link

Video: Warning from Dr. Carrie Madej before Gene Vaccinations, Fatal Side Effects, Luciferase Marking + 5G + Censorship by the Bill Gates Mafia:
We are facing global genocide! (15'5'')

(German: Wir stehen vor einem globalen Völkermord!)
Video: Der mRNA-Menschenversuch: Tote,
                Zytokin-Sturm, Lungenentzündungen, Leberprobleme, Krebs,
                Erbgutschäden, Autoimmunerkrankungen, Lebenserwartung
                sinkt rapide - die angebliche Markierung mit
                Luziferase+5G=Daten in einer Cloud - Codes 060606 und
                666666 - Bill Gates will 7 Milliarden Menschen
                gen-impfen + ermorden und die "US"-Justiz tut
                nichts... - Wir stehen vor einem globalen Völkermord!
                (15'5'') https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq56Ylzz8SM -
                YouTube-Kanal: franz kronenberg - hochgeladen am

The mRNA human experiment: deaths, cytokine storm, pneumonia, liver problems, cancer, genetic damage, autoimmune diseases, life expectancy is falling rapidly - the alleged marking with luciferase + 5G = data in a cloud - codes 060606 and 666666 - Bill Gates wants to gen vaccinate 7 billion people + murder them and the "US" judiciary does nothing - We are facing global genocide! (15'5'')
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq56Ylzz8SM - YouTube channel: franz kronenberg - uploaded at Feb.9, 2021

Video minutes (translation):

The kla.tv correspondent in the "USA" was able to make an interview with Dr. Ask Carrie Madej about the new gene vaccinations against Corona19. Title: kla.tv reports from Studio Seattle: Mankind 2.0: Doctor warns of new vaccination technology (7'').
(orig. German: kla.tv berichtet aus Studio Seattle: Menschheit 2.0: Ärztin warnt vor neuer Impf-Technologie)
Narrator: What she reveals in this interview is terrifying and alarming at the same time (13'').

Doctor Dr. Carrie Madej (doctor of internal medicine and osteopathy): Thank you for the invitation, Dany, it is a pleasure to speak to you here (17'').

Speaker: OK, let's say I fully believe in the risk of contracting the coronavirus (22''), and I agree to all the regulations that the government has introduced (25''), I wear my mask , wherever I go, I keep my distance, I agree to the lockdowns (30''), billions are currently being invested in this new vaccine (34''), many companies are competing with each other for producing the safest and most effective vaccine (38''), so I would say, let's get vaccinated with it and go back to normal, right? What do you think? (43'')

Fact: Gene vaccines are totally new - we have NO safety tests NOR (official) animal testing

Doctor Dr. Carrie Madej: I would tell people that they really need to pause and think about it very carefully (48'') because this vaccine is different from any previous vaccine or drug that is fast made (54''). We skip safety tests, we skip animal testing (57''), and people need to know that this is not a safe vaccine (1'0''). It has not been proven that it is safe (1'3''), and I, like my other colleagues, have a suspicion why the animal tests are skipped (1'8'').

Fact: Animal experiments with mRNA vaccines showed: permanent inflammation with cytokine reaction, pneumonia, liver problems, dead animals

The reason for this is that all previous attempts in the last 20 years to produce a similar vaccine (1'15''), because it is a completely different one, have failed in animal experiments (1'19''). In the animal experiments at that time, for example, where they administered these modified messenger RNA or DNA vaccine sera (1'27''), the animals initially looked very robust in terms of their immune system (1'32''). Wow, that looked like a success (1'36''): The antibody level in the blood samples rose, and the T-cell response also improved, great (1'45''). But in animal experiments a so-called challenge test is carried out (1'48''). This test application is unethical in humans and is therefore only used in animal experiments (1'53'').
Challenge test = A vaccinated animal is deliberately exposed to the same virus [again] and observed (1'53'').
This means that, for example, the blood samples initially looked good, but the animals were then exposed to the virus or bacteria and there were significant problems (2'2''). In reality, the animals have a cytokine reaction (2'5''), this means, an inflammatory reaction, all in all health becomes worth (2'12'') after they have been consciously exposed to the virus or bacteria ( 2'16''). That means: They got sicker, they had more pneumonia (2'19''), more liver problems, and there were more deaths (2'22''). When these symptoms in animals came up almost every time (2'25''), with the vaccines of this class until now (2'27''), so we can assume that it will be THE SAME effect also with THESE ones, and just with this vaccine [Pfizer] (2'33''), which they are probing to introduce with us now (2'36'').

Scandal: Doctors will blame a new virus for the cause - but the gene vaccinations are NOT SAFE

So let's assume they would give us this vaccine (2'39''). In the beginning everything looks fine with us, right? And then what if these people are exposed to a very common cold, flu, or Covid-20 or whatever it is? (2'49'') - Like my colleagues, I expect that there will be MORE deaths, MORE morbidity, MORE problems among people (2'56'').
Morbidity = frequency of a disease in a population (2'56'').
And I suspect that they [the doctors] will not blame it [the diseases and the dead] on the vaccine (3'0 "), because the vaccine manufacturers cannot currently be held liable (3'3"), but one will say: That is just the nature of this new virus (3'7'') that is at work out there, you would blame the virus (3'10''). Therefore we have to be VERY careful (3'13''), because this vaccine is - based on the data we have so far - NOT SAFE (3'17''). THAT alone is enough already [to reject the toxic mRNA genetic vaccines] (3'19'').

What is happening now? The human experiment with mRNA vaccines - the manipulation of genetics is a high risk: cancer, malformations, autoimmune diseases

In addition, this vaccine is absolutely new for mankind, this has never been revealed before (3'25''). They are handling with DNA, with RNA, with the genome, [with] the genes (3'30''). These are all similar terms that are used for the same thing (3'34''). The genome is what makes us human (3'38''), it is our blueprint (3'39''), it is what makes us grow, what reproduces us, what makes us to develop ourselves (3'44''), what makes us healthy, it's all the body needs to know what to do (3'48''). So if you manipulate THE WHOLE in any way, just a tiny change can have devastating consequences (3'55''). It can lead to cancer, mother genes, mother genes and autoimmune diseases (4'2'').
Parent genesis = creation of changes in the genetic material
Mother genes = altered genetic material due to certain influencing factors
Autoimmune diseases = body attacks itself from within (4'2'').

So these can be the long-term consequences of it, and that is completely new territory (4'7''). So, the studies are not carried out correctly (4'11''), but they are run through in a fast-track process (4'13'').

What is happening now? Long-term studies will not be ready before October 2021 - the human experiment is ongoing

We therefore have to deal with long-term studies on this topic (4'18''). However, not a single one of these studies will be completed before October 2021 (4'23''). If this vaccine is introduced, we will be in the middle of a large experiment in purely practical terms (4'29''). That's amazing, isn't it?

Scandal: The Nuremberg Codex is violated

Well, that goes back to the Nuremberg Codex from the Second World War (4'35''). WITHOUT our consent, human experiments are NOT allowed - THIS has to be communicated to the people absolutely (4'41''). We are in the middle of an experiment (4'43'').

Fact: A medical "study" normally takes 10 to 15 years

Narrator: That's true, and even October 2021 would be pretty quick (4'50''). How long does it normally take for a vaccine to be tested and proven to be safe? (4'54'')

Doctor Miss Madej: A good study, good studies should take 10 to 15 years (5'1''). Now they [the CDC or FDA?] say five years, but even 5 years is too fast (5'4''), but let's assume it first: In 5 years, however, it is hardly possible, and now it should be done in less than a year (5'11'').

Speaker: Less than a year. And one can assume that the military will certainly be used as a guinea pig (5'20'') to carry out further tests (5'22''). I also wonder who will get this vaccine first (5'25''), and when they start using it, it will probably be asked for air travel and so on (5'29'').

What is happening now? The human experiment is underway

Doctor Miss Madej: That's the problem. We are all now in the middle of a big experiment and we don't know what will happen (5'37''). I want to remind people that a technology called transfection [?] Is used for this type of vaccine (5'43'').
Transfection = introduction of genetic material into cells. of mammals (5'43'')
Scandal: The genetic manipulation of plants was the preliminary stage, now come animals and humans: life expectancy is falling rapidly

And when they use this, that's the same technology that they used for genetically modified organisms (5'49''). The fruits and vegetables, people have probably long since understood, are sterile (5'54''). They usually do not reproduce their own seeds (5'58''). The same thing could happen to a human being (6'0''). In addition, these vegetables are not that healthy. It does not have the nutritional composition as normal, healthy organic fruits and vegetables (6'7''). If you look at the genetically modified animals, they don't live that long, they have a very short life span (6'15''). This would definitely change us genetically in some way (6'20''). And we can expect the same consequences, that could be transferred to humans (6'26''). We really have to pause and look closely (6'30'').
[Human experiments with gene modification are already underway
This human experiment with genetically modified people with many miscarriages, stillbirths, deformities in newborns and short life expectancy is already ongoing
-- in Hiroshima + Nagasaki since 1945 (genetic changes caused by 2 atom bombs)
-- in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos (gene modifications by Agent Orange)
-- on the European coast lines of the Atlantic and by radioactively contaminated fish from European Atlantic (by atomic waste which was thrown into the sea until 1994 and since then is flowing into the sea in La Hague+Sellafield by underground tubes)
-- in Italy since 1989 (genetic changes caused by burying and dumping highly toxic and radioactive waste, contaminating groundwater with heavy metals and radioactive substances, and selling highly contaminated and radioactive fruits + vegetables throughout Italy by mafia maneuver changing labels illegally)
-- in Iraq since 1991 (uranium ammunition from criminal NATO)
-- in the Balkans since 1993 (uranium ammunition from criminal NATO in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo)].

Hysteria: The justification for genetic vaccine production: Produced quickly in masses and shipped quickly

Their excuse for using this type of vaccine is that they can create, mass-produce and ship it very quickly (6'37''). Really! THAT is the reason, that is the ONLY reason they give us to produce exactly THIS vaccine (6'42'').
[This shows that the high satanists are more likely to be alcoholics - Soros, Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.]
Hysteria: Corona19 itself is relatively harmless: CDC, WHO

Speaker: Yes, they also assume that Covid itself is incredibly dangerous (6'49''). Would you agree with that too? (6'51'')

Doctor Miss Madej: No, all the data show you that it is not that deadly (6'56''). The CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO) and all these groups admit that the virus is not that deadly (7'3''). We can maybe compare it to the swine flu (7'6''). And that's not what we stopped the world for, did we? (7'9'')

Scandal: Number games in corona tests with manipulated FALSE-positives WITHOUT END - all over the WHOLE WORLD

In addition, we now know that the data has been very manipulated (7'14'') and that many wrong numbers have appeared here (7'20''), and with these many errors I couldn't say that this was not ... I think it's INTENDED (7'25''), it's INTENDED that the numbers are INCREASE DELIBERATELY (7'28'') because if you - take, for example, the state of Florida with over 300 labs which reported positive test results by 100% (7'37'') - is that a mistake, these are individual laboratories, the test results were examined and then they were checked (7'45''), and in fact fewer than 10% positive cases were found (7 '48' '). Not 100%, there is something going on, that has been duplicated, not only in other states of the "USA" (7'54 "), but also in other countries of the world (7'56"). So wait a minute, WHAT is going on? (7'59'') - We see this repeated all over the world (8'2'').

Speaker: Yes, exactly (8'4'').

Doctor Miss Madej: So we see that something bigger is happening here, and you know, there is not only the case with the manipulation of the data (8'10'').

Scandal: Investments by certain people! - [Soros, Bill Gates]

When you see how some people have invested a lot of money in it, there is much money to earn with it (8'16''). And the people who are pushing for this vaccine [Pfizer lethal injection, which is called "vaccination"] are of course the ones who will make money with it (8'21'').

Scandal: There is NO compensation for damage! - [Soros + Bill Gates NEVER want to pay compensation]

And also people have to know that we will not get any compensation from these vaccine manufacturers if we suffer damage as a result (8'28''). You do not have to assume any responsibility, so no liability (8'31''). If they die, if someone dies, if someone is harmed, if someone gets long-term side effects or illnesses from the vaccination, that's bad luck (8'39''). You simply can't do anything about it (8'41''). They earn all their money with it, ALL THEIR MONEY! (8'44''), And WE ARE SUFFERING (8'45''). How can it be fair, how can it be correct, how can it be legal? (8'48'') - Imagine: You have the power to produce any product you want. They have no obligation to proceed science and development properly (8'56''). They are not obliged to proceed security tests, they simply bring the product on the market and can earn as much money with it as they want (9'2''). And NOTHING can happen to them (9'4'').

Speaker: Can you tell what the hell that stuff "luciferase" is (9'9''), and also what Bill Gate's patent with the weird numbering is? (9'14'')

Fact: Terrorist Bill Gates wants to vaccinate at least 7 billion people

Doctor Miss Madej: Yes, that's something that annoys me even more than this vaccine I was just talking about (9'22''). It's the technology that comes with it (9'24''). So when they talk about this vaccine, their will is to vaccinate each one of us in this world (9'31''). Bill Gates even said he wants at least 7 billion people to be vaccinated, and that in some kind the whole world, before we can go back to normal life (9'40''). To be sure that this actually happens, he doesn't trust the doctors and the medical establishment (9'47''). He doesn't trust them either when they say that they have received the vaccination (9'49'').

Fact: The invisible mark after the gene vaccination - discrimination against non-vaccinated persons - hydrogel + nanotechnology from DARPA - luciferase

They will have to prove this [that they are vaccinated], so they will be branded with a mark (9'53''), identified with an invisible tattoo that gets under their skin and can be read with a special application on their smartphone or other device (10'2''). And that will give them a unique identifier (10'5''). Do you understand? It seems to me like when you burn a brand on a cow, it's nothing else (10'11''). And this label should contain your vaccination certificate, your health background and other information (10'18''). And what they want to use to make sure that your body does not reject it is a hydrogel and nanotechnology (10'24''), and that is a special invention by DARPA (10'27''). The "US" Department of Defense has a subdivision for research projects (10'30'') which is called DARPA (10'32'').
DARPA = Defense Advances Research Projects Agency
And this technology is not repelled by the body and does various other things (10'37''), and so they decided to have this patented because of course they can earn more money with it when there is a patent on it (10'43''). And they called this identification luciferase (10'45''). It's an enzyme that lights up, so that's their name for it: Luciferase (10'51''), which is very - I don't like that name, I think it's a terrible name (10'55''), and that will be their branding, their special identifier (11'0''). The problem with this is complex (11'2''), not just that they have this identification (11'5'').
[Lucifer as a name: The Committee of 300 of London is lead by Rothschild Tribunal with the boss Lucifer, a negative extraterrestrial - book by Coleman: Committee of 300 - so, the so called luciferase is a worshiping action for the devil Lucifer in London - and it's clear that all Corona19 and genetic vaccines are going with this devil Lucifer - and the human devil for prison is Bill Gates].
Fact on March 26th, 2020: The patent 060606 of the vaccination mass murderer Bill Gates on the identification mark - combined with data, smartphone + 5G - cloud - and everyone can spy on everything + total censorship is possible

On March 26, 2020, they [CDC? FDA? Bill Gates Foundation?] presented an international patent (11'9 ") by chance and guess who: Bill Gates (11'12"). His Microsoft company introduced this (11'16''). You see always the same name again and again (11'18''). It is not enough for him to make money with this vaccine or with offering this luciferase (11'24''). He can [also] make money himself with the patent that he has applied for (11'28''). The patent number is 060606 (11'31''). [That is] an international patent all over the world, and that connects this nanotechnology, the hydrogel, the luciferase IN ONE CLOUD (11'39''). Cloud = data cloud (11'39''). With 5G. This will work via your smartphone, which is networked with the cloud (11'43''). And once all of this is in the cloud, all the data is bundled, so all of your biometric data is collected and stored (11'53''). And this number, this data should all be networked with the crypto currency (11'58''). So: Basically, your body should become their product (12'1''). No more cash, no more credit cards (12'4''). Do you see how dangerous that is? (12'5'') - Because: Everything can also be hacked (12'8''), we know that our smartphones and our computers have problems (12'12''). All electronic devices can be hacked (12'14''). Who says you can't be hacked at this point too? (12'17'') - And what if you do something that the government does not like? (12'21'') - If, for example, you open your mouth about something, or you are a troublemaker? (12'26'') - Maybe then your money will be taken away from you! [total censorship] (12'29'') -

Speaker: That sounds too crazy to be true (12'35''). But the fact is that the patent for this 060606 technology has been granted (12'42''). It actually exists. This is NOT a conspiracy theory anymore (12'46'').

Fact: The test is supposedly already running in Africa: Biometric data + ID - the criminals are: Mastercard + the Gates Foundation

Doctor Miss Madej: Yes, and not only that. Look at Africa. There they have already started to test adults and children with this technology (12'54''). Mastercard and the Gates Foundation are behind it (12'57''). They use the biometric data and ID from these people while we are talking about the vaccination (13'3''). ID = worldwide identification number (13'3''). So it's not a fantasy: it has already been introduced in Africa [location and number of people are missing] (13'7'').

Fact: The resolution 666666 of the "US" parliament to install the spying prosecution law

Speaker: I assume you are familiar with the resolution 666666 of the "US" parliament (13'12''), the prosecution law (13'14'').

Doctor Miss Madej: Yes, yes (13'15'')

Speaker: You know, if I - if I - let's say it's 1995 and I'm a Hollywood executive and we're in a studio in an office and think about a script (13'25''), and we're going to make a science fiction film about the future (13'29'') in which there is a dystopia (13'31'')
Dystopia = unfavorable development in a non-real story (13'31'').
In which everyone is checked all the time (13'35''). And we will have something to do with the name luciferase (13'37''), which is connected to a cloud with a 3-6 identification number (13'40''). Also, to make sure that everyone is doing this and for installing the possibility to be tracked, 4 more figures of 6 are added (13'46''). I mean this is strange, what's going on here? That should make us wonder (13'51''). If I read the script, I would actually say, I would say (13'56''): Oh, that's too crazy, nobody would buy this film (13'58''). I wouldn't even consider this film or script in the short list (14'1'') because it would have to be made a little more vague or interesting (14'4''). More credible, yes (14'6'').

Fact: The perpetrator Bill Gates is still walking around freely in India WITHOUT ANY medical qualifications and with mass murder

Doctor Miss Madej: Yes, exactly. But they do it right in front of our eyes (14'9''), it's happening all over the world (14'11''), and when you see the same names pop up over and over again, the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, every time (14'17''), he's the one who benefits from us (14'18''), and in Africa, in India, he's known to have paralyzed and / or killed around 500,000 children ( 14'25''). He did it WITHOUT a declaration of consent, he lied to them, and he proceeded his project anyway (14'30''). NOTHING happened to him. Then why do you think he would do something different to us and everyone else on earth? (14'37'') - He also believes in depopulation, he believes in eugenics (14'41''), he comes from this family line (14'43''). He thinks there are too many of us, he wants to thin out the herd (14'47''). People, wake up! This man doesn't want us all to live on this earth (14'51''). He said it many times in various ways (14'54''). His success story has proven it, and he is NOT a scientist (14'56''). He is NOT a doctor. He is NOT an epidemiologist (15'0''). Why do we give him this power? (15'2'').
[Conclusion: Bill Gates go to prison!
WHERE is the "US" judiciary that finally arrests this criminal Bill Gates and makes him harmless? Bill Gates provoked infertility of girls in 100,000s of cases by his HPV vaccines. The ingredient Polysorbate 80 is destroying the ovaries. Lawsuits against criminal vaccination mass murderer Bill Gates are filed by India, Africa and Honduras.

This Polysorbate 80 is also in AstraZeneca's toxic vaccine against Covid19. And in Pfizer's vaccine against Covid19 there is potassium chloride that is for killing animals and prisoners. Why is justice of the "USA" still sleeping and not protecting the world from this Bill Gates and his vaccionation mafia ????]

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Bevölkerungsuhr: Es gibt KEINE höhere Sterblichkeit 2020
Deutschland: https://countrymeters.info/de/Germany
Österreich: https://countrymeters.info/de/Austria
Schweiz: https://countrymeters.info/de/Switzerland


[web01] IPT-Blutkrankheit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immune_thrombocytopenic_purpura
[web02] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiopathische_thrombozytopenische_Purpura


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