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5f2. GENE vaccinations: GRAPHENE AGENDA 02: reduction of graphene with glutathione etc.

Antioxidants destroy graphene oxide in the body and thus the magnetism by GENE vaccinations: N-acetylcysteine (NAC) promotes the body's production of glutathione - intake of pure glutathione, but is only taken up to 25-30% and needs higher dose - zinc - antioxidant Astaxanthin (dye of crust animals) - antioxidant Quercetin (not only comes with wine barrels) - Antioxidant Vitamin D - Antioxidant Holy Thistle (also for liver and stomach) - melatonin (radiation protection + sleep rhythm)

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                Graphenoxid Titelfoto
GENE vaccinations, July 26,2021: Reduction of graphene oxide by antioxidants Glutathione, NAC, Astaxanthin etc. (11'54 '')

presented by Michael Palomino (2021)

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Reduction of graphene from the deadly Pfizer injections (GENE "vaccinations")

July 26, 2021: Graphene with magnetism after GENE vaccination is eliminated in 1 week: N-acethylcysteine and zinc: magnetism disappears in 1 week
from: Shedding Nebenwirkungen D-A-CH, [26.07.21 18:44]:
‼️ABBAU VON GRAPHENOXID‼️ - https://t.me/sheddingopferschweiz/12785
Source: https://www.laquintacolumna.net/ - @LaQuintaColumna


Graphene oxide in the body (when the GENE vaccinated people become magnetic) can interact with 5G and so the WEF mafia can kill people with the Super Nazi Mr. Schwab. Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mBmShdTAkbCh/ You can get rid of the graphene oxide, for example with strong antioxidants such as glutathione: the intake of N-acetylcystein (NAC) promotes the body's own production of glutathione - one can take pure glutathione but this is only accepted in the body by up to 25-30% and needs a higher dose - zinc supports each body - other antioxidants against graphene oxide are: Astaxanthin (dye of crustaceans) - Quercetin (not only comes from wine barrels) - Vitamin D - Holy Thistle (also for liver and stomach) - and melatonin for radiation protection and for a stable sleep rhythm.

GENE vaccinations, July 26,2021: Reduction of graphene oxide by antioxidants Glutathione, NAC, Astaxanthin etc. (11'54 '')
Video from The 5th Columns (La Quinta Columna)

GENE vaccinations, July 26,2021: Reduction of graphene oxide by antioxidants Glutathione, NAC, Astaxanthin etc. (11'54 '')
https://www.bitchute.com/video/mBmShdTAkbCh/ - Bitchute channel: NatMed-etc - upload on July 27, 2021

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                Graphenoxid Titelfoto
GENE vaccinations, July 26,2021: Reduction of graphene oxide by antioxidants Glutathione, NAC, Astaxanthin etc. (11'54 '')  [1]

Transcript (translation):

Note these days (3 '') - the Fifth Column (4 '').

Ricardo Delgado, biostatistics (5 "):

Good evening everyone (7 "). I wanted to do this video because many people have asked me (10 ''). And even if it's late, I think it's important (14 ''). It is an indispensable video, especially for the followers of "La Quinta Columna" (The 5th Column) (19 "), which are aware of how important graphene oxide is (23 ''), from a disturbing view (26''), and that it causes the symptoms of current "fashion disease" [magnetism after a mortal GENE vaccination] (30 '').

The antioxidant glutathione is reducing graphene oxide
<Glutathione (GSH), including γ-L-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl glycine, is a tripeptide formed from the three amino acids glutamic acid, cysteine ​​and glycine. It is included in almost all cells in high concentration and is one of the most important substances acting as antioxidant substances in the body.> [translation, web06]

Based on the scientific articles we have spotted, we know that every antioxidant, especially such a super antioxidant such as glutathione (38 ''), will degrade graphene oxide reducing it's toxicity to zero (47 ''). And we have proven that (49 "). We have empirically proven it based on people who had magnetism (54 ''), own [after the Gene vaccination] or acquired [by shedding] (56 ''), after the invasion of graphene oxide, by the vaccine, or by other ways (1'1 '').

So, as you know: among the antioxidants that can reduce grapheneoxide, and install the balance in favor of our own glutathione reserves (1'15 ''), or antioxidants generally counteracting the oxidative stress (1'21 ''), which was caused by the poison graphene oxide (1'24 ''), for this we have glutathione (1'26 '').

Various antioxidants against graphene oxide

I tell you here what I have at home (1'30 "), and what I believe are dietary supplements (based on scientific articles we have researched) (1'37"), without any medical contraindication (1'40 ''), as long as you observe the prescribed dose in the leaflet (1'44 ''), and which are not prescription (1'46 ''). You do not need a recipe (1'48 "). Nevertheless, it is advisable that each person with its special conditions, individual variables, will discuss this with his/her doctor or pharmacist. OK? (1'58 '')

Produce glutathione yourself: intake of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 750mg provokes in the body more production of glutathione

Antioxidans NAC 750mg 1 Tablette täglich nüchtern
              einnehmen regt im Körper die Glutathionsbildung an
Intake of 1 tables of N-acetylcysteine ​​(NAC) 750mg daily on an empty stomach provokes more formation of glutathatione in the body [2]
<Acetylcysteine (abbreviated ACC, NaC; obsolete mercapturic acid) is a synthetically prepared chemical compound. [...]
Acetylcysteine ​​provides the body cysteine, which it needs to form glutathione. Glutathione plays an important role in the biotransformation of harmful substances ("detoxification").> [Web05]

First, regardless of the brand [I present you the composition] NAC 750 mg (2'6 ''). It is usually sold at 600mg (2'9 "). N-acetylcysteine ​​causes the body to pour even endogenous glutathione (2'15 ''). For me, this is the most important means (2'17 "). In principle, one capsule in the morning is a prevention (2'21 ''). For people with heavier symptoms, the dosage would have to be adjusted (2'25 "). Summary: the intake is one capsule in the morning, especially as almost everything we see is taken in the morning (2'34 '').

Because after gastric emptying, or on an empty stomach everything is much easier absorbed by the body [and there are no bad reactions with stomach content that changes the properties of drugs or remedies] (2'42 ''). This rule applies to all types of dietary supplements (2'46 '').

N-acetylcysteine is essential as I said (2'50''). I will put it away now for not being confused (2'53 '').

Intake of pure glutathione - the body take-up is only up to 25-30%

Glutathion pur eingenommen wird vom Körper nur zu 25
              bis 30% aufgenommen, man muss die Dosis erhöhen
Pure glutathione is taken by the body only to 25 to 30%, the dose has to be increased [3]

If you do not want to take N-acetylcysteine, there is also the direct form for taking glutathione itself (3'3 ''). Glutathione for direct intake (3'5 "). I prefer the first means (NAC) because it brings the body to produce it by itself in an endogenous way (3'14 ''), as if you would do intensively sports, then also endogenously glutathione is produced (3'19 '' ). And that is much more reliable, 100% glutathione (3'24 '').

This glutathione is also free to have for oral intake: a tablet, a capsule (3'30 "). But I have read that it is not assimilated, that means, only 25 to 30%, depending on the person and gastric condition (3'39 ''). Thus, the indicated dose should be increased to achieve the same effect as with N-acetylcysteine (3'45 '').

NAC and Glutathione in alternation

So why do we have it here? Well, because after a treatment with N-acetylcysteine we can have a little change with a supplement, a transverse supplement (3'55''). So if we want to continue the treatment, we replace N-acetylcysteine with glutathione, ok? (4'2 '') But as I said: N-acetylcysteine is more effective because the body then will raise the glutathione level itself (4'10'').

Zink 1
              Tablette täglich einnehmen
Intake: 1 tablet of zinc daily [4]

Another indispensable means: The first was N-acethylcysteine, the second is zinc, ok? (4'16 '') - Here we have [tablets at] 25mg (4'19 "). There are also tablets to 30, 45 and even 50mg (4'25 ''). Or you take two tablets (4'27 "). This is also a trace element that was specially introduced for athletes as a supplement (4'33 ''). One zinc tablet per day (4'35 '').
Zinc in natural form

The following foods are good zinc sources: red meats - cheese - oat bran and oatmeal - Sunflower seeds - pumpkin seeds - wheat germ (wheat) - walnuts and pecans - mushrooms and yeasts - lenses - seafood and shellfish - green tea [web03]
Very much zinc
per 100 g much zinc per 100 g medium of zinc per 100 g low zinc per 100 g
Oyster 7,0–160,0 mg Brazil nuts 4,0 mg Millet 3,4 mg Chicken 1,0 mg
Liver (calf, pig, beef) bis zu 6,3 mg (Schwein) Lamb 2,3–6,0 mg Crispbread 3,1 mg Fish 0,4–1,1 mg
Soy meal 5,7 mg Lenses (dried) 3,7 mg Noodles (uncooked) 3,1 mg Vegetables 0,2–1,0 mg
Emmentaler 30 % o. 45 % F.i.Tr. 4,6 mg Soybeans (dried) 0,7–4,2 mg Walnut 2,7 mg Yogurt 0,3–0,5 mg
oat flakes 4,0–4,5 mg Corn 2,5–3,5 mg Wholegrain biscuits 2,7 mg Potato 0,4–0,6 mg
Butter cheese, Tilsiter, Gouda, Edam 3,5–4,0 mg Peanuts (roasted) 3,0–3,5 mg Camembert 2,7 mg Milk (full) 0,4 mg
Beef 3,0–4,4 mg Wheat mix bread 3,5 mg Beans (white) 2,6 mg Fruit 0,1–0,5 mg


Against magnetism by graphene oxide after the a GENE vaccination: N-acethylcysteine and zinc - magnetism disappears in 1 week

So in the morning N-acethylcystein and zinc (4'39 ''). These two are indispensable to reduce the graphene oxide (4'43 ''). With these two products, I personally succeeded in reducing the magnetism of people to zero who were vaccinated with two Pfizer doses, OK? (4'54 '')

Now, when it comes to antioxidants, any kind of antioxidants will help you (5'0 ''). Let's say the glutathione is the superantioxidant (5'4 ''). And this is the best in terms of antioxidation and degradation speed in this case (5'10 "). Nevertheless, there are also others, very strong antioxidants (5'13 '').

Further antioxidants against graphene oxide

Antioxidant: Astaxanthin - also improves eyes - the orange dye of crust and shellfish [and the dye of salmon]

Das Antioxidans Astaxanthin neutralisiert Schadstoffe
              und verbessert gleichzeitig die Augen
The antioxidant Astaxanthin neutralizes pollutants and simultaneously improves the eyes [5]
Astaxanthin (AXT, from Greek ἀστακός (Astakós) "Lobster" and Xanthin to Greek ξανθός (xanthós) "yellowish") is a natural, reddish-violet dye that counts to the xanthophyll class of the carotenoids. It is mainly produced by green algae and is responsible for the red coloring of crustaceans that consume these algae. Industrial Astaxanthin is obtained from the algae Haematococcus Pluvialis. [...]
Astaxanthin can protect the skin due to its absorption and with its property as an antioxidant from stress being triggered by UV rays. It works thus much more than vitamin E. Intake of astaxanthin is a supplementary factor when sun protection means are used. Astaxanthin is taken by some Ironman athletes [translation web01]. [6]
The second on the list - it's a little more expensive - is astaxanthin (5'18 "). 5mg is the commercial dose (5'21 ''). Something more expensive, I believe so around the 24 to 25 euros for 30 capsules (5'27 "). Many people who take it, are experiencing a significant improvement of their eyesight (5'33 "). Astaxanthin can also be taken together with the other two. Let's say that the first two are essentially indispensable, but Astaxanthin can also be added, OK? (5'45 '')

Astaxanthin is the material that gives crust and shellfish to their orange coloring (5'52 ''). Ironically, thre was advice against them for the time after a GENE vaccination (5'56 ''). You already know why (5'58 "). You already know why now (6'0 ''). It is also gained from algae (6'2 '').
The pink dye of the salmon is also Astaxanthin [translation, web01].

Antioxidant: Quercetin
Antioxidans Quercetin
Antioxidant Quercetin [6]

Here is another, pretty important means: Quercetin (6'7 ''). Remember the studies we are on the website of the Quinta Columna (6'12 ''). No matter what brand, choose a high dosage (6'15 "). We saw these studies in La Quinta Columna, concerning Covid-19 cases, which were very successfully treated with quercetin (6'23 '').

It is also strongly oxidative (6'26 ''). They know why (6'28 ''), because they increase glutathione or antioxidant levels in general (6'32 ''), for combatting the oxidative stress caused by the poison graphene oxide (6'39 '' ), which was administered via the vaccination injections and via other ways - of course, Spanish TV [RTVE] is telling the contrary (6'46 ''). So we have for example graphene oxide
-- by masks that were withdrawn (6'50 ''), but are still sold (6'51 '')
-- [by] PCR tests (6'53 ''),
-- even by menstrual pads (6'55 '')
-- or by inhalation (6'56 ")
etc. etc. etc. (6'58 ").

Because this is an extermination and death agenda (7'2 ''). Quercetin is also very important (7'4 '').

As I said, I tell you what I personally have at home (7'8 '').
Quercetin in natural form: not only can be found in oak barrels (Cuercus = oak)
It can be found in natural form in: onions, apples, broccoli, green beans, under the shell of fruits and vegetables.
Accurate details: Capers (1800 mg / kg) - Lovage (1700 mg / kg) - Tea (Camellia Sinensis) - onion - especially in the outer rings (284-486 mg / kg) - blueberry (cultured 74 mg / kg, wild 146-158 mg / kg) - Green cabbage (60-110 mg / kg) - red grape - apple (21-440 mg / kg) - chives (245 mg / kg) - Citrus fruits - Broccoli (30 mg / kg) and other Green leafy vegetables - green bean (39 mg / kg) - cherry (32 mg / kg) - raspberry - black currant (69 mg / kg) - blackberry (45 mg / kg) - cranberry (cultured 83-156 mg / kg, wild 121 mg / kg) - sweet sorb(85 mg / kg) - sea buckthorn (62 mg / kg) - Crowberry (cultivated 53 mg / kg, wild 56 mg / kg)
Also red wine has got quercetin when it's transmitted from the oak barrels [translation, web02]

Antioxidant: Vitamin D
Antioxidans Vitamin
Antioxidant Vitamin D3 [7]

Another universal antioxidant - not as strong as astaxanthin, but also very useful - is vitamin D (7'16 ''), in the form of vitamin D3 (7'19 ''). You can also take it in the morning, or you take a sun bath in the morning (7'24 ''). By the way, this is very healthy (7'26 '') [the morning sun is not so intense]. In the Nordic countries, for example, where there is little or no sun, 80% of the population take vitamin D3 as a supplement, OK? (7'36 '')


ONE tablet of all. Follow the intake instructions regarding the dose and take everything in the morning (7'43 '').

Antioxidant: Holy Thistle
Antioxidans Mariendistel pflegt auch Leber und
Antioxidant Holy Thistle also promotes liver and stomach [8]

In principle, we can also add this here because it is the best liver and stomach protection, that exists (7'51 ''): the holy thistle (7'53 ''), a strong antioxidant (7'55 '') .

As you see, most products are from plants (7'58 "). Some also contain chemical-synthetic substances, but there is no chemical in pharmaceutical view or drugs (8'4 ''). Holy Thistle is a very good antioxidant (8'7 "). You can take that too. Moreover, it protects liver and stomach for all others [who are not GENE vaccinated], although they are well wrapped in capsules (8'14 '').

Radiation protection: Melatonin - Plus: Restore sleep cycles
Strahlenschutz und Tag-Nacht-Rhythmus mit
Radiation protection and day-night rhythm with melatonin [9]

And finally this, with radiation protection effect, you already know why, melatonin, ok? Pure melatonin (8'29 ''). Here is the dose 1mg. You also find it up to 10mg (8'33 "). You can easily check in Google which dose you can take (8'38 "). Melatonin must be taken in the evening (8'43 ''). It will also help you to restore your sleep cycles (8'46 ''), because there are electromagnetic fields inhibiting the formatino of melatonin, preventing the body from normal melatonin production in a natural way (8'54 ''), and therefore sleep cycles are disturbed (8'57 ''). Because melatonin is a hormone associated with regulating these cycles. So: take it in the evening (9'6 '').
Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pinealocytes in the epiphysis - a part of the intermediate brain - being produced from serotonin. It controls the day-night rhythm of the human body. [translation, web04]
With all this, you ensure  a very high level of antioxidants, which is high under normal conditions, but also depends on variables such as age, movement, overweight (9'18'').

Teenagers, for example, also have very high glutathione values (9'22 ''), but when a poison was introduced, there comes this special fatigue, which vaccinated people often have, and this is explicitly because there is an inner fight (9'34 '' ): Between the oxidative stress, caused by the poison, and the body's own reserves of glutathione and other antioxidants (9'43 ''). So when you rise the level of the GOOD soldiers, let's say like this, you counter the poison and you will reinstall the balance (9'52'') for reaching a normal balance within some days (9'55'').

Our experience counts on direct family members who had been vaccinated, and who also lost their magnetism, this is the most important (10'5'').

Well, I think that's all (10'9 '').

graphene oxide + 5G = mass death

I still wanted to say that the graphene oxide is currently causing damage, but this is far from nothing compared to what will come in the future (10'21 ''). In a few days when the 5G technology is turned on, with its high broadband frequencies (10'28 ''), then the toxicity of graphene oxide will increase relative to the body's own antioxidants (10'36''). And so
-- the balance is destroyed quickly (10'40 ")
-- inflammation syndromes will come (10'41 ''),
-- the collapse of the immune system (10'43 ''),
-- very fast increase in oxidative stress (10'46 ''),
-- and within a few hours the cytokine storm comes (10'49 ''), cytokine formation,
-- bilateral pneumonia [pneumonia on both lung wings] (10'52 '')

And all the things will be triggered that you already know (10'56 ''):
-- heavy COVID19 and
-- neurological COVID19 (10'59 '').

If you already have the graphene in your head, this is just normal after the vaccination (11'5''), because magnetism migrates from the arm to the head (11'8 '').

So, that was all. I hope that it helped you in any way (11'12 ''). And we will publish it, also the video directly (11'15 "). I will also put it on our Libry ODYSEE channel (11'19 ''). If you have any questions, you can write them into the comments (11'23 '') and I will try to answer them (11'27 ''), according to my possibilities and knowledge of course (11'31 '') .

Well, that was all. Many thanks to all for your presence and lots of courage (11'37 ").


Remember these indispensable means, according to the scientific articles:
-- N-acetylcystein (NAC) and zinc (11'44 '') - intake: in the morning, for breakfast
-- Melatonin, with it's intake in the evening (20 minutes before bedtime) (11'49 '') - dosage: 1 tablet daily (according to the supply instructions specified by the manufacturer in the leaflet). (11'54 '')


In addition: July13, 2021: The enzyme myeloperoxidase takes graphene out of the body - alcohol consumption and tobacco strengthen taking it out
THE FIFTH COLUMN (laquintacolumna.net)
from: Scientific Reports: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-78262-w
Observation of magnetic domains in graphene magnetized by controlling temperature, strain and magnetic field
Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 21325 (2020) Cite this article


7. Graphene could naturally be washed out of the body, because there is an enzyme called myeloperoxidase, which clearly dissolves graphene molecules. Surprisingly, alcohol consumption or even tobacco can strengthen this enzyme. Therefore, the population should be vaccinated every 6-12 months and live sober.

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[web01] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astaxanthin
[web02] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercetin
[web03] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zink
[web04] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melatonin
[web05] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetylcystein
[web06] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glutathion

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