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Coronavirus19 5f-1: ingredients of Corona vaccinations:
SNAKE VENOM 02: the list of snake venoms with the effects

                        perception: What a surprise: Corona vaccinations
                        are fitting to the snake venom - absolutely
                        criminal gang: Bill Gates, Soros and Rothschild
                        and Schwab. Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022
                        (translation: May 29, 2022)

New perception: What a surprise: Corona vaccinations are fitting to the snake venom - absolutely criminal gang: Bill Gates, Soros and Rothschild and Schwab. Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022 (translation: May 29, 2022) [12]

Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022 - translation May 29, 2022

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Content: the snake venoms which are analized here: they all act like a "Corona vaccination"
In general: Dr. Ardis finds snake venom in Corona vaccines Link  
In general: Oliver Janich presents snake venom in Corona vaccines Link  
In general: study of National Library of Medicine at Washington DC Link  
Aspic viper (Vipera aspis) Link  
Cottonmouth snake (Agkistrodon piscivorus) = giftige Wasser-Grubenotter in den Süd-"USA" Link  
Bush master snake (Lachesis muta) Link  
Diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) = Grubenotter in Florida Link  
Common European viper (Vipera berus) Link  
Eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) (Costa Rica) Link  
Cenchris snakes (Cenchris=Crotalinae of "America" North, Central+South) Link  
Pygmy rattle snake (Sistrurus miliarius) (Georgia) Link  

Ingredients of deadly Pfizer vaccinations April 16,2022: Again snake venom was found - deformed red blood cells are classical element with snake venoms - from King Cobra - Dr. Ardis
Impfschäden Schweiz Coronaimpfung, [16.04.2022 18:56]

Ingredients of
                    deadly Pfizer vaccinations April 16,2022: Again
                    snake venom was found - Dr. Ardis with the
Ingredients of deadly Pfizer vaccinations April 16,2022: Again snake venom was found - Dr. Ardis with the microscope [7]

A group of scientists and microscopy experts have stepped  forward this morning to vindicate Dr. Bryan Ardis & the Snake Venom warnings!!
Undiluted Pfizer vials, they say,  actually reveal snake venom gland organoides and the blood of those injected has been showing echinocytosis all along — directly related to snake venom poisoning.
Furthermore the scientists confirmed that other tests revealed that this is King Cobra  snake venom organoid material.
Just got off the phone with Dr. Ardis who is now connected to this group.
TRUTH In Medicine

April 16, 2022: snake venom detail in the Pfizer vaccination - Dr. Ardis
Impfschäden Schweiz Coronaimpfung, [16.04.2022 18:56]
[Forwarded from Dr Jane Ruby (Dr Jane Ruby)]

April 16, 2022: snake venom detail in a
                      Pfizer vaccine - Dr. Ardis with the microscope
April 16, 2022: snake venom detail in a Pfizer vaccine - Dr. Ardis with the microscope [8]

Snake venom gland organoides from an undiluted Pfizer vial sent to me from one of the experts this morning.

Ingredients of snake venom April 19, 2022: There were found snake proteins in the Pfizer GENE vaccines:
Stew Peters Show: Dr. Jane Ruby Drops Photos Provided by Scientists: “We have identified snake venom proteins in Pfizer vials”
Video on Red Voice Media:
from master journalist Oliver Janich: https://t.me/oliverjanich/94101

Scientist Finds Venom In Vials: Evidence Of Venom In Undiluted Pfizer Vials, Blood Cell Damage
The Stew Peters Show

Comment from my part: On the channel of Mike Adams was also said that the mRNA technology can also provide that the body will produce the snake venom itself.

Deadly GENE vaccination ingredients April 24, 2022:
Dr. Jane Ruby: Researchers Continue to Find Venom: Additional Evidence Confirms Snake Venom Peptides in Bioweapon
Video on Rumble: https://rumble.com/v11zdwy-researchers-continue-to-find-venom-additional-evidence-confirms-snake-venom.html

Oliver Janich: April 27, 2022: Snake venom in the vaccinations: photo proofs and what really happens in the bio weapon labs
(orig. German: Schlangengift in den Impfungen: Bildbeweise und was wirklich in den Biowaffenlabors geschieht)
Video-Link: https://t.me/oliverjanich/94833


In this video the thesis are combined that the virus does not exist but an artificial snake venom is in the vaccinations. A decisive role is playing with all this the Research of Gain of Function and Patient Zero.

Video on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@oliverjanich:b/schlangengift:9
Video on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kh12QBlSs4Ra/

Snake venom is sold as "GENE vaccination" April 29,2022: Master journalist Oliver Janich presents all in English:
Snake Venom & virus theory: Andrew Kaufman, Jane Ruby, Bryan Ardis, Stew Peters - please watch and talk to each other!
Video-Link: https://t.me/oliverjanich/94996

In this vid I explain why it is important to understand that there is no virus AND there is snake venom in the vaccine. They key for understanding this is the gain of function method and in part patient zero.

Vid on Rumble: https://rumble.com/v12v7il-snake-vernon-and-virus-theory-andrew-kaufman-jane-ruby-bryan-ardis-stew-pet.html
About me: https://www.oliverjanich.de/about-me
Sample of my English videos: https://t.me/oliverjanichinternational/56

New definition at April 30, 2022: GENE vaccination murder = snake venom vaccination murder
(orig. German: Neue Definition am 30.4.2022: GENimpfmord = Schlangengiftmord)
by Michael Palomino, April 30, 2022

Impfschäden Schweiz Coronaimpfung, [30.04.2022 18:21]


Now the GENE vaccination murder is really converting into a snake venom vaccination murder.
Additionally there are more factors like the destroyed blood, and therefore the immune system with its white blood cells is destroyed, and the metals are also having their roll, but the mRNA in some way not.
Prolonged menstruation or the destroyed ovaries (infertility) are not either mentioned as effects of snake venoms, these effects have to come from other agents, so.
Kind regards to all.

SNAKE VENOM vaccinations murders in general Washington DC ("USA") April 1, 2022: National Medicine Library has scientific studies: snake venom provokes deadly heart muscle inflammation above all with young men - FITS to the SNAKE VENOM vaccination!
Myocardial Infarction after Snakebite Envenomation: A Scoping Study

Table 2:

Clinical Profile of Patients Who Developed Myocardial Infarction after Snakebite

Total Number of cases reported in English 21 cases
Number of cases reported from tropical and
subtropical world
17 cases (81%)
Countries from which cases were reported India 10 (47%)
Sri Lanka 5 (23%)
Brazil 1 (5%)
Greece 1 (5%)
Israel 1 (5%)
Jordan 1 (5%)
USA 1 (5%)
South Africa 1 (5%)
Mean age 35 ± 25.46 years
Sex distribution of patients Female 5 (24%)
Male 16 (76%)
Reported past medical history in patients Coronary artery disease 1 (5%)
Diabetes 1 (5%)
Snake species Reported in 19 cases
Viper family 17 (94%)
Elapide family 1 (6%)
Black Mamba 1 (5%)
Chief complaint at presentation Reported in 18 cases
Chest pain 14 (78%)
Dyspnea 1 (6%)
Abdominal pain 1 (6%)
Right arm pain 1 (6%)
Other acute condition following snakebite other
than local inflammation
Acute kidney injury 4 (20%)
Shock 3 (15%)
Cerebrovascular accidents 2 (10%)
MAHA (Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia) 2 (10%)
Pulmonary edema 1 (5%)
Deep vein thrombosis 1 (5%)
Sepsis 1 (5%)
Thrombocytopenia [with
coagulation disorder] 1 (5%)
Time between bite and chest pain Reported in 13 cases
12 patients had symptom onset within 6 hours
of snake bite
Mean 1221± 3962 mins
Median 60 mins
Heart rate (beats per min) Reported in 14 patients
Average 103 ± 20
Median 110
Systolic blood pressure (mm of Hg) Reported in 16 patients
Mean 101 ± 35
Median 110
Diastolic blood pressure (mm of Hg) Reported in 15 patients
Average 72 ± 19
Median 72
Electrocardiography (EKG) findings Reported in 19 patients
ST-segment elevation 13 (65%)
ST-segment depression 2 (10%)
T wave inversion 1 (5%)
T wave flattening 1 (5%)
QT segment prolongation 1 (5%)
Acute changes consistent with MI 2 (11%)
Troponin levels Reported in 8 patients of which 7 (88%) were
Cardiac arrest Reported in 5 patients (24%)
Ventricular Fibrillation in 3 (15%)
Asystole in 1 (5%)
Transthoracic echo (TTE) Done in 8 patients
Normal EF 6 (75%)
Wall motion abnormality in 6 (75%)
Reduced EF in 2 (25%)
Therapy employed Antivenom 13 (65%)
Dual antiplatelet therapy 5 (25%)
Anticoagulation 3 (15%)
Vasopressors 3 (15%)
Dipyridamole only [against thrombocyte aggregation] 1 (5%)
Reteplase [against clots] 1 (5%)
Three emergent cardiac catheterization were
performed the findings of which were:
1 large thrombus in LAD [left anterior decending]
(resolved on repeat cardiac cath)
PCI [percutaneous coronary intervention] to LAD [left anterior descending]
and RCA [right corona artery]; subsequently coronary
bypass to LAD [left anterior decending] and D2.
PCI [percutaneous coronary intervention] to RCA [right corona artery];
also CAD [carotid artery dissection] in LAD [left anterior descending]
Four patients subsequently had a non-emergent
cardiac catheterization
All four were normal coronaries
Death 5 patients (24%)

LAD: Left Anterior Descending Artery; PCI: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention; RCA: Right Coronary Artery; D2: Second Diagonal Artery; CAD: Coronary Artery Disease

Viper snake venom according to the National Library of Medicine at Washington DC:

-- Local symptoms
-- "hemotoxin" [blood poison],
-- "myotoxin" [muscle poison],
-- "cardiotoxin" [heart poison]
-- "neurotoxin" [nerve poison]
-- snake venom is a complex mixture of proteins and enzymes such as phospholipase A2, proteolytic enzymes, collagenase, hyaluronidase, thrombin-like enzyme etc. [29].
-- it is known that viper bites cause a shock due to high blood loss (hypovolemic shock) if the vessel walls suddenly become much more permeable (vascular permeability increases) and continuously blood is emerging into the body and bleeding (disseminated intravascular coagulation and consumer coagulopathy) [29, 30].

Heart attacks by snake toxins:
-- cramp on the heart arteries, triggered by the snake venom components Endotehline and Safatoxins [34],
-- Heart muscle inflammation with extensive necrosis of heart tissue [35],
-- Condition and thrombin storage in the fine blood vessels [36] (illustration link). (Coronary vasoconstriction, which is given by endotheline and safatoxins in poison [34],
-- Myocarditis with extensive myocardial necrosis [35],
-- Myocardial bleeding and microvascular thrombin storage [36] (Figure 1)).

Schema der Vergiftung durch Schlangengifte
                      mit Wirkung auf das Herz-Kreislaufsystem
Scheme of poisoning by snake toxins with effect on the cardiovascular system [11] - Fig. 1

Detected disease process mechanisms in the case of heart attack after snake poisoning

-- 94% of the cases occurred according to viper bites
-- Heart attacks were most accompanied by chest pain, mostly within an hour after the toxic snake bite
-- irregularity of the vessels on the heart
-- Quota: 25% of the patients suffered cardiac arrest
-- Quota: Death rate was 25%.
Treatment: 1) Give medicine for stabilization of clood cerculation, 2) give an antidote (antivenoma), 3) make X-ray photo with contrast medium (angiography).


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Analysis of May 8, 2022: Investigation about the effect of snake venom of Bush master snake (Lachesis) - fits to the "Corona vaccination"
from Michael Palomino, May 8, 2022


Snake venom of Bush master snake: remembers of Corona vaccination:

The list of poisoning effects in the Buschmeister snake (Lachesis Muta):
-- inflammation on the bite wound with bluish red discoloration, swelling, pain and sensitivity to touch
-- drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, intestinal cramps with watery diarrhea and strong sweats
-- coagulation disorders with grape-like blood clots and decomposition of the blood
-- infections and tissue necrosis
-- [In addition, the snake venom weakens and splits the circulatory walls], so blood flows from different body openings
-- The reflexes increase
-- paralysis and a standstill.
-- "If the snake bite is not treated medically as quickly as possible, people in most cases die from poisoning or inflammation of the wound."
(orig. German: "Wird der Schlangenbiss nicht schnellstmöglich medizinisch behandelt, sterben Menschen in den meisten Fällen an der Vergiftung oder Entzündung der Wunde.")

Analysis of May 12, 2022: Snake venom from Cenchris snakes (sub species of Crotalinae) - also here the "Corona vaccination" FITS!
by Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022

At the moment, I am analyzing the Cenchris snakes. Here are the symptoms of Cenchris snakes being described by Mossad Wikipedia (!) see the link https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grubenottern

-- this fits precisely to the heavy cases of "Corona vaccinations":
-- at the bite location: pain, reddening, swelling, extension of the swelling on the complete arm or leg and to the neighboring trunk  [web04]
-- at the bite location: bladders can form on the skin with clear or bloody serum fluid [web04]
-- at the bite location: necrosis can form with dead muscle tissue (necrosis) [web04]
-- blood + circulation are rotten: many Cenchris snakes are transmitting a venom which also destroys the blood (with a hemolytic effect [blocking any oxygen transport by red blood cells and blocking any defense effect by white blood cells]) and with metalloporoteinases also blood vessels are destroyed (bleeding effect, hemorrhagic effect)
-- the blood is rotten: numerous types of Cenchris snakes are transmitting with the venom also a thrombine-like enzyme (TLEs) which is changing blood coagulation and which is provoking blood cluts and thromboses [web04].

Quote (translation):

"Often the venom contains thrombine-like enzymes (TLEs) which are provoking a change of the coagulation pre stadium called fibrinogene, and by this there is a pathologic activation of blood coagulation." [web04]

(orig. German:
"Häufig enthält das Gift thrombinähnliche Enzyme (TLEs), die eine Veränderung der Blutgerinnungsvorstufe Fibrinogen und hierdurch eine pathologische Aktivierung der Blutgerinnung bewirken.") [web04]

The coagulation factors in the blood are consumed fast, then hardly any coagulation is possible, and by this the victim is bleeding like mad (coagulopathy by consumption) [web04]. Quote:

"This provokes in the following steps a faster consumption of coagulation factors and by this there is a coagulation inhibiting effect (coagulopathy by consumption)." [web04]

(orig. German:
"Dies führt über weitere Schritte zum schnellen Verbrauch der Gerinnungsfaktoren und wirkt daher gerinnungshemmend (Verbrauchskoagulopathie).") [web04]

-- Nerve poisons and paralyzations: Some species are transmitting a venom with nerve poisons ("neurotoxic components"), sometimes in a high quantity like e.g. the South American rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus terrificus). These nerve poisons are blocking the synapses and with this the orders from the brain to the muscles are blocked. This effect provokes paralyzation of the victim [web04].

Quote (translation):

"Add to this, species are known with a venom which contains neurotoxic components. But often, these don't have a clinical relevance. A representative with potent neurotoxins is, for example, Crotalus durissus terrifticus, a subspecies of the South American rattlesnake. A presynaptic blockage of the nerval transmition is provoking paralysis then." [7]

(orig. German:
"Darüber hinaus sind Arten bekannt, deren Giftsekret neurotoxische Bestandteile enthält. Diese besitzen jedoch häufig keine klinische Relevanz. Ein Vertreter mit potenten Neurotoxinen ist beispielsweise Crotalus durissus terrificus, eine Unterart der Schauer-Klapperschlange. Eine präsynaptische Blockade der Reizweiterleitung führt hierbei zur Paralyse.[7]"

It seems that in the "biolabs" operations with snake venom are going on. And the remedies are really the medicaments and remedies against snake venom.


Analysis of May 12, 2022: Here is the same with Cenchris snakes: Corona vaccination = snake venom
from: https://www.msdmanuals.com/de-de/heim/kurzinformationen-verletzungen-und-vergiftung/bisse-und-stiche/schlangenbisse

The medical web site "MSD" from MERCK is indicating the following (translation):

"Not all bites of Cenchris snakes are toxic. When the bite is not hurting within 30 to 60 minutes or when there is no swelling, then you probably have got NO venom. When the bite begins to develop pus, then this is an indication for venom.
After a toxic bite of a Cenchris snake you will have the following:
-- reddish swelling at the bite location about 30 to 60 minutes after the bite
-- blue spots and tension which appear 3 to 6 hours after the bite
-- bladders filled with blood next to the bite

You can have a big swelling. This swelling will last normally for some days becoming even worse. When you got much venom, then the following may be:
-- weakness and confusion
-- nausea and vomiting
-- bleeding gums
-- blood in the vomit, in the stool or in the urine
-- shortness of breath, above all when you were bitten by a Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus).

After some more ours you can have the following:
-- Headache
-- Blurry view
-- Hanging eyelids [paralyzation]
-- Dry mouth
-- Tingling, deafness or a metal taste in your mouth when a rattlesnake has bitten you.

Symptoms of a Coral snake bite (Micrurus)
-- Little or no pain around the bite
-- Several hours later, the bite can start tingling
-- Muscle weakness that increases over time

In addition, those affected can perceive the following symptoms:
-- Blurry or double see
-- Weakness and confusion
-- Shortness of breath
-- Difficulty with speaking or swallowing [paralyzation]."

What do you have to do after a "corona vaccination"?

"When a toxic snake bites has occurred, the medical doctor
-- will give you normally an antivenin against snakes (medicament against snake venom) installing an infusion (into your vein)
-- will guard you 6 to 8 hours in the hospital for controlling the symptoms, when it's needed, also a longer time
-- will transfer you to the intensive care unit ICU when you have got a big quantity of venom."

With all these proofs it's possible to file a class action because of genocide by snake venom at The Hague.
Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022

Analysis of May 12, 2022: Here are examples of the Eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) from Costa Rica - fits to many "Corona vaccinations"
from Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022

-- Eyelash viper: amputations and mutilations [web13]
-- Eyelash viper:
oo there are not specific general symptoms like: headache, belly ache, emesis [vomiting and diarrhea], nausea, low blood pressure, short fainting (synkope)
oo local effects: pain, edema, forming bladders, possibly necrosis [died skin or flesh parts]
oo coagulopathy [no coagulation any more, wounds are bleeding eternally] and in heavy cases there are bleedings [bleedings after fine blood vessels have broken] [web14]

[web13] Mossad Wikipedia about Eyelash viper: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greifschwanz-Lanzenotter
[web14] https://flexikon.doccheck.com/de/Greifschwanz-Lanzenotter

Analysis of May 12, 2022: Snake venom of Pygmy rattle snake (Sistrurus miliarius) in Georgia destroys the blood as in many cases with the "Corona vaccination"
from: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwergklapperschlange
by Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022

This snake venom from the Pygmy rattle snake

-- destroys the blood (hemotoxic), destroys the blood cells
-- destroys the walls of the blood vessels [of the circulation system, the walls of arteries and veins]
[so little arteries as e.g. in the eye are breaking or artery walls are becoming weak and are splitting, or there will be a hole in a heart artery so the victim is bleeding without end and dies fast etc.]
-- there will be inner bleedings and inner swellings
-- al these symptoms provoke much pain.

Analysis of April 12, 2022: Diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus - a Cenchris snake in Florida and in the coastal regions from Georgia to Louisiana, "USA"): snake venom is acting like a "Corona vaccination"
from: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamant-Klapperschlange
by Michael Palomino, 12.5.2022

Here is again a rattlesnake which destroys the blood, as also the "Corona vaccinations" do: Diamondback rattlesnake:

Diamond rattlesnake is the biggest rattlesnake injecting bigger venom quantities than all other rattlesnakes:
-- destruction of the blood destroying the red blood cells [no oxygen is transported any more, people is always tired ending fainting, organ failure and death]
-- at the bite location the tissue is destroyed and it's developing a big swelling.

Analysis: May 12, 2022: Cottonmouth snake (Agkistrodon piscivorus) - a toxic water Cenchris in the southern states of the "USA": Destruction of the blood and destruction of the bite's location like "Corona vaccination"
from: https://howstuffworks.wiki/de/tiere/wilde-tiere/reptilien/schlangen/water-moccasin-cottonmouth
by Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022

The venom of the Cottonmouth snake has the following effects:
-- it destroys the blood resp. destroys the capacity for coagulation, the blood cells are destroyed, and bleeding is not stopping
-- at the bite's location there  are tissue damages, muscle damages, inner bleedings, heavy pain.

May 12, 2022: New perception becomes always clearer: "Corona vaccination" = snake venom
by Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022

New perception: What a surprise: Corona
                vaccinations are fitting to the snake venom - absolutely
                criminal gang: Bill Gates, Soros and Rothschild and
                Schwab. Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022 (translation: May
                29, 2022)

New perception: What a surprise: Corona vaccinations are fitting to the snake venom - absolutely criminal gang: Bill Gates, Soros and Rothschild and Schwab. Michael Palomino, May 12, 2022 (translation: May 29, 2022) [12]

Analysis of May 13, 2022: The bite of a common European viper (Vipera berus) is also like a "Corona vaccination"
[web01] https://www.bunkahle.com/News/News03112003.html
[web02] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kreuzotter
[web03] https://www.goruma.de/tiere/reptilien/giftschlangen/kreuzotter-vipera-berus
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[web05] Vipera berus: Bite (German: Biss): http://www.gifte.de/Gifttiere/vipera_berus_biss03.htm
[web06] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymphangitis
[web07] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymphadenitis

We see her the ingredients of the snake venom of the Vipera berus snake:

The ingredients of the snake venom of the common European viper (Vipera Berus)
-- Nerve poison [web02] (neurotoxic), especially in southern Europe with the subspecies Vipera berus bosniensis [web03], paralyzes the central nervous system [web05]
-- Blood toxins [web03]
-- Proteasis (proteins) destroy tissue [web03]
--"Hemorrhagine": damages all body cells ("damages the vascular endothelia"), provokes the permeability and thus inner bleeding of the organs and in the gastrointestinal tract as well as in the skin [web05]
-- "Haemolysine": destroys the red blood cells [web05]
-- "A proteolytic diastase" damages the fibrine in the blood and in the muscles [web05]
-- The "thrombose" damages the fibrine ferment [web05]

The bite of the common European viper: first symptoms
-- When it was a real snake bite with venom, then a hard pain is developing at the bite's location [web03], local deafness (anesthesia) is possible [web05]
-- A painful swelling is developing [web05]
-- When the bite was a real bite [with venom], around the bite's location will develop a swelling with edema and bluish discoloration [web02], blue red discoloration [web03], at the beginning red, then violet [web05]
-- When the bite was in the arm, the swelling (edema) is developing up to the shoulder, with a bite in the leg, the swelling is developing to the abdomen [web03]
-- When there is a bite in the trunk, there will also be swellings and edema [web03]
-- At bite's location will be bleedings into the tissue [web03]
-- Nausea with vomiting, palpitations, pain at the bite point [web03]
-- Congestion of body fluids (stases) and bleedings [web05]

Medium poisoning
-- The wound can develop into necrosis with tissue disorders [and rotting tissue is stinking a lot] [web05]
-- Vomiting, diarrhea, cramp-like pain in the abdominal area, severe pallor, low blood pressure, formation of edema [web03]
-- "Inflammation of the lymph ways with knotting and redness (lymphangitis)" [web03]

Severe poisoning
In small children and older, weakened people [web03]:
-- Strong swelling, circulatory shock, excess of consciousness to unconsciousness, possibly coma [web03]
-- "The edema can lead to the death of nerve and muscle tissue without treatment." [web03]
-- The proteins of the snake venom can cause an allergic shock, be sure for getting a medical treatment immediately, because the consequences can be fatal [web03].

-- Breathing shortage [web02]
-- Heart complaints [web02]
-- Paralysis [web02]
-- Breakdown of the blood [web02], hemorrhagic effect, blood-thinning effect [lack of blood clotting] [web03]
-- Change of blood pigment [blood becomes almost black] [web05]
-- Hemolysis [dissolution of the red blood cells] [web05]
-- Lymphangitis (inflammation of lymph ways) becomes a painful lymphadenitis (swelling of the lymph nodes [eeb07]) [eeb05]

-- Strong edema are causing a compartment syndrome in forearms or lower legs up to amputations [web03]: If the swelling is not limited to the skin, it also extends to the muscles. Swelling in muscle areas causes a blockade of the tissue blood flow, a deficiency supply with oxygen and then more consequences are coming: nerve disorders, tissue damage and organ damage [web04]. Nerves are also narrowed, with severe pain, muscle weakness, sensations, possibly the pulse is missing at the location. Measures are for eliminating the swelling, and when nothing helps, will be an operation which is not so easy because of the blood damage (reduction of blood coagulation) [web03]. Since the tissue dies and when there is no treatment, amputation can occur [or organ failure] [web03].

In extreme cases, the victim ends up in the intensive care unit ICU, e.g. on the island of Hiddensee in Germany was such a case - or in 2004 an 81 year old woman died on Rügen Island in Germany after the bite of a common European viper [web02]. Another version claims that the woman was 82 years old and had already died 15 minutes after the bite, so, this was not by the snake poison, but because of a heart attack being caused of the horror being confronted with the snake [web03].


May 13, 2022: Snake venom of a common European viper (Vipera berus) - is acting like a damaging "Corona vaccination"
by Michael Palomino, May 13, 2022

Here is another example of a description: http://www.gifte.de/Gifttiere/vipera_berus_biss03.htm
Title: Phenomenons of illnesses and therapy after bites of common European vipers
(orig. German: Krankheitserscheinungen und Therapie bei Kreuzotterbissen)

by Ernst Francke. (from the 2nd Medical Clinic, Munich, director: Prof. Schittenheim.)

The list of poisonous effects of the common European viper (Vipera Berus):

-- When the snake bite hits a vein and the snake venom gets directly into the bloodstream, the course is usually fatal

Poisonous effects
-- Nausea, feeling of fear, symptoms of breathing and increasing weakness, violent headache, dizziness, fainting fits
-- Vomiting with blood, bloody diarrhea
-- Nausea and vomiting are provoked by the snake poison in the gastrointestinal tract and in the kidneys, where the snake venom cannot be processed
-- Paralysis as with the effect of the arrow toxic "curare": CNS and hands and feet ("peripheral motor end apparatus"), language disorders and difficulty with swallowing by paralysis
-- Weakness, fatigue
-- The blood circulation system is damaged [the snake venom attacks the walls of arteries and veins that become permeable or expand], therefore there is low blood pressure and the pulse becomes weak
-- The heart compensates for the loss of pressure with fast heartbeat
-- [The circulation becomes holy, capillaries burst], which provokes nosebleeds or blood in the stomach and intestine [as well as "red eyes"]
-- Paralysis also provokes breathing disorders, superficial and tedious breathing, cyanosis [blue discoloration of skin, mucous membranes, lips, fingernails etc.]
-- Cell damage in the gastrointestinal tract and kidney damage ("Places of the poison excretion"): The snake venom is not processed, but is provoking much harm to the excretion organs with cell damage because here a high concentration of poison is achieved: nephritis with albuminuria and hemoglobinuria

Cell damage in the blood - the blood is broken
-- Cell damage in the blood: There is blood damage due to damage to the red blood cells [the red blood cells no longer transport oxygen - that's why people are often always tired]
-- Cell damage in the blood (red blood cells) or poisoning of the blood: the blood tends to coagulate in the circulation (clots and thrombosis), and tends to bleedings [wounds no longer close] - an agglutinin in the poison of European viper can only be assumed: it may provoke the formation of blood cells in groups
-- Cell damage in the blood (white blood cells): There are wounds and inflammation throughout the body that must be cured by the white blood cells (leukocytes). There is new formation of white blood cells (leukocytes) (hyperleukocytosis). The white blood cells digest the snake toxins and form the antidote (counter poison)

Fatal poisonous effects
-- A snake bite becomes fatal when the amount of snake poison reaches the fatal amount, the whole body is full of wounds and inflammations
-- Cell damage in the blood (white blood cells): The production of the white blood cells no longer fulfills, there is a high fever and a lack of white blood cells (hypo-leukocytosis) [1 part of the immune system fails - and this provokes a high susceptibility to flu]
-- Within 50 minutes possible, mostly after "several hours"
-- Promotion of fatal poisoning: consciousness disorders, cramps, heavy coma
-- Paralysis of the breathing center [paralysis of the diaphragm] with death consequences, the heart then continues beating for minutes
-- Heart weakness with with death sequence
-- In the event of paralysis of the breathing center with death, the heart continues beating, the blood pressure drops even more, the paralysis continues into other "vasomotor centers" and is going towards the head (Medulla oblongata).

Analysis of May 15, 2022: Also with the aspic viper (Vipera aspis) it's like this: snake venom = "Corona vaccination"
by Michael Palomino, May 15, 2022

Here are some more symptoms of the snake venom, of aspic viper: Even the anaphylactic shock is on the list now and the damage of the heart muscle - all is the same like the "Corona vaccination":

Medium symptoms:
-- inflammatory reactions [web06]
-- Muscle cramp with pain during several days at the bite point [web06]
-- tingling, nausea, vomiting (emesis) [web06], dizziness [web16]
-- Low blood pressure [web13]
-- palpitations [web13], rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) [web14]
-- Deep blood pressure (hypotension) [Web14]
-- Cramps [web13, web16]
-- troubles of consciousness (web13]
-- coagulation disorders [web14]
-- Bleeding [web16] without end like: menstruation without end, internal bleeding of organs, on the vessel walls [web17] or in the mouth [web16]
-- heavy pain [on the bite arm or on the bite leg] [web14], necrotization of the bite point with a dead tissue [web16]

Serious symptoms with death consequences:
-- allergic shock [web06, web15]: swelling of the respiratory ways (allergic symptom) [web14], strong sweating, shortness of breath, cold sweat [web15]
-- Allergic shock [web06,15,16]: "Allergic reaction up to the anaphylactic reaction" [web16]
-- paralysis [web13]
-- damage to the heart muscle [web16]
-- Shock of kidney with all complications [web16]
-- breathing paralysis, respiratory arrest [web06]
-- circulatory collapse (collapse) [web06]

[web06] Vipera comune (Vipera aspis): https://www.kodami.it/vipera-comune-vipera-aspis/
[web13] More toxic than a common Europeab viper (orig. German: Giftiger als eine Kreuzotter):
[web14] Toxic snakes in Switzerland (orig. German: Giftschlangen in der Schweiz): https://www.tierwelt.ch/artikel/wildtiere/giftschlangen-in-der-schweiz-414126
[web15] Toxic snakes in Switzerland (orig. German: Giftschlangen der Schweiz):
[web16] Aspic viper (German: Aspisviper): https://flexikon.doccheck.com/de/Aspisviper
[web17] Bleedings (German: Blutungen): https://flexikon.doccheck.com/de/Blutung

May 15, 2022: THIS IS A HAMMER! Corona vaccination = SNAKE VENOM - example aspic viper (Vipera aspis)
Link: http://www.med-etc.com/med/merk/merkblatt-heilwirkung-hom-schlangengift-viper-aspisviper-Vipera-aspis.html
by Michael Palomino, May 15, 2022

Edema+discoloration+pain at the bite site - pale skin - inflammation - muscle spasm at the bite site - tingling - nausea, vomiting, colic, vomiting of bile+blood - dizziness - abdominal pain, diarrhea - low blood pressure, weak pulse - racing heart - cramps - necrotization of the bite point - eye damage - blood is rotten, coagulation disorders with clots and wounds that do not close - destruction of the red blood cells and of the circulatory walls - bleeding with mens without end, inner bleeding of organs, in the mouth - lymph way inflammation - kidney damage - allergic shock with breath shortage + cold sweat - allergic shock with anaphylactic reaction - always tired - unconsciousness - nerve damage, shortness of breath+heart problems, swallowing problems - paralysis - heart damage, damage to the heart muscle - kidney failure - paralyzation of the breathing system, circulatory collapse, death due to lack of oxygen, muscle damage, breathing paralysis

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Teilen / partager:


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