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Healing effect of coconut and coconut oil

8. Healing processes with coconut oil, details

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Virgin coconut oil in a glass and on the spoon  List of curative treatments with coconut oil
Virgin coconut oil in a glass and on the spoon [1] - list of curative treatments with coconut oil [2]

AIDS - babies - ligaments - blood - bones - brain - Alzheimer - epilepsy - breath - circulation, cholesterol, heart, dementia - diabetes - complex diseases: allergy, asthma, autism, migraine, cysts etc. - ears - energy - eyes - nerve cells and eyes - conjunctivitis - foot and feet - gallbladder - all inflammations and infections - intestine - constipation -- Coconut oil + cocoa butter: intestinal inflammation (Crohn's disease) - joints - kidneys - liver - lips - lungs - massages - menstruation - metabolism - nerves - nipples: lactation and breast milk - nose (nasal mucosa) - overweight - intoxication of the body - prostate - thyroid gland thyroid dysfunction - inflammations with muscle pain and joint pain - skin diseases - stomach - underweight - vaginal infections - vermin and parasites: biological insecticide - all viral infections - wound healing almost scar-free - chapped skin

by Michael Palomino (2017)

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The healing process with coconut oil

Ingesting 2 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil added to foods or simply taking coconut oil will cure many "incurable" diseases [web11].

Free radicals (pollutants) are eliminated by antioxidant properties [web11].

The immune system is strengthened [web11, web19] [coconut oil in tea].

Coconut oil in the food

Coconut oil can be added to the food (sauces, soups, rice, cereals, etc.) or drinks (juices, teas, coffee, mineral water, etc.).

-- always use cold-pressed coconut oil
-- daily 2 to 3 tablespoons [web03], add it daily to the food [web06]
-- add coconut oil as an ingredient in juices, salads, in the tea, can be used for cooking for fried food [web03].

The lauric acid in coconut oil needs no bile and no fat-splitting enzymes for being processed in the metabolism. Therefore, the coconut oil is very easily digestible [web11].

Healings with coconut oil in native cultures

"Several researches confirm that people consuming high amounts of coconuts are among the healthiest people on the planet, and researchers have found no signs of heart disease in people in these regions." [web11]
(original German: "Etliche Forschungen bestätigen, dass Menschen, die hohe Mengen an Kokosnüssen verzehren, zu den gesündesten Menschen auf dem Planeten gehören. Untersuchungen zu Folge fand man bei den Menschen dieser Regionen keine Anzeichen noch Beschwerden von Herzerkrankungen." [web11])
Coconut oil is versatile: "It's really fascinating how versatile the fragrant oil is." [web09]

In Ayurvedic teaching [in India] oil extraction of coconut oil has been used for millennia [web16].

The indigenous peoples of Indonesia and of other tropical regions used coconut oil as a cure for wound healing [web09].


AIDS healing wich coconut oil
AIDS is a virus and is healed by coconut oil [web24]. Quote:

"In recent decades, new evidence has shown the specific antiviral effects of even dangerous viruses such as herpes simplex virus, measles and even HIV - AIDS!

All of these studies show that native coconut oil, with its high content of lauric acid and capric acid (about 8%), which has similar effects to lauric acid, kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in our body - which cause the following diseases:
[...] viral infections [...] AIDS "[web24]
(original German: "In den letzten Jahrzehnten zeigten neue Erkenntnisse die spezifischen antiviralen Wirkungen auch bei gefährlichen Viren wie das Herpes Simplex Virus, Masern und sogar HIV - Aids!

Alle diese Studien belegen, das natives Kokosöl mit seinem hohen Gehalt an Laurinsäure sowie der ebenfalls enthaltenen Caprylsäure (ca. 8 %), die ähnliche Wirkungen wie Laurinsäure aufweist, Bakterien, Viren, Pilze und Parasiten in unserem Körper tötet, die unter anderem folgende Krankheiten verursachen:
[...] Virale Infektionen [...] AIDS" [web24])

Coconut oil cares for babies

-- Babies: coconut oil cares for the baby skin and heals cradle cap, rubbing a teaspoon on the scalp once a day [web19]
-- Babies: coconut oil is a diaper cream against sore but without chemicals [web19]
-- Babies: breastfeeding: The mother can take coconut oil to enrich the milk [web19], and coconut oil also increases milk production [web22] - [and at the same time baby fat of the mother is reduced which comes from pregnancy]
-- Babies: breastfeeding: preventively cure nipples with coconut oil to prevent cracking [web22]
-- Babies: diaper rash [web22]

Coconut oil cares for the blood

-- Blood: coconut oil causes an improvement in the use of blood sugar (glucose) [web11]

Coconut oil heals bones

-- Bones are strengthened: coconut oil facilitates the absorption of calcium + magnesium for bones and teeth [web19]
-- Bones are strengthened [web11]
-- Osteoporosis [web11]

Coconut oil for the brain: Rubbed on the head or in the diet reduces Alzheimer's to almost 0%

- Alzheimer's disease [web17, web18]
- Coconut oil cures Alzheimer's disease and dementia in the brain [web11,17,18], it also improves thinking [web19]
- Coconut oil stimulates brain activity and thus increases intelligence: "Medium-chain triglycerides can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and are thus an energy source for mental processes" [web19]

Coconut oil against Alzheimer's

An Alzheimer's brain can convert glucose into energy only insufficiently. Coconut oil, however, forms ketones that can be converted into energy by an Alzheimer's brain. Thus, Alzheimer's disease is delayed or even reduced [web07].

Coconut oil in Alzheimer's (original Gemran: Kokosöl bei Alzheimer)

Coconut oil gives the brain more energy (Kokosöl schenkt dem Gehirn mehr Energie) [web07]

Woman doctor Mary Newport has written a book about coconut oil telling about her husband with his Alzheimer's cure: Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was A Cure?

During 1 year daily, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in the morning and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in the evening were given, the husband's Alzheimer's improved substantially to almost 0% [web17].

The effect: coconut oil restores memory:

The Cholesterol blabla of the toxic pharma
The brain consists mostly of saturated fats. Cholesterol is needed as fuel for the communication of neurons. It has been discovered that seniors with high cholesterol live longer without dementia than people with lower values. The whole blabla of Pharma against cholesterol is WRONG. And coconut oil in the diet actually reduces Alzheimer's [web02].

Ketones prevent memory loss and Alzheimer's
"The medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil, the so-called MTCs, are well digestible and form ketones during brain metabolism, which counteract the dreaded memory loss and counteract Alzheimer's disease. By putting to the skin or increased by coconut oil-fortified food intake the production of ketones is stimulated." [web22]

"When coconut oil is absorbed into the bloodstream, you can enjoy its tremendous abundance of nutrients and medium chain fatty acids (MCTs). The MCTs are easily digested, and in the brain metabolism is converting them into ketones. As was proved ketones can inhibit Alzheimer and / or better it, thus they should help with thought disorders and memory loss (coconut oil for Alzheimer's and dementia (video - original German: Kokosöl gegen Alzheimer und Demenz)). Of course, more ketones are formed when you eat coconut oil, but local application on the skin is also helpful. " [web04]

The experiment of the woman doctor Newport
"US" New York doctor Mary Newport cured her husband Steve from his  Alzheimer with coconut oil. He had lost much of his memory, did not find the silverware anymore, did not know how to open the fridge any more, did not recognize people anymore, could barely speak, forgot agreements, and could not count anymore. Alzheimer's drugs had massive side effects with depression and weight loss [web17]. The experiment with coconut oil began in 2008 [web18]: With 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in the morning and in the evening, the condition improved significantly after only 2 months (60 days): mental clarity, humor, and he was able to speak normally again. After 1 year he was almost healed: he recognized people again, was able to talk normally, he could solve tasks [web17]. After 2 years, a setback came by a blow from a fall. He died on January 2, 2016 at the age of 65 [web18].

The lack of nutritional change and relapse
It seems that there was a lack of nutritional adjustment to blood group nutrition and a clear organic diet. Here is the explanation for the relapse:

"Woman doctor Mary Newport, a medical doctor from England, said that she cured her husband with Alzheimer's coconut oil. Her case can not be disproved. Unfortunately, coconut oil is not a miracle cure for Alzheimer.

Alzheimer is provoking that the brain can no longer convert the sugar it receives into energy. As a result, it is not sufficiently supplied. This condition can be corrected by adding ketones. Ketones can be obtained, inter alia, by MTC [middle-chained triglycerids] being present in large quantities in coconut oil.

Coconut oil alone does not cure Alzheimer's. It can only be used as part of a ketogenic diet because coconut oil promotes the formation of ketogens more than other oils. A ketogenic diet can slow the progression of Alzheimer's, but there is no cure for it yet." [web27]

Coconut oil for the brain: reducing epilepsy

Epilepsy: coconut oil reduces epilepsy attacks [web19]

Coconut oil for a stimulating breath

-- Breath: bad breath is reduced [web19]

Coconut oil heals cancer away

-- Skin cancer [web24]

Cancer develops more likely in an inflammatory climate, so certainly not with coconut oil - coconut oil against cancer: One can perform a "ketogenic purification". You go for a cure, take as a drink only water with coconut oil, with special antioxidant additives and other components of a bowel cleansing program (3-10 days). Coconut oil forms ketones in the liver, this is a "ketogenic cleansing" with a blood sugar value of less than 55 to 56 mg / dl. Glucose is not needed, so the cancer cells starve to death [web26].

The prevention of cancer with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great cancer prevention [web11, web19]. Coconut oil increases the number of antioxidant enzymes, so more pollutants are neutralized and less cancer occurs [web16]. Quote:

"Independent studies have shown, however, that coconut oil can greatly increase the number of antioxidant enzymes in the body, and because these enzymes inhibit the development and growth of cancer cells, coconut oil is a natural means of preventing cancer if taken on a regular basis." [web16]

The elimination of cancer with coconut oil

-- Coconut oil is an easily digestible calorie
-- Coconut oil has an antimicrobial effect and relieves the immune system [web07]
-- Coconut oil heals the accompanying diseases in cancer such as digestive problems or fungal attack and thus relieves the whole system [web11]
-- Coconut oil heals especially colon cancer [web15], above all stomach cancer and colon cancer [web24]
-- Cancer cells are killed by hunger with a "ketogenic purification", healthy body cells are supplied with the ketones as fuel [web07].

Example of a ketogenic cleaning against cancer

"Following the recommendations of Dr. Seyfried, the instructions for ketogenic purification with coconut oil are as follows:
  • Take two teaspoons of coconut oil every three hours (a total of 8-10 teaspoons a day) - ideally organic coconut oil.
  • Drink approximately 3.8 liters of clear water with antioxidant additives (eg fresh lemon, curcumin, chlorophyll, (eg in the form of wheatgrass or barleygrass powder), apple cider vinegar, etc.). Curcuma can also be taken in capsule form. Pay attention here to the proportion of black pepper extract, which increases the bioavailability of curcumin to a multiple. The antioxidant additives protect the mitochondria in the healthy cells from free radicals and - as free radicals can contribute to chronic inflammation - also against inflammatory processes.
  • Use natural herbal supplements to cleanse your bowels and build your intestine flora. A high quality bowel cleansing program exists z. B.
    -- of mineral earth "bentonite", which can bind and excrete toxins and harmful bacteria, [made of]
    -- psyllium husk powder, which cleanses the intestine and calms the intestinal mucous membranes, and [made of]
    -- a probiotic (capsules or liquid, with or without herbs),
    [and this bowel cleansing program provokes] that the intestinal flora is normalized back into a healthy balance. "[web26]

Coconut oil strengthens the cells

-- Cell fortification: Coconut oil destroys harmful elements (these harmful substances are also called "antioxidants" or "free radicals") [web11]

Coconut oil normalizing circulation, cholesterol, heart, dementia

Studies: Coconut oil normalizes circulation and cholesterol - protecting from heart disease and dementia

Coconut oil is cleaning the circulatory system: Deposits in the circulatory system being caused by herpesviruses and cytomegaloviruses are prevented because viruses are all destroyed in coconut oil [web26]

Arteries and blood vessels are strengthened by coconut oil and protected from injury, so arteriosclerosis is prevented, constrictions are prevented, hypertension is prevented [web11].

Coconut oil normalizes the circulation and prevents heart disease
With the ingestion of coconut oil, heart disease is prevented, coconut oil is a super prevention [web11] by eliminating deposits in the circulatory system [web26].

Inflammations of the heart such as endocarditis (inflammation of the heart's lining) are cured with coconut oil [web24].

Coconut oil stimulates the circulation of extremities

-- cold hands and feet: gently rub coconut oil in circle movements towards the heart [web19]
Coconut oil normalizes the cholesterol

Cholesterol levels: the level of bad cholesterol is lowered [web11]

"Science" made studies with natives - and the food of civilization proved to be harmful, but the food with coconut oil proved to be very healthy:

The studies on coconut oil and heart disease lasted over 40 years. Coconut oil minimizes the risk of heart disease. Coconut oil does NOT alter cholesterol in healthy people (study by Kaunitz & Dayrit 1992, study by Kurup & Rajmoran 1995). Coconut oil also does NOT provoke heart disease or increased mortality (study on South Sea Islands by Prior et al 1981, study by Kaunitz & Dayrit in 1992 with indigenous people using coconut oil in their diet) [web07].

On the other hand, when indigenous people in Sri Lanka switch from coconut oil to corn oil, negative changes occur, as LDL cholesterol falls, but HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) also falls [web07].

When indigenous peoples from the South Sea migrate to New Zealand and coconut oil consumption decreases, harmful LDL cholesterol is increasing and good HDL cholesterol is decreasing [web07].

When young, healthy men ingest coconut oil, good HDL cholesterol is increasing. When taking soybean oil, the good HDL cholesterol is decreasing (study by Mendis & Kumarasunderam 1990) [web07].

Overall, sweeping Western fatty acid propaganda in the Western world provokes the abandonment of coconut oil by the western populations - but there is the increase in heart disease and dementia in the population (Analysis (Review) by Lawrence, 2013). Thus, it is clear that coconut oil SAVES people from heart disease and dementia [web07].

Coconut oil heals complex diseases: allergy, asthma, autism, migraine, cysts etc.

-- Allergies [web19]
-- Asthma [web19]
-- Autism [web19]
-- Chronic fatigue syndrome [web11,19,24]
-- Depression (mild) and cognitive disorders: ingesting coconut oil, ingesting fish oil, behavioral therapy [web19]
-- Hot flashes [web19]
-- Migraine: Apply coconut oil regularly [web19]
-- Cysts [web19]

Coconut oil healing diabetes

Preventing diabetes with coconut oil

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil can be easily processed, WITHOUT the use of blood sugar (glucose). So much less insulin is needed to proceed the glucose in the blood [web16].

Curing diabetes with coconut oil

Diabetes [web11]: Coconut oil improves the secretion of insulin for the utilization of blood sugar [web19].

Coconut oil improves the release of insulin [web11], coconut oil improves the secretion of insulin for the utilization of blood sugar [web19].

"The antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal fatty acids have a very positive effect on the further course of the disease. Even the reduction of already existing diabetes (type 1 & 2) has already been observed." [Web16]

(original German: "Die antioxidativen, antibakteriellen und antifungalen Fettsäuren wirken sich sehr positiv auf den weiteren Verlauf der Krankheit aus. Sogar Rückbildungen bereits vorhandener Diabetes-Erkrankungen (Typ 1 & 2) konnten bereits beobachtet werden." [web16])

Coconut oil healing the ears

Earache and coconut oil
-- Earache: place a pea-sized piece of coconut oil in the ear, it melts and then runs into the ear and heals it [web11, web12]

-- Ear problems after swimming (swimmer's ear / otitis externa): mix garlic oil and coconut oil, put it into the ear, let it work for 10 min, 2 to 3 times a day, healing comes in a few days [web19]

Coconut oil brings energy

Coconut oil is easily digestible and thus provokes an energy boost due to its easy digestibility without bile and the medium-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil is easily absorbed in the liver and converted into usable energy. There is stimulation of the metabolism - and fatigue goes away [web19].

-- Performance [web11]

Coconut oil for the eyes

Coconut oil causes
-- that vitamin A and lutein can develop fully
-- that the blood circulation is optimized
-- that nerve functions are revitalized
-- that many diabetics can heal their eye damage (diabetic retinopathy with deficient circulation and nerve damage) [web06].

"Vitamin A and lutein, two of the most important ocular nutrients, play a key role here: These fat-soluble vitamins can fully develop by coconut oil, because coconut oil is known to improve blood circulation and revitalize nervous function." [web06]

(original German:
"Das Vitamin A und das Lutein, zwei der wichtigsten Nährstoffe für die Augen, spielen hier eine entscheidende Rolle. Diese fettlöslichen Vitamine können sich durch das Öl der Kokosnuss voll entfalten. Denn Kokosöl ist dafür bekannt, dass es die Durchblutung verbessert und die Nervenfunktion revitalisiert." [web06])

Coconut oil activates special proteins reparing the nerve cells and thus the eyes
"It [coconut oil], when consumed initiates in the body a series of reactions that trigger the activation of special proteins that stimulate the growth, repair, and regeneration of the nerve cells, and because the eyes are, so to speak, processes of the brain and the retina itself is part of the optic nerve, coconut oil can help against all eye diseases and cure common eye diseases." [web06]

(original German: "Es [das Kokosöl] setzt nach seinem Verzehr im Körper eine Reihe von Reaktionen ein [in Gang], die die Aktivierung spezieller Proteine auslösen. Diese stimulieren das Wachstum, die Reparatur und die Regeneration der Nervenzellen. Und da die Augen sozusagen Fortsätze des Gehirns sind und die Netzhaut selbst Teil des Sehnervs ist, kann Kokosöl gegen alle Augenkrankheiten helfen und die gängigen Augenkrankheiten heilen." [web06])

Coconut oil relieves conjunctivitis

Symptoms include: itching, burning of reddened eyes, milky secretions, swollen lids or bags, encrusted eyelashes. Eye infections can sustain provoke damages for ever [web14].

Soak a piece of lint-free cotton cloth in warmed, liquid coconut oil and carefully rub the closed eye with it, from the outside inwards towards the root of the nose. Repeat this several times. Then keep your eyes closed for several minutes and let the coconut oil penetrate. If both eyes are affected, use a different part on the cloth or another cloth. After 10 minutes, an oily veil is hindering the vision, but this disappears after a short time. Repeat the process several times a day. The eyes are soothed, the conjunctiva heals, itching goes away. The recovery comes after a few days. Never rub your eyes with your fingers, and only clean your eyes with a clean cloth [web14].


Coconut oil cares also eyelashes [web11].

Coconut oil for healing foot and feet

Creaming feet in the evening with coconut oil regenerates the feet [web13 - reader Jörg]. Quote:
"I am also very happy with it especially for the feet because I have to walk a lot (ambulant and respiratory nurse) and it is really nice after showering creaming the feet with coconut oil, just great - but I use it also for daily dental care." [web13 - lector Jörg]

(original German: "Ich auch bin super glücklich damit vor allem für die Füsse weil ich viel laufen muss (ambulanter und Beatmungs-Pfleger) und es ist richtig schön nach dem Duschen, die Füsse einzucremen mit Kokosöl, einfach toll - aber ich benutze es auch für die tägliche Zahnpflege.") [web13 - lector Jörg]

Coconut oil heals gallbladder

-- Gallbladder: Promotes the flow of bile [web19]
-- Gallbladder disease [web11]


Coconut oil eliminating all inflammations and infections

-- Angina: goes away with oil pulling [web11]
-- Arthritis [web11, web19]

-- Bacteria are rendered harmless [web11]
-- Bacterial inflammation and chronic infections: Bacteria are eliminated and cure: arthritis, osteoarthritis, Heliobacter (fatty acid layer is dissolved), ulcers, throat infections, palate diseases, tooth decay, gum infections, pneumonia, caries, urinary tract infections, cystitis, nephritis [web11]

-- Bronchi: bronchial infections + cystic fibrosis [web19]
-- Candidiasis (candidiasis, ie: fungal infections [web21])
-- Candida albicans [web19] (fungal infection in the mouth, in the stomach or in the genital area [web20])
-- Coconut oil kills harmful fungi and thus eliminates fungal infections [web16]. Quotation: "The fatty acids lauric acid and caprylic acid contained therein are eliminating fungi in a natural way." [Web16]
-- Cold [web16, web19]: with flu [web11, web19]: mixing coconut oil in the tea [web23]
-- Conjunctivitis: "apply in and around the eye" [web19]

-- Cough: goes away with oil pulling [web11]; cough [web19]
-- Cuticle inflammation [web22]
-- Cystitis [web19]
-- Ear inflammation: Coconut oil + garlic oil in the ear 2x a day [web19]
-- Eye diseases: conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis of the eyes) [web24]
-- Fever [web11]
    -- Parrot fever [web24]
    -- Pfeiffer's glandular fever (mononucleosis) [web24]
    -- Rheumatic fever [web24]
-- Fungal infections and yeasts: thrush, lichen, skin fungus diseases, dermatophytosis, diaper rash [web11]
-- Gastritis: Coconut oil reduces the bacterium Heliobacter pylori [web19]
-- Gingivitis [web11web24] [Oil pulling and topical application]
-- Inflammation in general [web24], chronic inflammation and all diseases associated with chronic inflammation are healed [web26]

-- Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract: A hot tea can be added coconut oil, with antibacterial and antiviral effects, and irritating cough and runny nose disappear [web16]

-- Meningitis (meningitis) [web24]
-- Mucous membrane inflammation: rubbing coconut oil into the nose, this is loosing the mucus and is reducing the inflammation [web11]
-- Osteoarthritis [web11]
-- Pancreas is normalized [web11] - Pancreatitis [web19]
-- Pelvic inflammation [web24]
-- Pneumonia [web24]
-- Sinus infections [web24], sinusitis (sinusitis): ingesting coconut oil and put coconut oil as nasal drops [web28]
-- Throat infections [web24] [coconut oil in tea]
-- Throat: prickle: one can ward off with coconut oil [web24]
-- Throat: sore throat: go away with oil pulling [web11]
-- Urinary tract infections [web19]
-- Venereal diseases (genital infections) such as gonorrhea or lymphogranuloma venereum [web24]

Coconut oil regulating intestine

-- Improves digestion and intestinal function, preferably take it 10-20 minutes before eating, so it also relieves the symptoms of reflux disease and heartburn [web11]

-- Digestion is strengthened, the coconut oil improves the absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals such as calcium and magnesium for bone + teeth, amino acids); pathogens that impede digestion, are neutralized (harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites) [web11 ]

-- Coconut oil brings new life [web11]:
"Many of today's foods contain long-chain fatty acids, making them sluggish, tired and choppy and provoking overweight, and coconut oil with its medium-chain fatty acids brings new energy to life." [web11]
(original German: "Viele der heutigen Nahrungsmittel enthalten langkettige Fettsäuren und machen träge, müde und abgeschlagen und provozieren Übergewicht. Kokosöl mit seinen mittelkettigen Fettsäuren bringt da neue Energie ins Leben." [web11])
In the intestinal area are cured with coconut oil:
-- Flatulence: balancing intestinal flora [web19]
-- Intestinal inflammation [web19]
-- Intestinal flora: care of the intestinal flora [web13]
-- Colitis (colon inflammation, enterocolitis) [web24]
-- Gastrointestinal diseases: coconut oil eliminates parasites + fungi, heals irritable bowel [web19]
-- Gastric ulcer [web11, web24], coconut oil calms the stomach mucosa (stomach lining) [web19]
-- Indigestion [web19], colitis (inflammation of the colon) [web19]
-- Constipation [web19]
-- Cholera (small intestinal inflammation) [web24]
-- Ulcerative colitis (colitis with ulcers) [web11]
-- Hemorrhoids [web11]: hemorrhoids (boils): apply coconut oil internally and externally twice a day [web11, web19]

Coconut oil dissolves constipation

-- the intestinal cells get through the medium-chain fatty acids energy, metabolism and defecation are stimulated
-- coconut oil softens the fecal
-- mix 1 teaspoon of cold-pressed coconut oil with 1 cup of almond milk, take before sleeping [web03].

Coconut oil in the food for the intestinal flora

Coconut oil in beverages is nourishing the intestinal flora [web13 - Reader's voice Nadine].

Coconut oil + cocoa butter in the diet relieve intestine: intestinal inflammation (Crohn's disease)

-- Researchers gave an annual conference in Chicago "Digestive Disease Week"
-- The study author is Alexander Rodriguez-Palacios of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
-- Certain vegetable oils and fats such as in coconut oil and cocoa butter reduce inflammatory processes in the intestine, e.g. in the inflammatory bowel disease "Crohn's disease" from 30 years on: with pain, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, nausea and anemia, etc. (in the "USA" are living allegedly over 1/2 million affected people like this, in Europe there are allegedly about 1.5 million affected)
-- In the mouse experiment, Crohn's mice on coconut oil-cocoa butter diets were found to contain 30% fewer bacterial strains, while other normal Crohn's disease Crohn's mice continued to suffer as originally unaltered
-- Even relatively small amounts of coconut oil and cocoa butter are enough
-- Coconut oil has a mostly antimicrobial effect, but does not kill the beneficial intestinal bacteria
-- A diet containing coconut oil, cocoa butter and other vegetable fats alters the intestinal flora
-- Coconut oil and other vegetable fats can inhibit intestinal inflammation in this way, symptoms of "Crohn's disease" are relieved with coconut oil
-- Coconut oil can be integrated into the normal diet and intestinal inflammation is reduced [web01].

Crohn's disease reduced: introduce coconut oil + cocoa butter
Affected people just have to replace in their food the "bad fats" by the "good fats", replace the previous oil with coconut oil and cocoa butter and already alleviate the Crohn's disease symptoms. Every patient has to try out how to respond to coconut oil and cocoa butter. Drugs with side effects can be reduced or even rejected for ever [web01].

Coconut oil heals intoxication of the body

-- intoxication by food (food poisoning, food intoxication) [web24]

Coconut oil healing joints

-- Arthritis [web11, web19]
-- Osteoarthritis [web11]

Coconut oil healing kidneys

-- kidney disease [web19]
-- kidney stones are eliminated [web11], coconut oil dissolves kidney stones [web19]

Coconut oil heals ligaments

-- Ligament problems [web19]

Coconut oil is healing lips

-- Lip balm: coconut oil makes the lips velvety and has sun protection factor 4 [web19]
-- Chapped lips are also cured very quickly with coconut oil [web13]. Quote:
"As soon as I get dry lips, I just use the oil instead of a labello, it looks really fast and tastes really good." [web13]

(original German: "Sobald ich trockene Lippen bekomme, verwende ich statt einem Labello einfach das Öl. Es wirkt total schnell und schmeckt noch dazu sehr gut." [web13])

Coconut oil healing the liver

-- Jaundice (liver) [web19]
-- Hepatitis C [web24]
-- Liver is strengthened, liver care, prevention of liver disease [web11]
-- Liver diseases, e.g. Jaundice [web19]

Coconut oil healing lungs

- Lung diseases + lung diseases: "Coconut oil increases the fluidity of cell surfaces" [web19]

Coconut oil for massages

-- Massages [web11]
-- Coconut oil is ideal with healing properties for massages, for example foot massages [web13 - reader Birgit].

Coconut oil regulates menstruation

-- Menstruation, irregular [web11], excessive menstruation is normalized [web19]
-- Menstrual pain [web11], coconut oil reduces menstrual pain [web19]

Coconut oil normalizing metabolism

Normalizing metabolism with coconut oil and oil pulling

"In order to stimulate metabolism, coconut oil should be consumed daily and the oil pulling done every day.The oil pulling with coconut oil increases  metabolism and stimulates detoxification processes in the body. For oil pulling take 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in the mouth and rinse it for 20 minutes.

Then spit out the oil, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and then brush your teeth and tongue. Apply this procedure every morning before brushing your teeth." [web03]

-- Edema (local): Rub coconut oil gently in circle movements towards the heart. [web19]

Coconut oil healing nerves

-- Stress: the aroma of the coconut has a soothing and relaxing effect [web19]

Coconut oil caring and healing nipples: lactation and breast milk

"Nursing mothers can thinly grease their nipples with coconut oil so they do not become dry or cracked, and eating coconut oil helps mothers make more milk." [Web04]
(original German: "Stillende Mütter können ihre Brustwarzen dünn mit Kokosöl einfetten, damit sie nicht trocken oder rissig werden. Der Verzehr von Kokosöl hilft Müttern, mehr Milch zu bilden." [web04])

Coconut oil healing the nose (nasal mucosa)

-- If nosebleeds from too dry mucous membranes occur due to weather sensitivity, you can add coconut oil to the nostrils [web19]
-- In case of a cold (mucosal inflammation), you can rub coconut oil into the nose, which loosens the mucus and reduces the inflammation [web11]


Coconut oil against overweight

-- With its medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil causes REDUCTION in obesity. In fatty deposits, the fatty acids of coconut oil are NOT found [web07]
-- Weight loss in overweight, especially the belly fat is reduced, and the desire for sweets is reduced [web11]
-- Overweight: metabolism is stimulated and unwanted fat is reduced [web19]. Metabolism is normalized, this promotes energy supply and movement in life, coconut oil is not stored as body fat, but is directly converted into energy [web11].
-- Overweight: The saturated fatty acids of coconut oil are reducing the feeling of hunger [web19]: As insulin levels do not fluctuate with coconut oil, cravings and obesity are also prevented [web26].

Coconut oil does not pollute - and provokes weight loss

"Unexplained weight gain is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism and thyroid hormones have a direct impact on the metabolism.

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are very helpful in weight loss. They increase the feeling of satiety, they protect from voracious hunger feeling and they help to reduce belly fat. They support the detoxification process of the liver, which removes toxins from the belly fat.

To support weight loss, coconut oil should be consumed daily." [web03]

Mix 1 tsp cinnamon + 2 tsp honey + 1 tsp coconut oil - belly fat is gone!

Reader Lisa reports [web13]:
"Thank you for your article. Also, I have been incorporating coconut oil into my daily life as: toothpaste, face cream, and even losing weight, belly fat, etc. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil Mix this mixture well with warm water, Wonderful ... with a cup of tea or coffee 2 times a day, my belly fat has finally disappeared at the age of 70! " [web13 - reader Lisa]

Coconut oil healing prostate

-- prostate enlargement heals [web11, web19]

Coconut oil heals skin diseases - especially overnight

Coconut oil is also suitable for sensitive skin [web26]. Skin care comes from vitamin E in coconut oil [web27]. Cure by rubbing in AND taking coconut oil at the same time during the day and especially at bedtime overnight:

-- Dry skin is balanced [web11]
-- After Shave: Coconut oil is a great aftershave, soothing the skin after shaving without clogging the pores, razor burn is healing [web19]
-- Acne [web11,22]: Coconut oil regulates fat production in the skin. Acne skin is usually too dry, so too much fat is produced, which further clogs the pores [web19]
-- Age spots [web11, web19]
-- Aging processes are stopped [web19]
-- Anti-aging skin agent [web11]
-- Bruises [web11]: bruising: damaged tissue is renewed, coconut oil eliminates swelling and redness [web19]
-- Bruises: put coconut oil on it, damaged tissue is renewed [web19]
-- Burns: apply coconut oil to the burn, reduce scarring, promote healing [web19]
-- Cellulite [web16]
-- Dark Circles [web13 - reader Sarah]
-- Dermatitis (reduction) [web11]
-- Dermatitis: Atopic dermatitis [web11, web25]
-- Eye wrinkles: apply coconut oil around the eyes and on the eyelids before going to bed [web19]
-- Dandruff: Coconut oil rubs in the scalp, moisturizes and regulates the fat in the scalp so that dandruff disappears [web19, web23]
-- Deodorant: Coconut oil + Cornstarch / Arrowroot powder + Soda [web19]
  • "The coconut oil prevents the growth of bacteria, yeasts and fungi
  • Corn starch binds sweat and absorbs moisture
  • The soda absorbs unpleasant odors
  • The essential oils act as a perfume and is antibacterial "[web30]
-- Dermatitis (reduction) [web11]
-- Eczema (reduction) [web11, web22]
-- Eye bags [web13 - Reader Sarah]
-- Fatigue: head massage with coconut oil [web11]
-- Foot care [web13]
-- Foot: Athlete's foot [web24]
-- Fungal infections in the genital area (vagina mushrooms) [web16]
-- Fungi are rendered harmless [web11]
-- Herpes: cold sores, genital herpes [web16, web24]
-- Lip care, chapped lips [web13]
-- Measles [web24]
-- Moisturizer [web24]
-- Mouth ulcers: apply coconut oil, brush teeth with coconut oil toothpaste [web19]
-- Nail fungus [web19]
-- Nettle rash: reduces swelling + itching [web19]
-- Nipples: Cracked nipples: coconut oil disinfects and heals cracked nipples, [is also unproblematic during breastfeeding] [web19]
-- Lubricant [web07]
-- Peeling (body scrub): mix coconut oil with salt (oily skin [web04,12]) and use as a scrub, then shower off; you can add an essential oil to the mixture for a particular fragrance [web19]; Coconut oil + almond oil + sugar (dry skin) or + salt (oily skin) [web04, web12]
-- Psoriasis (reduction) [web11]
-- Skin diseases [web19]

-- Skin: cracked skin: apply coconut oil, disinfect, the cracked skin strengthens and cracks heal away [web19], even with feet [web22]
-- Skin: dry skin turns into tender skin [web11]
-- Skin: hanging skin [web11]
-- Skin folds [web11, web13 - reader voice Sarah]
-- Skin fungus [web24]
-- Skin rejuvenation [web11]
-- Soap: With a coconut oil soap, the skin is maintained every time: make coconut oil soap: coconut oil + olive oil + almond oil + avocado oil + Riziniusöl mix in equal parts, apply, 2 min, let it wash in, dabbing dry [web19]
-- Stretch marks: Coconut oil reduces stretch marks, but does not completely heal them [web19]
-- Sun protection against UV radiation with a natural factor of 8 to 10 [web11]
-- Sunscreen: SPF 4 [web19]
-- Sunburn [web09].
-- Sweat in the armpits: De-mixing with coconut oil, baking soda and cornmeal [web11]
-- Tattoos: Secure tattoos: Apply coconut oil to new tattoo, heals the skin, reduces the risk of infection [web19]
-- vaginal fungi [web07]
-- Varicose veins [web11]
-- Warts: genital warts: rub with coconut oil for 6 months [web19]
-- Wolf (scouring the thighs) [web13 - Reader's voice Mi]
-- Wound healing: tissue healing is promoted, wounds heal faster [web11], coconut oil acts as a "natural patch", forms a protective layer over the wound, and the healing is virtually scar-free [web29]
-- Wrinkles [web11]

Oil pulling in the bathtub as a bath additive
- total skin care [web27].

Coconut oil for the stomach

-- Heartburn [web19]
-- Nausea: rubbing coconut oil on the inside of the hands and on the inside of the forearms, this calms the problems of the stomach [web19]

Coconut oil heals thyroid gland: oil pulling with coconut oil in the diet heals thyroid dysfunction

Coconut oil heals the thyroid gland [web11]: thyroid dysfunction is cured [web19].

"Coconut oil also has a strong influence on the thyroid gland, especially the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have a very positive effect on hypothyroidism.

In thyroid hypofunction, or hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to disrupt normal metabolic functions. Frequent consequences include lack of energy, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, general weakness, heavy menstruation, brittle hair, weak nails, dry skin and difficulty in concentration.

Hypothyroidism should always be treated causally. A malfunctioning immune system, daily habits and diet have a strong influence on the thyroid gland and may be the cause of hypothyroidism.

Coconut oil helps to treat various problems that are related to hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormones have a strong influence on the metabolism. With a hypothyroidism, the energy from the food is no longer used properly, chemical reactions in the body are no longer properly regulated and the health of cells, bones and muscles is disturbed.

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil easily penetrate into the mitochondria of the cells, where the fats are converted into energy. This stimulates the metabolism and increases the basal body temperature. "

Coconut oil and thyroid gland: Coconut oil in the food and rubbed heal internal inflammations with muscle pain and joint pain

"Hyperthyroidism is often associated with muscle and joint pain due to the low level of thyroid hormones, which causes an increase in inflammation in the body.

Coconut oil stimulates the production of thyroid hormones and promotes normal gland function. It also acts anti-inflammatory and supports the healing process of tissues.

To reduce muscle and joint pain, daily coconut oil can be eaten and the affected area should be rubbed with warm coconut oil several times a day." [web03]

Coconut oil against underweight

-- Underweight is compensated [web23]

Coconut oil eliminates vaginal infections

Vaginal infections are eliminated with coconut oil [web07].

"Coconut oil is therefore also the skin oil of choice for fungal diseases." In the same way, coconut oil can be used to treat the vagina or bacterial diseases of the vaginal mucosa for intimate hygiene or as a lubricant (lubricating gel), thus helping in the fight against unpleasant itchy microbes and fungi. " [web07]

Coconut oil eliminates vermin and parasites: Coconut oil is a biological insecticide

Coconut oil is generally acting against vermin in a very dehydrating way and dries out the vermin. The chitin protective armor is SOLVENTED by caprylic acid and lauric acid in coconut oil and the vermin dies. Caprylic acid is therefore like a natural insecticide. Rub the affected person with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil [web10]. Parasites are eliminated [web11].

"After consumption of coconut oil the lauric acid in the coconut oil is converted into monolaurin which has antiviral, antibacterial and parasitic effects and improves metabolism and immune system." [Web03]

There are killed

-- Fleas and flea eggs [web10]
-- Giardia [web11]
-- Lice [web10, web11], for example head lice: "Combined with anise oil, coconut oil combats head lice better than the neurotoxin permethrin." [web04]
-- Mites (autumn mite, also: grass mite, hay mite, grass louse, earth louse, earth mite) [web10]
-- Insects [web10].
-- Worms: ringworm [web24], tapeworms [web11]
-- Ticks [web10]

You can increase the effect by adding 1 teaspoon of coconut oil 1 to 2 times a week, or eat also coconut flakes. Health and energy are also improved [web10].

Rub yourself with coconut oil before a walk etc.

Example against ticks: "If you rub yourself before a walk with a mixture of coconut oil, tea tree oil, lemon balm or peppermint, you will be spared by the annoying pests as far as possible." [Web22]

Remove bites

If bites are already present due to vermin, coconut oil heals quickly and the itching is alleviated. For protection you can pull stockings over your legs or protect the area with a bandage. Ear mites can damage your hearing permanently. Loose mites can be removed with a cloth soaked in coconut oil [web10].

Coconut oil heals all viral infections

-- Viral diseases: viruses are eliminated: influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, swine flu virus (fatty acid protective layer is dissolved, take 3 tablespoons daily) [web11]
-- AIDS [web24]
-- Influenza (flu) [web24]
-- SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) [web24]

Coconut oil: wound healing is almost scar-free

"Small wounds heal faster when coconut oil is applied to the wound and surrounding area" [web04], like an ointment [web09]. The scars heal faster, better and with much less pain when rubbed regularly with coconut oil [web09].

Because: coconut oil
-- supports the formation of new blood vessels in wound areas [web04]
-- supports the natural healing process of the skin [web09]
-- has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect and thus protects against infections, bacteria, viruses, fungi and fungal spores [web09]
-- heals viral infections like herpes much faster than normal [web09]
-- heals bacterial infections and fungal infections, itchy skin provoked by microbes and fungi [web07]

The wounds are healing almost without scars:

"The great thing about it is that after the healing process almost no scars remain." [Web09]
(original German: "Das Tolle daran ist, dass nach dem Heilprozess nahezu keine Narben zurückbleiben." [web09])

Coconut oil thus accelerates the healing of
-- burns [web09]
-- skin infections [web11]
-- surgical scars [web09]
-- cuts [web09]
-- scratches [web11]
-- abrasions [web09]
-- sore skin [web09]
-- chapped lips [web13]

The skin area is simply treated several times a day with a little coconut oil [web09]. It forms a protective layer against all pathogens [web11].

Coconut oil taken by food or drinks also heals internal injuries in the body [web11].

Coconut oil heals chapped skin

Coconut oil also heals rough, chapped and cracked skin, applied for a few days as a hand cream or foot cream, especially in cold climates and when people are working in occupations that have a lot to do with water: hairdressers, cleaners, cooks, kitchen aids, etc. The skin sucks water, and when it is 0 degrees or below 0 outside, the water freezes in the skin and the skin is bursting [web09]. Antidotes are:
-- wear gloves
-- smear hands with coconut oil [web09].

Treatment: Rub your hands in the evening with coconut oil and wear thin cotton gloves at night. The coconut oil can penetrate deep into the skin and accelerate the healing process. In the morning you can also make a hands massage with some coconut oil. In winter, you should never work without gloves when there is much work with water [web09].

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